What I Wore: A Week of Business Casual

I am by no means a fashion blogger – you can catch me wearing Mickey boxers and a v neck from Target on a normal day – but I like to at least attempt to put some effort into my outfits from time to time. For my Guest Relations training, I had a week of training at Disney University where I had to wear business casual before I got to start sporting the plaid.

my work place for the week!

Before I started my Disney College Program I was 100% clueless about what “business casual” meant or even where to start looking for suitable outfits. I’ve come a long way since then and I thought it would be fun to share what I wore for my week of training. Since I don’t have to dress fancy very often, I didn’t wanna spend tons of money on outfits that I would wear so infrequently. For this week, I tried to focus on looking professional and put together while still letting my personality shine through.

Day 1

Teddy in the back like what are you guys doing lol

For my first day I decided to wear a new dress I recently got from Amazon. It looks like a top and skirt but it’s actually a dress! I love it because it’s classy without feeling stuffy or boring. I like wearing pink in my professional outfits because it helps inject my personality into the outfit. I also think the neckline of this dress is really interesting without being distracting. I chose to wear it with a black blazer from H&M and black T-strap shoes. These are actually dance shoes haha they’re so much more comfortable than normal heels so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also used one of my Disney Dooneys with each outfit because I am extremely obnoxious in that way – today was my Runway Princess tote!


For all the skirt/dress days I wear nude tights – I can’t wear normal hosiery because I have tattoos on my feet, and they show through on thin tights. So instead I wear thicker dance tights. Hey, I did ballet for 16 years – what more do you expect from a former dancer haha

Day 2

I toned it down a bit for day 2 with a black & white stripe button down shirt and a grey pencil skirt. I absolutely LOVE both these pieces – they’re so versatile and I can pair them with so many things! They’re both from H&M but I bought them ages ago so they’re no longer on the website. Since my outfit was largely black and white I used a colorful bag that day, my Disneyana satchel. I paired the whole thing with some criss cross flats, which are probably my favorite pair of shoes I own. They’re from Agaci – I found these on the site now which are very similar and very cute!!!

Day 3


On day 3 I brought out another recent Amazon purchase – which is another one-piece dress haha. This one is SO comfortable and stretchy! It also came with a belt but it looked pretty cheap so I chose not to wear it – you get what you pay for I guess haha. Regardless, I love how easy these dresses are to throw on and go. I paired this one with some plain black flats from Target and my Haunted Mansion crossbody bag. Those Target flats are my go-to everyday shoe for work and otherwise – they’re amazing.

Day 4

hope you’re enjoying these interior shots of all the Disney University bathrooms haha

For day 4 I decided to pull out the dress pants. I very much prefer to wear skirts/dresses than pants because it’s SO hard to find any that fit me properly…they’re always too short! I actually need to go do some proper shopping for dress pants, but it’s too risky to buy them online and I just cannot be bothered to go to a real store haha. These are like YEARS old and from Target I think? idk. I need to get some new ones soon!


Anyway, for today’s outfit I brought back my H&M blazer and wore it with this lovely polka dot blouse. It’s from Agaci and I can’t find the exact one on the site, but there are a LOT of this type of sorta-casual-sorta-dressy tops on their site here. I wore my black Target flats again today. Today’s bag was my Disneyland Diamond Celebration satchel, to give my outfit some color!

Day 5


For the last day at Disney University, I wore a couple of relatively new pieces, both from Amazon. I love this floral dress which is on sale right now for TEN DOLLARS (!!!) and I wore it with this white blazer. I really like the blazer but I’m glad I read the reviews to order a size up – I normally wear a small so I got a medium and it fits perfectly. I really love it and I think I’ll probably get some other colors. I wore my black Target flats again today and used my Star Wars tote!

– – –

So there you have it! I know this isn’t really anything super exciting or interesting but I guess it goes to show that you can dress nicely without spending TONS of money on fancy clothes. Hopefully at least one person reading this found it interesting or useful! Obviously if I had a different job that required me to dress nice every day I would invest in more high quality pieces (read: I would spend more than $20 an item haha) but since I only have to do it every once in a while, it’s not really worth breaking the bank for me. I hope you liked this post! ❤

xo, Kaela

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