A Collection of Holiday Recipes

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays (….or any other time of year….) is eat! Today for the 12 Days of Kaelamas, I’ve compiled some fun recipes that I’ve made before or plan to try this year. I chose lots of comfort food or otherwise Christmasy recipes that are sure to warm you up on a cold* day. Don’t forget to put on a Christmas playlist while you’re cooking!

*”Cold” being a relative term, since I do live in Florida, after all.

Also, I’m using this as an opportunity to rave about the recipe organization app Paprika – I use it to compile and save all the recipes I come across and it’s amazing. I have it on my computer, phone, and ipad and it makes it so easy to keep everything organized!

sugar cookies.png

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies – from Food Network

This one is such a classic. It’s a bit of a time commitment but so worth it, I had so much fun making these! I bought a bunch of Christmas cookie cutters from Target for like $1 each and the cookies turned out so cute! I also made the royal icing that’s listed in the link up there and it was great as well. My one tip: make sure you liberally apply flour to the surface and rolling pin to ensure the cookies don’t stick. It was a learning experience making these, but so much fun!

chicken pot pie soup.png

Chicken Pot Pie Soup – from PopSugar

There’s nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a blustery day. This recipe is from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings (which I have and love!). It combines two of my favorite comfort foods and I am SO excited to try out this recipe this year. Just look at those crispy, flaky pie crackers!!!


Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream – from Brown Eyed Baker

I made this last year at our Christmas party and it was amazing – it was all gone by the end of the night! It’s a bit strong for me but I’m a wimp when it comes to alcoholic things haha…but it’s so good. And so easy! We altered the recipe to only add 1 cup of whiskey instead of 1 2/3 like the original says so it wasn’t quite as strong.

choc cut outs.png

Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies from Katie at the Kitchen Door

I haven’t made these yet, but I’m really looking forward to trying them this year! They look super cute and relatively simple, and give me an excuse to use my fun cookie cutters again. The recipe also yields a TON of cookies, so I imagine they’d be great for a Christmas party. The post linked also has a recipe for European-style hot chocolate that looks like it would be great to pair with these!

hot choc.png

Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate Buffet – from Betty Crocker

This is one of my favorites – I had this at our Christmas party last year as well and it was a huge hit!! I really like it because it’s SO easy to just throw it in the slow cooker – set it and forget it! I also like that it’s very customizable. We had whipped cream, marshmallows, candy canes, flavored syrups and other toppings and everyone loved mixing them in. We also put out the leftover Jamison from after making the Bailey’s and many of our guests chose to indulge in that too haha


Peppermint Bark – from All Recipes

Peppermint bark is one of Chris’s absolute favorite holiday treats. We go through tons of it every year, but I’ve surprisingly never made it at home before. I’m eager to give it a shot this year! Who knows – maybe the homemade stuff will be even better than the kind we buy in bulk at Target 😉


Ruby Tuesday Potato Cheese Soup – from Food.com

This copycat recipe is pretty much a cult classic for my family – when I lived at home, we had a tradition of making soups on Christmas Eve and a ham on Christmas Day. This was one of two soups we made every year for pretty much as long as I can remember (the other is Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana, if you’re curious). It’s pretty easy to make and reheats really well too. It’s one of my favorites and always reminds me of Christmas with my family 🙂


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – from Brown Eyed Baker

Last one! Okay, this one isn’t really explicitly Christmasy but I included it because I made it last year and IT IS SO GOOD!!!! It’s super easy and DELICIOUS. I served it with graham crackers and vanilla wafers and it was a hit. Seriously, if you like cookie dough, make this.

Wow it was a mistake to write this post when I was feeling peckish because I am STARVING now!! I can’t wait til I get some free time to try out some Christmasy recipes. What are your favorite things to make around the holidays? Hope you enjoyed this edition of the 12 Days of Kaelamas 🙂 see ya next time!

xo, Kaela ❤

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