Friday Favorites #12 – 4/7

Happy Friday!! I’ve had a crazy week filled with training at Epcot, but it’s been crazy in a good way 🙂 I have a few favorites to share with you for this week:

Black Mirror


Okay I don’t know why I haven’t watched this before now because I am obsessed with this show. Black Mirror is a Netflix show that I can best describe as a darker, modern-day Twilight Zone. Every episode is a different cast and story, but all of them are in an alternate-present or near future time period. It’s science fiction-y and kinda dark honestly but I really love it. It makes you think a lot about life and how society is now or what it could become. My favorite episodes so far have been White Bear, The Entire History of You, Be Right Back, White Christmas, and Nosedive – which had me SHOOK after watching. I’m trying to watch it slowly so I don’t run out of episodes (there’s only 13!!) but it’s very addicting 0_0 If you like alternate-reality stories that don’t always have a happy ending…definitely check out Black Mirror! Just don’t watch too many episodes in one day, you might start questioning what is real like I did haha

ThinkThin Protein Bars


On to something a bit lighter… Continuing on with my attempt to live healthier is of course eating healthier! I have been looking for a good protein bar so I’ve just been trying a bunch of different ones. My friend Brandon recommended these and I really like them! I’ve been having one for breakfast and it’s small but really filling. And it tastes like a candy bar and not cardboard haha. I really like the salted caramel flavor!!

Black Apple Watch Band


To follow up with my celebratory Apple Watch post last week, I got this lovely black band from Amazon so I could wear it to work. I think I could probably technically get away with wearing the pink one, but the band is supposed to be a “neutral” color so I got a black one just in case. It was cheap and I think it looks pretty snazzy with my pink watch too! I want to get more colors and styles so I can switch it up 🙂 also in that pic I am watching Black Mirror in the background lol

Photo Transfer App

I’ve been using this app to transfer photos from my phone to my computer (or vice versa) for probably around 2 years now. It’s the easiest and most user-friendly thing I’ve found. All I have to do is open it on both my Macbook and my iphone and they’ll connect to the same wi-fi network and I can send photos! To make it even easier, you can also just select your photos from the camera roll and send them directly to the computer. It’s beyond easy, especially when I have to take so many photos for my blog. I love it!

My Guest Relations Costume

Just last week I wrote about how nice it is to wear regular clothes to work, but that was before I fell in love with my new costume! It’s so cute and I absolutely love wearing the plaid. This costume honestly looks good on pretty much everyone, which is pretty much the opposite of my old costume haha. I even figured out how to tie my scarf! I’m working on an update post about my first week in training, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested 🙂

That’s all for this week! Here’s this week’s Teddy photo, pretending he is a little babushka:


Hope you had a great week and a lovely weekend! 🙂

❤ Kaela

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