Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2016

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is the annual holiday event held at Magic Kingdom. We went this past Tuesday the 15th and had an amazing time!!! Today for the 12 Days of Kaelamas, I’ll show you all the fun things we did during the party – many photos ahead! 🙂

So the nice part about the party is that as a front desk cast member, I got a free ticket to go! On Tuesday we all got decked out in our best holiday gear and headed out to party!!!

We got there around 4:30 – the party is from 7-midnight but we headed over early to take photos and get extra festive.

But as we can see, it is impossible to get him to pose normally for a photo so I’m surprised we got any good ones at all haha

I LOVE these leggings, btw – I have them in 3 colors and they are SO soft and cozy. Highly recommend.


Once we had our fill of festive photos there, we spent some time enjoying MK and then headed to the central hub area to watch the daytime castle show, Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire. It had a seasonal ending for the holidays and we all thought it was pretty cute.

From there we kind of hung around the area until it got dark and it was time for the castle lighting!


I absolutely LOVE the castle’s Christmas lights. Watching it light up is so cool.

Afterwards, we watched the new projection show on the castle, called Once Upon a Time:

It was very cute and well done. I guess it originally came from Tokyo Disneyland and everything there is amazing, so I’m not surprised. I was a bit puzzled that Mrs. Potts was telling the story of Beauty and the Beast in past tense and she was still a teapot, but no need to discuss technicalities here.

Once that was over, we were all feeling a bit peckish and headed to the nearby Columbia Harbor House for some dinner. I had my favorite, a chicken pot pie that is surprisingly delicious for being something you order in a theme park:


Once we finished up, it was just about time for the party to officially start! One of the best parts of the party is that they give out cookies and drinks all over the park. In past years it’s just been the same sugar cookies and hot cocoa everywhere, but this time they were offering a few different varieties. The first ones we tried were ginger molasses cookies with eggnog:

The cookies were good. They could have been improved if they were a bit warmer but I appreciated the variety. I don’t know why I took the eggnog because I have had eggnog before and I know that I do not like it. But again I appreciate the attempt.

We headed to Fantasyland, but not before getting another stunning castle shot:


There they were serving sugar cookies and snow cones! We did not opt for snow cones because it was actually quite chilly (….60 degrees) but the sugar cookies were cute:


Not delicious or anything. But cute. They tried, at least.

We headed back to Storybook Circus to look at the specialty pins. I thought it was pretty smart of them to put the specialty pins in the very back of the park…it forces everyone to go through the park to get what they want, and most of the non-party guests would be cleared out by the time the party started. It’s almost like Disney is a multi-billion dollar company that knows a few things about how to run a business…..

I digress. In Storybook Circus we also stumbled upon some more treats, including our first HOT BEVERAGE!!!


The apple cider was really good and so toasty. We headed into Tomorrowland to complete our treat circuit with a few more stops.


Here’s where we got into the good stuff – hot cocoa and snickerdoodles!!!! In another part of Tomorrowland they were also giving out peppermint bark cookies with hot chocolate. We found the peppermint bark ones to be a little disappointing, especially considering how much Chris LOVES peppermint bark (if you remember from my Christmas recipes post). It kinda tasted like cookies with strange chunks of minty toothpaste. But the hot chocolate was good enough that we did not complain.


While we were in Tomorrowland, we also went to check out the little stage show they do called A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas. I am SO happy we ended up going over there because it was so cute!! I was particularly enamored with the host girl’s outfit, IT IS SO CUTE!!! Her skirt! Her coat! Where can I buy all of it????


I took a few photos, but I really was just focusing on watching the show because it was so fun. That, and I’m sure elsewhere on the internet other people have taken better photos than I ever could. But the dancers were amazing, I LOVED that the lead girl was singing live (I’m noticing that WDW performers are doing live vocals in shows more often lately and I am LOVING IT) and she was super talented.

Here’s a video of the show if you’re curious! I’m honestly super glad we stopped to watch, this show ended up being a highlight of the night and it was so precious.

We headed on through the park to pick a spot for the castle stage show and fireworks. Along the way I admired the gratuitous projections of snowflakes everywhere. It was so fun and cute:

I’m obsessed with these castle lights sorry


We headed up to the front and actually ended up sort of right in front of the castle stage. We got there like 20-30 minutes before the show started so it was decently early, and not very crowded. We took a seat and waited for the show to start.


And omg…this show was another hit. This one was Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration, which despite having a completely idiotic name, was actually SO CUTE!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It featured more cute outfits, TONS of characters, and a bunch of ridiculous songs and scenes that I can’t believe are really in a show at Walt Disney World. I took some pics, but I was honestly so into the show that I didn’t get too many. Here’s the video – because this show has to be seen to be believed. There’s yodeling, a song about texting (complete with prop phones), the Three Caballeros singing Feliz Navidad, and a ridiculous amount of bells. I LOVED IT!!

And a big finale to top it all off.


Once we finished raving about the show, we decided to just stay where we were for the fireworks. We only had about ten minutes until Holiday Wishes started, and we were only behind one row of people. So we weren’t really going to get much of a better spot in such a short time…so we just stayed put and waited.


And then…the best thing happened. Everyone in front of us STAYED SITTING during the fireworks!!!!

It was amazing and I kind of never want to stand during a fireworks show again. We couldn’t see all the fireworks that were shot off from directly behind the castle, but we saw all the overhead ones and all of the perimeters (which are the best anyway!) It was a great experience. I won’t bore you with tons of fireworks pics, since you can watch the full show on youtube anyway, but here’s a few of my faves:

Additionally here’s this one that looks like the castle is on fire.


Super magical. From here we had about an hour til the parade, and we were getting pretty chilly so we headed indoors to warm up before using the interim time to take photos. We went into the Emporium where Chris admired the decor:


After sufficiently warming up, it was photo time!

Chris and I always manage to take silly ones even when we’re trying to be serious.



And some with the tree, of course. My phone’s new lock screen:


We acted like we were casually playing in the snow so we could get some cute candid shots….

We don’t know how to act casual. What is snow.

Once we’d gotten our fill of photos, we headed up to Main Street to get in position for the parade! I really like watching the parade from Main Street…I think the tree in the background makes for really good ambience. Parades are impossible for me to photograph decently so I have no pics of this that I deem good enough to share haha. You can watch the full parade here though!

It’s really such a cute parade. It’s not my ultimate favorite Disney parade (that’s definitely Boo to You) but it might be second. It’s just so festive and fun!

At this point, we were all pretty much ready to wrap up. We got a few more shots for instagram and made our way out.

me n tree.png

And just like that, our Christmas party experience was a wrap! We had such a good time, and I know the Christmas party gets some flack sometimes when compared to the Halloween party…but we had so much fun. It could just be because we all love Christmas so much, but I was so happy the entire night and really liked everything we saw and did. I hope you enjoyed reading about our Christmas party fun as much as I enjoyed writing about it! ❤

see you next time! 🙂


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