Sephora Play! September 2016

Anyone who knows me (or just looks at my credit card statement) can tell you that I looove makeup. It’s more of an obsession than anything. I really love trying out new things and it’s become a very fun hobby for me. It only makes sense then that I would love makeup subscription boxes…enter Sephora Play!


Sephora Play is a monthly subscription box from Sephora. For $10 a month I get six products, a small bag, and a card for 50 extra Beauty Insider points at Sephora. I’ve been getting it since June and I really love it so far. Here’s what I got in my box this month:


First is the Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in the color Love Spell. My first thought about this was that it is SO. TINY! Seriously the smallest lipstick sample I’ve ever seen. It makes one of my MAC lipsticks look gigantic!

sephora 3.png

I haven’t had a chance to try the lipstick yet, but it seems a bit light for me. The color they included is interesting – it seems like more of a spring color than fall to me, and I wish they’d done a fierce dark one instead. But oh well. The formula was very smooth when I swatched it (pic below with the KVD eyeliner) so I’ll give it a shot. The full size lipstick is here for $12.50.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

Next up is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel. This is a clear gel in a tube designed to set and hold your brows. I like the idea of a clear brow gel – I’ve used this one by Elf in the past, but it honestly kind of grossed me out because the tube was clear so I could see the insides get brown and dirty as I used it with my brow products haha. This opaque tube is definitely an improvement from that! I probably won’t use this every day as I usually use a NYX colored gel for my brows, but it will be nice for when I want to set a brow pencil or something. I’ve used it a few times and it’s pretty nice! The brow gel is available here for $22.

Also, when I was going to use this the other day I accidentally pulled out a mascara that’s about the same size and almost used it on my brows instead which could have been TRAGIC!!


Next is something I was super excited to try – the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. This is a super silky and light moisturizer meant to smooth and soften your skin. I’ve been really into skincare lately so I’m always happy to get skincare things in my box. This moisturizer doesn’t really have a scent and is creamier than I expected. I’ve been using it in place of my normal moisturizer for a few days and I like how smooth it goes on. I’m not sure if I would repurchase it, but it’s nice to get to try it out 🙂 You can get it here for $38.


The next product is probably what I was most excited about: the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the color Trooper. I’ve used this eyeliner before and I LOVED it. It goes on super smooth, the tip is very precise, and once it goes on it NEVER COMES OFF. Seriously, the only drawback is that it is a bit unforgiving because once you put it on, it stays on FOREVER. Below you can see a swatch, along with the Sephora Collection lipstick:


You can tell here that the brush is super thin and precise. I love this eyeliner and will def get the full size once I run out! It’s here for $20.


Next is this month’s fragrance sample: Sud Magnolia by Atelier Cologne. Sephora always includes one fragrance sample in each box, which is good for me because I have trouble picking a scent to commit to enough to spend $100+ on the full size bottle. It’s nice to be able to try out a bunch of different ones. I’m also terrible at describing scents, so here’s Sephora’s description: “A refreshing floral blend that balances delicate notes of magnolia with layers of wood and citrus.” Sounds so pleasant. This sample also came with a little card of information and stuff about the scent, which I promptly threw away. Oh well. The full size is available here for (yikes!!!!) $125.


The last thing in the box is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector. That’s a mouthful. I haven’t used this product yet, but it’s basically like a hair mask or leave-in conditioner. I guess you put it on your hair at night, then in the morning your hair will look beautiful and shiny for up to a week. I don’t know if that’s true, but I guess we’ll find out once I give it a try haha. I’m excited to try it out, regardless. This one is available here and it’s $28.

They also always include a pamphlet full of info on the products and how to use them – you can click the pic if you want to read it full size.


It also comes with a little canvas bag to keep everything in – it’s pictured at the top of the post and also in the Atelier Cologne photo. I usually end up using the bags for other things, they’re pretty cute. The box also includes a card you can use on your next Sephora purchase for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points. It’s a pretty sweet deal because you also get 10 points for the $10 you spend on every box, so you basically get 60 BI points every month.

I also did some math to figure out the approximate value of my box too. I paid $10 for it, so each item is worth about $1.67. Adding up the total value of all items compared to their full-size versions, the total value of the box was $30.79, making it worth 3x the price I paid. I think it was definitely worth the money!

So that’s what I got in my box this month! So far I really like the Sephora Play box. This is my 4th one and I haven’t been disappointed yet. If you want to sign up, you can do it here – they may have a waiting list right now, but it’s been moving pretty fast so hopefully you shouldn’t have to wait too long. That’s all I have for today 🙂

xo, Kaela

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