Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2016

After happily subscribing to Sephora Play for the past few months, I was interested in trying out some other beauty boxes. From browsing other subscription boxes, I stumbled upon the Walmart Beauty Box. I’ve always been more of a Target person myself (this is an understatement as I am OBSESSED with Target), but this box appealed to me because it comes every season instead of every month, and it’s only $5. I thought it was too good to be true, but it really only is $5 for each box! The reviews I read looked pretty decent, so I got myself signed up for the Fall “Trendsetter” Box. This is what I got!


It was shipped to me in this cute box. I honestly think the packaging is really cute and much more than I expected for only $5. The inside:


The one thing I found weird about this box was that it didn’t come with any kind of info card listing all the products – just this small insert with their social media handles. Oh well. I was very pleased to open it up and find these:


I haven’t gotten a chance to try it all out yet, but WOW I was so happy with how many things I got in this box! I looked up everything on Walmart’s website to see how much the full sizes cost and everything. Here’s the rundown on all of it:

  • Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash in Sweet Cream and Peony ($5.47). I just ran out of my current body wash so yayyy this was perfect timing haha. And I actually love the smell!
  • Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Muscle Relief Concentrated Bath Soak ($4.97). Unfortunately this one isn’t something I’ll be able to use right away because I don’t have a bathtub 😦 However, I will be saving it to use the next time we stay in a hotel that has a tub so it will not go unused for long!!
  • Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips ($19.58). I’m excited to try this out but also I don’t know how much of an effect I will see from one strip haha. Still, I’d consider myself a fan of charcoal-based skincare products so I’ll give it a go.
  • EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloth ($6.98). This honestly probably wouldn’t be a product I would try normally – I wash my brushes about once a week and wipe them off pretty well in between. I guess it’s an interesting concept though haha
  • Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask ($4.99). I am a huge sucker for masks so the idea of this intrigues me. I am curious as to whether you are supposed to count to 60 seconds or if I should yell out of the shower for Siri to set a timer for me…we’ll have to see how that turns out.
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream ($5.37). So this says it’s for dry and sensitive skin…neither of which I have lol. Especially dry – I live in Florida so I have the opposite of dry skin. But I love moisturizers so obviously I’m still going to use it!
  • Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies ($7.32). I’m not really sure how much I’ll be able to judge the effects of these from two gummies haha but I LOVE the concept of adult vitamins and supplements in gummy form. LOVE IT.
  • Hello Pure Mint Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste ($4.23). The box also came with some coupons for a future purchase. I am a fan of shiny teeth so I am a fan of toothpaste. I’ve never been particular about what brand of toothpaste I like so this will definitely get used!
  • Batiste Clean & Classic Dry Shampoo ($5.94). This is probably what I was most excited about! I am a dry shampoo fiend. I normally hate washing my hair because it takes so long to dry when you live in a place with 100% humidity every day… Right now I’m using No Drought dry shampoo by LUSH and I really like it, but I’ve used Batiste before and loved it too 🙂

And that’s all, for a total of NINE items! I like that there’s such a wide variety of things in here – we have some skin care, hair stuff, bath/body’s a nice mix. I do wish they had included at least one makeup item in the box though. I did some math and figured out that the approximate value of everything in sample form is $6.65. So it’s definitely worth the cost of that $5 I paid! Even though I ultimately may not repurchase a lot of these, it’s still a really great value and I’ll get to try a bunch of new things. And for the price, I really can’t complain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Overall I’m happy with it and I can’t wait to see what we get in the Winter box. If you want to subscribe too, you can click here! I recently received the Target Beauty Box too and will be reviewing that one soon… stay tuned 🙂

xo, kaela

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