What I Gave For Christmas

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Sorry about the delay in posts, my family has been in town the past few days and we’ve been running around like crazy hanging out with them and moving to our new home. But I hope that if you celebrate Christmas, you had a lovely time and maybe even got some fun gifts 😀

For my final post of the 12 Days of Kaelamas, I was really struggling to decide what to write about. I thought about doing a “what I got for Christmas” post, but I’m always afraid that comes off as kinda braggy and I just felt a little weird about it. Idk, I may still write one about my Christmas haul as a grand finale for this series haha. But instead for now, I decided to do kinda the opposite and share some of the things that I got for others for Christmas. Picking out gifts for people is truly one of my favorite things about Christmas, so I felt it was appropriate to finish up my series showing one of the best things about the holiday 🙂


For My Parents

For my parents, I wanted to get thoughtful things that would make them think of me 🙂 Since I see my parents so infrequently, I usually collect a bunch of small things over time and then I just wrap it all up for Christmas, even if they know what it is haha

  • For my dad, I got a Mickey tie that is very very subtly Disney – you can barely even see the Mickey heads unless you’re really looking! He wears ties every day so it was a practical gift, and I got him this one because he wears purple shirts to work a lot (how stylish, my dad). I thought it was the perfect classy-Disney gift.
  • For my mom, I got a few of the Alex & Ani birthstone bracelets in the birthstones of me and my siblings – January, March, April, and September. My mom got a few Alex & Anis last time she was here and loves them, and I thought these would be a really thoughtful addition to her collection 🙂


For My Siblings

For my siblings, I opted to get practical things this year, so this is gonna seem like a really weird collection of items haha. Now that I’ve been working for Disney for almost 4 years (!!!!!!) I feel like I’ve kinda reached the point where they are tired of getting things with Mickey Mouse on them so I went a different direction this year lol

  • For my oldest sister, I got her this spiffy rolling pin off of her Amazon wishlist (which really came in handy, btw!!!!!), isn’t it beautiful? Those removable rings make it so you can adjust the height of whatever you’re rolling out.
  • For my middle sister I got a “multi tool” which is basically like a utility knife, which seems like a really strange gift but she got hers taken away by TSA a while ago so I thought it would be nice lol
  • And for my brother, I got a pair of super fuzzy looking moccasins from his wishlist! They look so soft and nice, I almost want one for myself…


For Friends

This is such a broad category but I thought it would be excessive to write about everyone individually, so I’m just gonna mention a few things here!

  • For my roommate I got a Jim Shore Disney figurine of her favorite happy snowman! The story of this one is that Chris and I both have a Jim Shore figure of one of our favorite characters (I have Ariel, he has Stitch) and we thought it would be a cute gift for us all 3 to have one to put out in our new place 🙂
  • For my two best friends Ana & Sarah, I got a bunch of things big and small for them to open in their “care packages” that I shipped out! It sucks to have your best friends so far away, but it’s always really fun to pick out lots of things for them. One of my favorite things I got them was a Main Street Electrical Parade t-shirt. When they visited me for the first time at Walt Disney World, one of our first great memories together was watching the Electrical Parade. I got one of these shirts for myself too, so now when they come back we can all match ❤ I also got each of them one of the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, which are my absolute favorite, so they can always think of me when they use them!


For Chris ❤

Chris is like….literally the hardest person ever to buy things for. He isn’t someone who wants a lot of things, and he rarely makes comments like “oh I really want _____”. He is basically the opposite of me, who constantly makes comments about things that I want to buy haha. So what I’ve taken to doing is paying close attention to things he wants, but would never buy for himself. I got him two major gifts this year that I think were both a real hit.

  • First, I got him a Manchester United jersey. Chris loves following professional soccer and I knew that Manchester United is his favorite team. I had to do a little spying to find out what person or style he would like lol but I got him this because I knew he wouldn’t expect it and I think he loved it!
  • The second big thing I got for Chris was with the help of my parents. My mom got a GREAT deal on Black Friday for a Playstation 4 after I told her to keep an eye out. Our former roommates had one and Chris has a couple of games for it already, and I knew he would want one when we moved. I also knew he wouldn’t buy it himself right away so I decided to make it happen. Again I had to do a little spying hahaha but I felt so sneaky because I asked Chris about a PS4 under the guise of saying my parents were getting one for my brother…he provided me insight into his own gift and he didn’t even know it hehehehe!!!

So that’s a few things I got for everyone this year! I did post a picture of some of the things I received on twitter, so if you’re curious you can check that out…I may end up doing a post about what I got anyway in addition to this one but for now there’s that! I also will def be writing about one very special gift that I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of, a new pal named Teddy ❤ but I’ll write a separate post about him soon haha don’t worry!

This also concludes the 12 Days of Kaelamas series (unless I decide to write a Christmas haul post!)! I loved writing about my favorite holiday and I hope you liked reading about it too. And hopefully I will still have things to write about after this hahah. xo!!!!! ❤ Kaela

PS: This post contains affiliate links, meaning for each click or purchase made through the links in this post, I will receive a small (very small!) percentage of that purchase. My full disclaimer can be found on my about page🙂


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