What I Got for Christmas

So in the “final” 12 Days of Kaelamas post I said I didn’t wanna write about what I got for Christmas…buuuuut I changed my mind haha. I received so many amazing gifts this year and I really wanted to do them justice, share them all and write about everything. So this is, I guess, the epilogue to the 12 Days of Kaelamas series – everything I got for Christmas!

I divided it into a few categories to break it up a bit. My friends and family seriously spoiled me this year, I am so grateful and happy with all of the things I received and I can’t wait to use them all!! ❤ I won’t go into extreme detail because this is already gonna be excessively long 😡 Also, these are some of the first blog photos taken in my new apartment!!! I’m working on a new setup for my photos but for now these were taken in my hallway because the lighting was the best there haha



I was ridic spoiled in this category lol, I can’t believe all the beautiful things everyone got me O_O

  • Benton Snail Bee masks, my siblings were so weirded out by these but I love them haha
  • Elf beautifully precise brushes that are soooo pretty!!
  • Sephora lotus sheet mask, one of my favorites
  • The Body Shop Ethiopian honey masks
  • The Body Shop coconut shower gift set
  • some of my favorite Eyelure false lashes
  • a beautiful personalized purple compact mirror
  • a GIANT Bare Minerals/Buxom gift set…there’s seriously a ridiculous amount of products in here, I think I’ll probably review this one in a separate post!
  • Essie Gel Couture nail polish in “Stitch by Stitch”
  • Amazon Luxury Beauty Box – I didn’t know this was a thing??? I’ll definitely review this one separately!
  • and the one I am seriously, honestly, so shocked about – the Epcot exclusive Guerlain perfume ;_; I have been wanting this perfume for no joke, A YEAR. Chris knew that I wanted it, the people who work in the store knew I wanted it, I legit go into the France perfume shop and put it on EVERY TIME I go to Epcot. It smells warm and lovely and a tiny bit sweet, and it just meshes with my body chemistry so well. And Chris got it for me ❤ this was such a special gift, I cried when I opened it!
even the bottle is adorable????



  • The Future is Female shirt – how perfect is this for me????
  • Nutcracker jammies that I actually asked for in my Christmas list post, so glad my parents read my blog lol
  • sleep mask, it’s zebra print
  • some of those glorious Target leggings I love and adore



  • Oregon Trail card game – this game is so ridiculous and fun but also very hard because everyone dies lol
  • Costco membership so I can buy all the fancy cheese and huge containers of prosciutto that I want
  • Target gift card
  • FOUR mugs (!!!) – two of Mariana Avila’s artwork that I’m obsessed with (Schuywalker Sisters and Forever Princess ❤ ), the Spaceship Earth one I’ve been DYING to get for ages, and the Mrs. one – Chris got me that one, how cute and stupid are we hahaha
  • Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles…again, so glad my family reads my blog lol the scents here are Hot Cocoa & Cream, Marshmallow Fireside, and Flannel
  • Hamilton 2017 calendar that is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love it because it lists the birthdays of all the characters and also the days that interesting/important events happened in the show. it’s a cool detail! AND my birthday month has Daveed Diggs ❤
Lin-Manuel starts the year off right


Teddy things!

Obviously the biggest gift I got this year was my beautiful furry child Teddy, and I got so many fun things for him as well!

  • Teddy throw pillow – my mom had this made, haha I already have one with our older dogs on it so this one is a great addition!!
  • puppy raincoat!!!
  • Seattle Seahawks jersey…my brother gave me this and I don’t care about sports but seriously how ridiculously adorable is this lol
  • Star Wars plush toys, these are SO CUTE look at little Rey!!
  • beaver plush toy, it’s crackly inside instead of squeaky because Teddy is scared of squeaky toys lol
  • 2 brushes for his long beautiful coat
  • the teeny tiniest baby KONG toy
  • a rose gold water dish (<3)
  • a 365 day doggy calendar
  • and a card with money for his (frequent, I’m sure) grooming!

and that’s pretty much everything! I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life that love me enough to give me so many beautiful things. I only hope that they love the gifts I gave them as much as I love the ones I received.

and that’s REALLY the end of the 12 Days of Kaelamas now 😉 if you have questions about anything here let me know, I didn’t do links for everything because I thought it was a bit tacky to add affiliate links for things that people bought for me lol. I hope you had a magical amazing holiday as well! ❤

xo! Kaela


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