Amazon Beauty Box Reviews

You know what I say…another day, another beauty box! Like in my last Target boxes post, I have TWO boxes to show today, and they’re both new to me. Today I have the Amazon Beauty Sample Box and the Amazon Luxury Beauty Box.


I had no idea that Amazon did a beauty box – I got the luxury one for Christmas and the regular sample one just a few days ago. From what I can tell, there are a few differences between Amazon boxes and other subscription boxes:

  • Amazon boxes are offered exclusively to Amazon Prime members. If you aren’t already a Prime member, I HIGHLY suggest you get on that…I’m obsessed with Amazon but that’s a post for a different day haha
  • With the purchase of an Amazon box, you’ll get a credit equal to the cost of the box that you can then spend towards beauty items. So these boxes cost money, but you’ll get it back to get more stuff!
  • These boxes vary, so the samples on the website aren’t necessarily the ones I got, and the ones I got aren’t necessarily the ones you’ll get. I’m not sure if I consider this a good or bad thing yet…!
  • I could be way off here but it seems like the Amazon boxes contain true “sample” sizes – these are not like the Sephora Play! or even Target boxes where you’ll get a deluxe sample size of a product that will last a while. Many of the things I received were extremely small and good for only a few uses.

With all that out of the way, on to the boxes!



We’ll start with the Amazon Luxury Beauty Box. This one cost $19.99, but you also get back a credit for that amount to spend toward beauty products:


The packaging is super sleek and classy, with a black ribbon tying it closed. I opened it up to find…


Samples galore!! I’m not going to review every single thing in here – there is obviously a LOT so it seems silly to do that – but like I said before, many of them are single use or foil packet samples. There’s a few that I could probably get more uses out of, like that Phyto tube you see in the front there and the nail polish – but many of them are quite small!

Here’s everything laid out so you can see just how much there is:


I’ll just list the names and values of everything here to keep us moving right along:

Okay so that’s obviously a LOT of stuff – a total of 20 samples. I guess I don’t live a luxurious enough life because I’ve never even heard of some of these brands and the prices of some of this stuff is blowing my mind!! The total combined value of this box is a whopping $104.75!!! Amazing considering how small the samples are, but you do get a LOT of stuff in here. Combine that with the fact that these really are luxury brands (idk why anyone would ever pay that much for a dang toothpaste) and we’ve got a pretty decent valued box here. I’m excited to try these things and see if they’re worth the exorbitantly high prices…I’ll probably never repurchase anything from this box due to price but it should be fun to try out some fancy things!

Moving on to the next box – Amazon Beauty Sample Box! This one cost $11.99 and again you got a credit for that much to spend toward beauty products. The packaging for this one was also pretty cute, it arrived in a purple box with a pattern of beauty tools all over it. Inside was this:


This one seems to be more my speed because I recognize these brands hahaha. Also the background looks yellow because I had a candle going, and I didn’t realize how weird it looked til right now oop


This one also had a little info card inside which was cool – it was interesting and different to me that neither of the boxes had a card with information about the products inside though. The only time I haven’t seen a card like that is in the Walmart boxes. Not a big deal, just something I noticed.

Everything laid out from the second box:


And again, a quick rundown:

Okay so this one has way more things that I recognize, and I’ve heard of or used all of these products before. There’s a total of 17 samples here if you count all those sample packets individually. Also I am dying that they gave us one Crest white strip haha. This one obviously has a lower value than the Luxury one, but I still feel like there are some good things in here – I got a full sized toothpaste and a razor??? How random but they’re two things I won’t have to buy later, yay! The total value of this box is still pretty good, at $35.49!


So that’s everything I got in my two Amazon beauty boxes! There’s some really good stuff in here, and there seems to be a lot of good variety too! It’s nice to get a break from the 500 lotions and shampoos I seem to get in the Target boxes every month haha. These are both definitely a good value too, and combined with the fact that you get a credit back after purchase…these seem like a pretty sweet deal. I don’t know if I would get these boxes every single time because they do give you a LOT of samples to go through, but this is a fun thing to get every now and then. I also think these would make great gifts!

If you liked this post be sure to check out my other beauty subscription box reviews. Thanks for reading! 🙂

❤ Kaela

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