* The 12 Days of Kaelamas *


If you’ve met me (or, if you follow me literally anywhere else on the internet), you probably already know that I love Christmas. As soon as it hits midnight on November 1st, it is officially the holiday season. Luckily for me, my fiancé and most of my friends are also Christmas nerds…but I mean, is someone really my friend if they don’t like Christmas? I digress. For the next two months, along with my regular non-Christmas blogging, I have a selection of twelve Christmasy blog posts that I’m calling The 12 Days of Kaelamas!!! I just love Christmas so much that I couldn’t consolidate it into just one post 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving as well, and will still celebrate by stuffing myself with a Thanksgiving meal from Publix – but Christmas is EVERYTHING!!!

So over the next two months I’ll be sharing all my favorite Christmas things: my killer playlists, our favorite Christmas films/tv specials, the best things to do at WDW for Christmas, my favorite Christmas makeup products…it’s all happening!! I’ll have them all linked here as I go as well. The first post should be up soon! I am so excited to write about my favorite time of year and I hope you enjoy reading about it ❤

The 12 Days of Kaelamas:

  1. My Christmas Playlists
  2. A Collection of Christmas Recipes
  3. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Review
  4. My Favorite Christmas Movies
  5. The Holidays & Makeup
  6. My Christmas List
  7. Celebrating the Holidays at Walt Disney World
  8. Epcot Holidays Around the World Review
  9. Christmas Tree Inspiration
  10. Yuletide Fantasy Tour Review
  11. How to Make it Feel Like Christmas in Florida
  12. What I Gave For Christmas
    Epilogue: What I Got For Christmas

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