Friday Favorites #4 – 2/10

Welcome to Friday Favorites #4! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a month already! Here’s my favorite things for this week:

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Kicking off the list with a bang!! Everyone knows I don’t care about sports, but I do care about good live performances. I love Lady Gaga so I knew I would love this show but omg…she KILLED it. She sounded so good!! And looked so good!!! I loved that she sang a collection of old things as well as her current single, and she sang LIVE too! I absolutely loved this halftime show. When it was done I was left wanting more. I might just have to see about going to her tour this fall…

Banfield Pet Health Tracker App

Strange thing to be on my favorites, I know – but I was reminded of how convenient this app is when I took Teddy to the vet the other day. We go to Banfield inside Petsmart and their app is so useful for keeping track of everything. I can track his weight, keep up with his prescriptions and appointments, request an appointment, and even view any lab or test results. Maybe I’m just a crazy dog owner but I really appreciate when businesses put effort into creating an easy to use and well-designed app haha

Annie’s Homegrown Macaroni & Cheese


I don’t even know how we became obsessed with this mac & cheese but we’ve been eating Annie’s at my house since …..idk, high school?? We have it on subscription now from Amazon so it’s auto-delivered every few months. I make it about once a week, especially when I get home from work late and want more than just a snack. My favorite is the shells and white cheddar but I also love the bunny shaped in the pink box!! Plus Annie’s is a great brand with organic/natural ingredients so it makes me feel like I’m being a little bit healthy at least haha

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars


Is there anything more pure than a Mickey Bar? Yes – a Mickey Bar that is free. We indulged in free Mickey Bars this week because every year cast members get some holiday coupons for free snacks, and they expire this week…so we had to go use them all up! Free Mickey Bars for everyone!! Above is me with my last snack coupon…before I used it on a Mickey Bar.

Making Our Wedding Registries

One of the most fun things we did this week was do some hard work on our wedding registries!! As I said in my last planning post, we are registering at Zola for our honeymoon items and at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target for home items. We spent many hours picking things out (and making a spreadsheet…) and deciding what to add – it’s actually more work than I expected it to be!! I knew I wanted to register for fun things like a Le Creuset cast iron skillet (even if nobody buys it for us, I can still use the completion discount to get it for a good price haha) but nobody tells you about the way less-fun things…like registering for individual pieces of silverware. But it was still SO much fun to imagine what we would want in our future home and plan out things to do on our honeymoon. I’d say it’s about 90% done – good enough for me to put a big check mark on our wedding to-do list!! In the future I might write up a post about what all we added to our registry – we’ll see!

That’s all for my favorites this week! Here’s a bonus picture of Teddy where he looks like a doggy model:


Hope you had a great week! Thanks for reading my Friday favorites from this week 🙂

❤ Kaela

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