My Christmas Playlists

Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit faster than some good holiday tunes. For the first post of the 12 Days of Kaelamas, I have my three Christmas playlists to share with you!! I love to listen to Christmas music regardless of if it’s July 1st or December 25th, and these playlists really set the mood for getting in the holiday spirit 🙂

Also – I originally made these on Apple Music and then recreated them on Spotify for easier sharing. I’ve embedded them below but also put the actual links to each one in case you want to save it for later ^_^

1. Instrumental Christmas (Spotify) (Apple Music)

First up we have my all-instrumental playlist. This is a great one to have on as background music. It’s (what I consider to be) subtle enough to play all the time without people thinking you are some Christmas-obsessed freak, but festive enough to let them know that you actually are. I like to play it at work a lot, or while I’m just at home cleaning or cooking or whatever. Something about instrumental music just makes you want to be productive!!

2. Christmas Lullabies (Spotify) (Apple Music)

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the overall “cozy” feeling throughout the season. Picture it: twinkly Christmas lights, a few candles burning, warm cookies and a snuggly blanket. Just thinking about it is making me feel so calm and at peace. This playlist was inspired by the Mannheim Steamroller song Christmas Lullaby. My dad always had Mannheim Steamroller albums on during Christmastime at my house growing up. When I was first making these playlists last year, I heard that song and started to tear up reminiscing about Christmases at home. This playlist is full of soft, relaxing songs, both instrumental and vocal. I think it’s perfect for cuddling up with a mug of hot cocoa or drifting off to sleep ❤

3. The big one – MEGA Christmas Playlist (Spotify) (Apple Music)

This is it – the pièce de résistance. THE Christmas playlist. I started this one last year and have tweaked it here and there, adding new things or removing songs I don’t like anymore. But this is my ultimate, go-to playlist. It’s 152 songs and EIGHT HOURS LONG and growing every day!!! I’ve got a bit of everything on here… instrumental, poppy stuff, classics, songs we love to hate, guilty pleasures, and songs you’ve never heard before. This is great to put on in the background during a Christmas party…or all the time.  🙂

I love Christmas music SO MUCH!!!!! I hope my Christmas playlists can help you get in the spirit and feel extra festive!!! Stay tuned for the next post in the 12 Days of Kaelamas ❤

xo, kaela

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