Friday Favorites #8 – 3/10

Welcomeeeeeee to this week’s Friday Favorites!! Here’s my favorite things from the week 🙂

My New Apple TV


This is the big one this week!!! I’ve had an Apple TV for a few years now and I love it. It’s so convenient to be able to mirror any of our other Apple devices to the tv to watch videos or movies. Welllllll the NEW Apple TV has lots more features and apps, and you can use Siri with it too! I’ve been eyeing it for a while and I finally bit the bullet and I’m obsessed with it. The new remote is amazing and intuitive as well. I sound like a slave to Apple right now haha but I just really love my new Apple TV and I’m so glad that I decided to get it!

Almond Butter

almond butter.png

After the success of last month’s no buy, I decided to use this month to focus on another thing I want to improve about myself: eating healthier. I compiled a bunch of ideas for healthy snacks and less packaged/processed foods. One of the things I discovered is almond butter. I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before – I like almond flavored things and I hate peanut butter, which is what most people recommend so often as a more healthy snack. It’s the best of both worlds!! I’ve been eating it a lot lately in different snacks and it’s been a hit. Above is some almond butter on a banana with granola on top – delicious and filling and (relatively) healthy 🙂

Cable Clips

This is such a mundane thing but it has been a lifesaver for a first world problem I’ve been having, which is that my iphone charger falls off the side of the bed and I have to reach down and grab it…..hahaha. It’s seriously so annoying but this completely solves my problem! I just stuck one to the side of the bed and my cord sits in there now, so I don’t have to reach down every time to plug it in. Like I said, mundane and a stupid problem but it’s very handy to have haha

NYX HD Pressed Powder


This one is an old favorite for me but I have found a renewed love for it recently. I’ve been trying to use up some other pressed powders I have but honestly I don’t know why I ever stray from this NYX one. It’s just so good. It’s never cakey or drying and perfectly sets my makeup. I’ve loved the translucent white one (on the right) for a while but I decided to try out the banana color too, and I love it for setting and brightening my undereye area. It’s amazing!!!!

The Return of Survivor


This is another big one!! I absolutely LOVE Survivor and we were so excited that it came back this week. Before you pull the whole, “that show’s still on?” bit – save it because this show is on its 34th season and the premiere was the 500th episode. So yes, it’s still on and it’s still amazing!! This season is an all-star one so all the people playing have played before, and some of our favorites are there so it’s super exciting. I won’t spoil anything but the premiere was awesome and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season!!!! Even Teddy loves it:


Speaking of, here’s this week’s cute Teddy photo – he got a haircut this week and is now even fluffier!!


don’t forget you can follow him on instagram too 😉

that’s all for this week’s Friday Favorites! Hope you enjoyed this post and check out some of my previous favorites here if you did! thanks for reading 🙂

❤ Kaela

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