Teddy Supplies (or: Everything I Bought When I Adopted a Dog)

When I got my little pup Teddy, it obviously wasn’t my first time having a dog. But I haven’t lived at home with my dogs for years and I’ve never had one of my OWN to take care of, so I had to stock up on a few things for his arrival! Luckily, since my parents took care of him before I got him, they knew his preferences for food, toys, etc. and were able to pass along those things to me. We also went shopping while they were here to pick up a few last items. In this post I’m sharing all the supplies I purchased (and was given) to get him settled when he joined our family! I added product links when I could find them so some items will be linked throughout 🙂

Here’s pretty much all his stuff, in a little basket I got from Target:


Yes, we do have a toy that looks like a plush version of Teddy but I’ll get to that in a second haha. As usual in posts like this I’m going through in categories so I can break it down a bit!



So this is actually kind of funny because Teddy got a TON of toys and things to play with, but he honestly doesn’t play with toys that much! He would rather play with humans haha. And the weirdest thing? He hates squeaky toys! The noise scares him so when he does play with toys, it’s usually just plushy ones. When he’s bored he does like to hop around with them though! The toys in the pic there:

  • all the Star Wars ones are from Hallmark: Rey, R2D2, Yoda, BB8 – these were all gifts from my lovely pal Sarah for Christmas! I caught him playing with R2 the other day haha
  • a lot of the ones here are at Petsmart and were given to us by various friends – Teddy got about as many Christmas presents as me haha. He has a red and a blue Kong, the tennis ball thing, a blue puppy, I think the green one is a lamb, and the one that looks like a bear but is actually a beaver
  • so the plush that looks like Teddy is actually from Amazon, and my mom got that for me a few weeks before I got Teddy so I could “think of him often until he got here” hahahha. We call him Teddy 2.
  • and that little Lamb Chop one is from my parents and I have no idea where it came from haha


Teddy and Teddy 2.


When it’s time to go outside, Teddy has a cute little matching leash and harness set. I’ll talk about his little jacket pictured here more in a second. For his everyday walking gear I decided red is his color so he has a cute paw print leash and a red Puppia harness. On the end I also have a little dispenser for his poop cleanup bags, so we always have one with us. I bought the poopy bags on Amazon in a giant pack so we’re basically never going to run out lol


Never ending supply of poop bags.



Teddy doesn’t have a lot of clothes yet but that doesn’t mean he won’t hehehe. My brother gave me a Seahawks jersey for him for Christmas and it’s SO ADORABLE, I don’t care about sports and I can’t wait to put it on him while we watch the football. Next to it is a cute little bandana that he got from his first visit to the vet!

Teddy also has a cute little raincoat that’s pictured in the leash photo – it has a detachable inner layer, so he can wear them together if it’s cold and rainy or either one on it’s own. We’ve already had to bust this out a few times and I think it was a great investment!

I’m also already looking for ideas for what he can wear to the wedding…gotta keep my eye out for a cute tux for him to wear B)

Food & Treats


Teddy has a few treat options – luckily since he was staying with my parents for a bit before he came to me, they were able to figure out what he likes. His faves are Greenies and chewy Milk Bones! I also got him some Frosty Paws at Target the other day and he loves them!! And the food he eats is Wellness Complete Health Toy Breed….if you’re really curious lol

Our kitchen is really small so Teddy’s food and water bowls have to be on the carpet, so I also got him this little tray to sit on in case he spills. He has these cute little dog bone bowls for food and water and then also a rose gold water bowl in our room in case he gets thirsty at night!


Teddy has two beds – one in the living room and one in our bedroom. In the living room he has this little rectangular blue one from Petsmart. In our bedroom he has a bigger bed that my parents got at Costco. I’m pretty sure it’s made for bigger dogs, but he thinks he’s way bigger than he is so it works haha. I think the exact one isn’t available online but this one is similar. We will probably get him a third bed in the future to sit by Chris’s desk.

Teddy also has a fluffy fleece Walt Disney World blanket on his bed that I got as a purchase-with-purchase item this year. This blanket was originally on my bed but I put it down there for him so he has something cuddly haha. We love these blankets btw – Chris and I have the Epcot one and one from Disneyland, they’re super soft and fuzzy!!!

Everything Else

Just some odds and ends to wrap up!


While we were getting him used to living with us, we kept him in our room during the day with a gate. I got this one on Amazon and it’s perfect, it looks classy and keeps him where he needs to be! Now that he’s comfortable we put it at the bottom of the stairs so he can’t run out the door when we come home. Check out the sad puppy at the top of the stairs who thought we were going to leave when I took this photo haha


My mom also got a really good deal on some travel things for Teddy – he has this cute car seat cover so he doesn’t get fur all over my seats, and a handy pet carrier. I didn’t think he would like being in the carrier much but he actually does like it! We were hanging out outside all day recently for an event and we brought it with us for him, and he liked laying in there to cool off. Teddy is pretty well behaved on car rides, but sometimes his little feet  get muddy from running around so it will be nice to have the seat cover to keep my seats clean!


Teddy also has two brushes for his thick coat so I can keep him looking fresh between his trips to the groomer (which he really needs to go to soon!). I don’t know where we got that grey and red one but the other one is from Petsmart.


To keep our puppy healthy we have a few medical things – that green bottle is an ear cleaning solution that we got from the vet. The Heartgard is his heartworm meds and NexGard is for fleas. The boring stuff haha


And finally, the most riveting thing on this list…Teddy is super well trained but he had a few little accidents when we were first getting him settled, so we have some potty pads and Natures Miracle odor/stain remover haha. Thankfully that only happened a few times and we haven’t had to use these much at all!

And that’s EVERYTHING I got for my little Teddy! It’ll be a month tomorrow that we’ve had him, but he’s fit in so well that it feels like he’s been around for ages. I love my little dog so much and I’m sure there will only be more new stuff for him in the future ❤ Hope you enjoyed this post about our pup and thanks for reading! 🙂

❤ Kaela

PS: This post contains affiliate links, meaning for each click or purchase made through the links in this post, I will receive a small (very small!) percentage of that purchase. My full disclaimer can be found on my about page🙂

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