Cinderella Castle Suite Tour

This post is going to be VERY photo-heavy, so prepare yourselves! A few weeks ago I got to do something SO amazingly awesome, I still kinda can’t believe it happened. On September 20, Chris and I got to tour the Cinderella Castle Suite!

For those unaware, the Cinderella Castle Suite is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a room INSIDE of the castle at Magic Kingdom. Like, here:


That’s not technically the exact location, because the windows in the suite face the side/back of the park, but it’s close enough.

Of course the first thing everyone asked when they saw we got to go was “How?!?” The suite is obviously a super cool and special place and you can’t pay to stay there – it’s only given away as a prize or gift. Most people don’t even know it’s there, and many others know but will never get to go inside. It’s a super fancy exclusive thing and to even see it, you’ve just gotta have really good luck and win it…or you have to know the right people.

Luckily, we know the right people 🙂 Our dear friend Lauren works in Guest Relations at Magic Kingdom. Lauren was previously mentioned here in the story of our proposal, where she so cleverly convinced me that our engagement was nothing more than a fun photoshoot. Last month, she let me know that she had family in town and had arranged a tour of the suite for them, but they had room for a few more people…and asked if we wanted to join. Of course, we said YES, perhaps a little too excitedly.

We were soooo excited to see the suite. Both Chris and I are (as you may have guessed) huge Disney fans, and there’s not a lot of major things left that we haven’t done in Walt Disney World. Seeing the Castle Suite was definitely something on our “bucket list” if you will, and we were so grateful to be able to do it.

That’s enough chatter for now. On to the suite photos!

We met Lauren and her family in the park and headed back to the castle. There we met our tour guide, one of Lauren’s coworkers from GR named Anibal. We were jittery with our excitement and he led us to a door that opened into a secret tiny room. Inside was the castle’s concierge desk:


It was so weird going into the tiny lobby. The door we entered is one that we’ve walked past hundreds of times, never having a clue what was behind it! Inside Anibal pointed out lots of cool details – it was amazing how well themed and beautiful the place was. There were handmade tapestries, an antique mirror, and a beautiful tiled floor.


Me in the mirror. It’s not dirty, it’s just meant to look faded and old haha. The tapestry you can see behind me is the only one of its kind in the world and was made specifically for the suite – he showed us the back side where it literally said “1 of 1”!


He explained that the clock is always set to 11:59, because at 12:00 the spell is broken…and they never want the magic to end 🙂

and LOOK at this beautiful phone!! This is a desk I wouldn’t mind working at..


From the teeny (seriously soooo small) lobby we headed into an elevator. I am mad at myself for not taking any photos of the inside, but it looked like you were inside of a coach, just like Cinderella’s. It was so cute and beautiful.

We took it up to the top (or I guess it was the top, I don’t know how many floors there are in this place ok) and stepped out into a small foyer with a BEAUTIFUL mosaic floor:


In the foyer there were some images from the film on the ceiling, as well as an amazing chandelier:


You can kind of see a pic from the film up there to the right behind the chandelier. Anibal explained to us that the images from the film were all only from positive parts of the film. The designers only wanted to remember the happy things that happened to Cinderella, not the sad 🙂 There was also a little display case with some things inside that were important to the story:


Cinderella’s slipper, crown, and pumpkins..!

From there we stepped inside the actual suite. It’s absolutely beautiful inside, but it was much smaller than I expected! Hopefully I’ll be able to show you through the photos. I drew a really REALLY bad floor plan in photoshop, maybe you’ll be able to get a better idea from this but it’s awful so maybe not hahaha


I don’t know if that will help but there it is haha. So there were two beds immediately inside:



and this absolutely beautiful phone in the middle!


I don’t know why I was surprised when I picked it up and it actually had a dial tone haha but it’s a real phone that calls down to the one in the little lobby! Also my makeup looks super ridiculous here because this was the day we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party so I have crazy lashes and lipstick on haha


To the right of the beds is a desk with a glass slipper on top. Anibal told us this desk is hundreds of years old (super legit) and the glass slipper is given as a gift to everyone who stays there. I thought that was so cute 🙂 Maybe someday I’ll get one…


Across from the beds there is also a really cute faux fireplace:


Obviously they aren’t going to put real fire in there for the guest to cause havoc with haha but there’s a button on there you could press to make it light up with “sparks”. There was even a little hidden Mickey in there! It reminded me of the light up headboards at the Disneyland Hotel. So cute.

I am also kicking myself for not taking a pic of this, but above the fireplace was a photo frame with an image of Cinderella. With the flick of a remote, it turned into a tv!! It was so cool. It was also a bit weird to be watching the resort tv channel and like looking at park hours while we were inside this fancy room haha

Kind of to the left and in front of the second bed was another small room/sitting area with a couch, chair, and some beautiful windows.



We took the opportunity to take cute photos on the fancy furniture.


That couch can also pull out into a bed! The suite can sleep 6-8 between this pull out couch and the two beds in the other room. Also look at the adorable window behind us with Jaq and Gus!!!

While in there I also took what is definitely my favorite pic from the suite and also probably my favorite picture of all time:


This one was Anibal’s idea. He said it’s extra special because the window shows Cinderella’s invitation to come and see her suite. Obviously he’s a pro because I love this photo so much ❤

ALL of the windows in there were so pretty:



In the sitting area there was a really pretty cabinet/mirror type thing.


The cabinets opened for storage and closet space. The mirror part shown here was another tv. You can see that it’s on the resort tv channel right now haha. There were also two DVD players below that, one for this room and one for the main bedroom.

Another thing Anibal told us was that to make the suite feel bigger, a lot of the walls are covered with mirrors. Naturally I took lots of gratuitous mirror pics in them:

Even in fancy places I find ways to be obnoxious!

Outside the sitting room there was also a cute short set of a table and chairs. Anibal explained that the chairs were the exact height that someone would sit at to get their shoes polished, just like Cinderella would have in the movie. It was just another one of those cute touches that they put into designing the suite.


From here we moved into the bathroom. It was on the left as you enter the suite, kinda across from the bed on the right side. This is going to sound so lame…but the bathroom was honestly my favorite part. It was extravagant, it was fancy, it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

So you may want to refer to my badly drawn floor plan up there. As you enter the bathroom its kind of a hallway with rooms on either side. On the right side is the most AMAZING MAGICAL BATHTUB YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. It’s square shaped, and each of the 3 walls have these amazing mosaic tile pictures.


Like. Have you ever even dreamed of a bathtub so beautiful??? I have never in my life wanted to bathe in a place more. Someone please get me a bath bomb.


Anibal also showed us that you can turn on these special lights to make the bath light up different colors AND THE CEILING HAS STARS THAT TWINKLE. I mean seriously. How is this a real place.



Across from the bathtub was a sink, with a mirror….which means you get another mirror pic:


Then next to the sink was a cute shower in case you don’t feel like indulging in a soothing bath.


Then across from the shower (and again, I am KICKING MYSELF for not getting a better photo…) was the actual toilet. And of course in a suite fit for a princess, it is an actual throne….I am so mad that the worst photos I got were of the bathroom, but these are the only ones I got so we’ll have to deal:

Then at the end of the hallway there’s a little seat that I think would be so incredible to sit at and do your makeup. I wish I had a makeup station setup as beautiful as this!


Once we had checked everything out, we took some time to just get any last photos, ask questions, and take it all in for a few more minutes. I tried to get some photos out the windows, but it’s hard to see anything out there because of the way they’re frosted:


To give you an idea, it looks out kinda towards Frontierland. We could see the parade route when we looked out.



Annnnd one more for good measure:


Once we had all gotten our fill (though I don’t know how you could ever truly get your fill of this place) we headed back out to the elevator. When we got to the bottom we thanked Anibal for being so knowledgable and kind, and headed back on our way to play in MK.

It was such a fun experience and I’m SO glad that we got to do it (thank you again Lauren <3). It’s so awesome to be able to cross crazy things off our Disney bucket list. Who knows what we’ll get up to next…! Visiting the Dream Suite in Disneyland? Taking backstage tours? Going into Walt’s apartment? STAYING in the Cinderella Castle Suite? I can only imagine. I hope if you’ve made it this far in the post that you enjoyed reading about my experience in the castle suite, and I hope you’ll get to experience it yourself someday 🙂

much love!

x kaela

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