Seattle/Disneyland Trip – Day 7

This is part of a series about our trip to Seattle and Disneyland in April 2016. All the posts about our trip will be listed here! Make sure you read the previous days before this one 🙂

We are almost at the end 😦 😦 😦 I was going to write about the last two days together because on day 8 we pretty much just flew home, but I wanted to have a proper wrap up post as well so I figured I’d do that on the last day 🙂

Monday, April 25, 2016

Well, after all the fun we’ve had…here we are finally on our last day of vacation. Chris and I woke up from our beautiful room at the Disneyland Hotel and immediately started feeling sad to leave haha. I literally did not want this trip to end. But we still had another few hours to spend at the parks, so we quickly packed up our belongings and got on our way.

We said goodbye to our room and headed down to the front desk to check out and leave our luggage with bell services. We both loved the cute Mickey and Minnie statues out front, which we had somehow missed on our way into the hotel:


We meandered through the lobby and took it all in a bit before heading out to breakfast.


We had breakfast at Tangaroa Terrace!


I just wanted something quick so we could get to the park, so we split a kids’ order of Mickey waffles.


Some cute topiaries at Disneyland Hotel on our way to the park:


We decided to hit up DCA first, and then do Disneyland for our final goodbyes. We walked in and stumbled right into a Red Car Trolley News Boys show:


It almost made me cry honestly haha because I LOVE Newsies (as I’ve mentioned before) and I thought it was SUCH a cute show that reminded me so much of Newsies. It was a fun moment to walk right into.

We moseyed along Buena Vista Street and did some shopping! I wanted to get a cute World of Color crew neck that I had seen around but they didn’t have any in my size, RIP. Instead we just picked up some pins for now and decided to do most of our shopping in Disneyland.

This sign in Bugs Land was sadly very relevant today:


Bye 😦

We went for one last stroll along Paradise Pier – I really didn’t realize until this day how much I had fallen in love with the Pier and it was very sad to say goodbye!



pier spring

Chris caught me in action:


The spring flowers make it look so beautiful ❤ this is my new desktop background!


Once we’d had our fill, we took our time leaving and asked a cast member to take our last pics in DCA:

Bye ;(


We left a little misty eyed, but soldiered on to Disneyland. I had a beautiful Minnie ticket on this day, so lovely:


We stopped by Jolly Holiday Cafe one more time because I loved it so much.


This sign just about broke my heart ;_;


and the little tables are so cute!


We didn’t eat there though – instead we headed over to Tomorrowland to try something new! One of my favorite Disney bloggers Tom Bricker wrote about Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port and how they had a great pasta dish there, so we decided to pop in for lunch there. The chicken fusilli was amazing, we loved it!


Since we were in Tomorrowland we also popped into Launch Bay again, just for giggles.

launch bay

From there we meandered into Fantasyland. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside – seriously perfect for our last day.


I love Space Mountain peeking out in the back there!

We also decided to finally go on Mad Tea Party! I don’t have strong feelings one way or another for Magic Kingdom’s teacups, but WOW Disneyland’s is so beautiful ;_; The outdoor setting really adds a nice atmosphere and makes the colors look so beautiful and photographable. I also love how you can see the Matterhorn peeking over!! I took like a million photos.

This ride was also another example of the weird inefficiency we noticed in Disneyland. Mad Tea Party had ONE cast member operating the entire attraction. One!!!! We weren’t waiting in line very long or anything, but it was just SO strange to see a decently full queue and one cast member was performing all functions of the ride, from load to unload and managing the console and the queue. It was so strange and definitely something I’ve never seen in WDW.

But like I said, we did not wait long so it wasn’t a big deal. Just different!

I ran to beat a child to this pink tea cup. I do not regret it.


Afterwards we had a nice cast member take our photo too:

teacup us

I love this photo, Chris and I looked so cute and colorful that day haha

Also in Fantasyland I finally caught a pic of the evil queen above Snow White:




We stopped for a snack, these super cute and delicious twists near the castle:

briar patch.png

At some point we also went back to Critter Country and went on Winnie the Pooh – but I don’t have any photos of that because that was all we did haha. We didn’t do Splash Mountain on this trip because we didn’t wanna get wet!


Honestly I feel like our last day is kind of boring to read about because we literally just circled the park and took it all in for the last time. We didn’t feel the need to cram anything in – we had already done pretty much everything we wanted to do and were just sad about leaving. We went back to Main Street to look at a few things there. This is about to be extra boring because we literally walked back and forth on Main Street 3 or 4 times so I’ll consolidate it as best as I can haha

main st me.png

We rode on the super cute and fun omnibus!!!


After this we did our last shopping of the trip! I’ll show you our merch haul at the end of the post. At some point we also went into Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and watched it this time! I won’t lie and pretend I didn’t fall asleep a little, but it was a welcome break from all the emotions we had been feeling haha. And on the way out we loved looking at all the artwork and historical things – they had some special things out for the Diamond Celebration, which we loved too:

Loved the shoutouts to important artists, particularly to one of my favorite former Epcot attractions, Captain EO (RIP):


and also some other friends Jim Henson and Mary Blair:

By now it was mid-afternoon…which meant it was about our time to go. Our airport shuttle was at about 5, so we had to get back to the hotel and pick up our bags and everything. We started to get VERY SAD!!!!


Chris kept intruding on my photo of that Donald statue haha

Chris took this pic of me, during which I’m pretty sure I was crying haha 😦

crying me

Some last castle photos:

Weird to see my ring-less finger in all of these now haha. They also made us kiss again and it was just as awkward lol


We got all our last pictures in of everything – by this point I was really failing at holding back my tears. I was so sad to leave.


We started the long walk out of the park and it was just….so sad! I’m literally tearing up thinking about it right now!!! I kept looking back at it all and wanting so bad to stay.


Chris was even getting choked up too, which is very rare for him haha. Neither of us wanted to go.

looking back.png

As we’re standing there all sad on Main Street, Chris looked up and saw Walt’s apartment above the fire department. He pointed it out to me – I guess every other time we had been in the area we hadn’t really thought to look for it. And I’m honestly glad that we didn’t see it until this point because it was a really nice little cherry on top of our last moments in the park.

fire dept.png

If I wasn’t crying before this point, I definitely was now. Chris’s last photo in Disneyland:


And mine:

sad look.png

I looked back one last time to take that photo and Chris pulled me away so I would stop making myself sad. And then just like that, we were walking out of Disneyland. I’m sure I looked like an idiot because I’m just fully crying haha


On the way out I clearly remember saying “I don’t want to forget anything about this trip, not even this trash can!!!!!”

We walked back to our hotel under the big sorcerer hat:


And we walked around the Disneyland Hotel one last time, to get pictures of all the cool things that we’d missed before:



I had heard that the bathrooms in the different towers were cool on the inside, so we went to check them out. The wallpaper was so cute in each one!! Here’s the ones in Fantasy Tower:

Then Frontier:

And Adventure:

After that bit of exploring, it was back to the lobby to get our luggage and head out 😦

teacups waa

Our favorite teacup seats ❤


I’m literally SO sad writing about this haha I’m remembering exactly how I felt at the time and it’s just making me want to cry all over again! We collected our bags and waited for our bus to get there.

While waiting we took some selfies that got progressively more sad-looking as we realized how much we didn’t want to leave haha

Finally, the dreaded tragical express showed up and we hopped on. Disneyland’s “magical express” isn’t complimentary like WDW’s is, so it was like adding insult to injury that we were paying for them to take us away from this magical place haha

I took some last photos as we pulled away.

And I literally sat there and cried most of the way to the airport like a fool hahaha. But what can ya do.

After a while I got over myself and Chris and I were soon at the airport! We were doing it a bit differently this time – instead of flying out that night, we were flying out super early in the morning and staying at a hotel close to the airport. Once we got to LAX we quickly found our hotel shuttle and waited to be picked up. I looked like a FULL ON tourist standing there at the airport:


Buuuut I didn’t care haha

We didn’t have to wait long and soon arrived at our hotel – if you’re curious, it was the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles. We honestly had a great experience there and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay again if we did something similar on a future trip. I joined Sheraton’s rewards program before we arrived (not intentionally – they prompted me and it was free so I just did haha) and when we got there, the woman at the front desk welcomed me as a rewards member and gave us a comp upgrade to a club level room because it was my birthday! We were SO thankful for this, it was a really lovely touch to the end of our trip. It was also great because we were pretty hungry at this point and were trying to figure out what the heck we were gonna do for food but now we had some complimentary snacks to eat!!

Our room:

It was really beautiful! And I took home all those toiletries.

We dropped our stuff and rushed up to get some club level snacks. Nothing super big but it was enough to hold us over for the night!


We also stopped by the Starbucks in the lobby. We really didn’t want to bother going out into LA to get food somewhere because we weren’t familiar with the area at all, and that was all we needed – to get lost in an unfamiliar city the night before our 8am flight haha

Once we got back to the room, I re-packed our checked bag a little better since I had kinda just crammed everything in the night before. In this process I also took pics of all the merch I got…and there was a lot….



So 2 crew neck sweatshirts, 2 t shirts, ears, a shirt for Chris, my Dooney, a plush blanket, 2 Alex & Ani bracelets, and a dozen or so pins between the two of us. Ah well. You only live once right? Also in the top photo, I’m wearing that shirt in the middle as I write this. How typical of me.

We were so pooped and knew we had to get up early the next day, so we turned in for the night and cried ourselves to sleep. Just kidding, we only cried a little.

And that’s it for our final day in Disneyland :((( It was so hard to leave and I was SO sad to say goodbye. I know now that we will be back for a few days on our honeymoon, but it was such a magical place and I seriously did not want to leave. I don’t think either of us were expecting to fall in love with Disneyland like we did. But I’ll write more about my general feelings in the next post where I wrap everything up.

Our last day there was still so much fun, even if we were sad! I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope you’ll read the next one too when it’s up – I’m really looking forward to writing about all my feelings for Disneyland. It was such an amazing trip, and I’ve loved writing about it so far ❤ Thank you so much for reading!!

xo, Kaela

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