Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks: Mini Holiday Set + My Obsession

We’re nearing the end of Halloween season and the beginning of the unquestionably best time of year. The holidays are coming (!!!), and with them – holiday makeup sets. I usually try not to fall victim to the “great deals” that come around during the holidays, because truthfully they are never really that great of a deal. Who realistically needs a set of 12 different mascaras?? I find that I often already own a lot of the things marketed in value sets or I wouldn’t wear them anyway…so is it really “saving money” if you wouldn’t have bought it otherwise?

I digress! The point of this rant is that I normally don’t buy “holiday” gift sets. But when I saw the Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set…all bets were off.


We already know I love makeup, okay, yes. And I love liquid lipsticks. And I LOVE Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks. They come in lots of colors, go on smoothly, and stay on FOREVER. I have five and love them all. I had seen whisperings of a KVD Liquid Lipstick “Vault” going around and was interested, but only slightly so…I already own 4 shades from that set, and I knew I’d never be able to go through that many lipsticks. Oh, and IT’S $240 ⊙_⊙ I love makeup but even I know what’s too much.

So then this Mini LL set rolled onto the scene and I immediately fell in love. It’s 8 shades, including 2 new ones, and “only” $49. I was into it because I don’t have any of the shades in this set but I had 3 of them on my wishlist to try. The fact that they’re minis also appealed to me because I’ve had my full-sized ones for a few months and haven’t even made a dent in any of them. I decided I’d take the plunge.


The set comes with eight colors, six from the regular line and two new ones:

  • Santa Sangre – bright and warm red, described as “poison apple”. I was interested in trying this color before buying the set but I already have several reds so never got around to trying it.
  • Mother – dusty mauve pink. I’m a sucker for these dusty mauvey nude and pink colors. This one was also on my list. Had I not gotten this set I probably would have ended up purchasing this color on its own. It looks darker on my lips than I expected but I do like it. I wore this one a few times already, it’s really pretty.
  • Lovesick – mauve nude. At first I kept getting this one and Mother mixed up but this is lighter, and more nude than pink. This was another one I wanted to get before buying the set. I’ve worn this to work a few times and I really love it!
  • Backstage Bambi – vivid hot pink. They aren’t kidding when they say “vivid” – this color is BRIGHT!! This isn’t one I’ll wear a lot but I think bright colors are fun, especially in the winter when everyone bundles up in dark clothes. I like to be obnoxious in that way.
  • L.U.V. – rich violet. The best way I can describe this color is Barney the Dinosaur. It’s precisely his color. I have a few purple lipsticks already but none this exact shade. I wore this along with Backstage Bambi in an ombre lip and I loved it!!
  • Echo – satin navy blue. I’ve always been curious about “unnatural” lip colors (hence my foray into purple lipsticks) and this is one I always see but never wanted to buy in case I hate it. I think this will probably look awful on me, but at least I can now find out for sure.
  • Plath – deep russet red. This is a new shade and I LOVE it. It’s a reddish brown color that’s perfect for fall and winter. I was unsure how it would look on me because it’s warm toned and I’m cool, but I tried it and actually love it!
  • Roxy – bright grape. This is a new shade too, a really bright pure purple that’s unlike any lipstick color I own. I think this will be another fun one to wear once the weather gets cooler (I keep saying that as if the weather ever gets below like 60 degrees here).

For comparison purposes, I got out my full size Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks too. The minis are about half the size of the regular ones – here’s Roxy next to Double Dare, my favorite KVD lipstick:

big n small.png

Now the exciting part…the swatches! I also swatched all my full size ones to see how similar they are. The top 8 are from this set, the bottom 5 are my full sizes. For reference, my skin tone is NW15 in MAC shades. First in some nice natural light from the window:

swatches 1.png

And then brighter full daylight, aka I walked closer to the window:

swatches 2.png

I labeled this one wrong, the bottom L.U.V. is supposed to be Bauhaus but you get the point. You can also see in that second pic how some of them have started to dry matte already. Once they dry down they’re there forever!! I always leave Sephora with big red splotches on my hand after swatching because these stay on so well. They all went on very smoothly and started to dry quickly.

I’m really pleased with this color selection. All the new shades are different from the ones I already had, so I really feel like it was a good value for me. My only issue may be that a lot of these are not work appropriate. I wore Lovesick to work and it was great, and I can maybe pull off Mother if I wanna push it. I currently wear Double Dare to work frequently and I once wore Bachelorette and my bosses kept eyeing me all day but no one said anything so I consider that a success haha

I was also curious to see what value this set actually has, so as usual – I mathed it out. Each full size lipstick is $20 for 0.22 oz. The mini ones are 0.1 oz, so just under half the size, making their value about $9.10 each. That makes the set of eight worth about $72.80. And I paid $49…seems like a pretty good deal, honestly!!!!

I knew going in that I was going to love this set, and I honestly think it’s a really great value overall. I already know I love the formula and I’m SO excited to try out all these new colors. Hope you enjoyed my obsessive rambling about liquid lipsticks for an entire post. until next time! ❤


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