Friday Favorites #14 – 4/28

Welcome to this week’s Friday Favorites! I had a great birthday week full of lots of celebrating 🙂

Like I mentioned briefly in last week’s favorites post, I’ve actually decided to start doing Favorites monthly rather than weekly. This is because I feel like I find myself more and more often scrambling to put things into the posts…a lot of things make me happy every week, but it’s more often than not the same things over and over haha. So this will be the last “Friday” Favorites but I’ll still do one at the end of each month with all my faves 🙂

Anyway…on to this week’s favorites!

Amazon Floral Maxi Skirt


I could not write this post this week without including this BEAUTIFUL skirt I purchased from Amazon!! I wore it to Epcot this week and I got such a huge number of comments and tweets asking where I got it…isn’t it amazing that it’s under $25 on Amazon??? The color I got is “Design B” but there’s a lot of pretty colors so I’ll probably end up getting more! I talked a bit in my business casual post about shopping on Amazon and I might write a whole post about it in the future and how to find the best items – it definitely paid off with this skirt!

This Year’s Flower & Garden Festival Gift Card


Every year for Epcot’s many festivals, they sell a gift card with a wrist strap so you can easily carry it around, and not have to pull out your wallet every time you go to a food booth. They’ve been really stepping it up with these gift cards recently and this one is a little orange! AND it’s scratch and sniff!!! I’m obsessed.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation


I’ve been …kind of obsessed lately with trying new foundations. I decided recently that I’ll be doing my own makeup for my wedding, so I’m on a quest to find the one that looks the best on me and lasts all day. In my quest I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation and it’s been awesome! It’s a thin formula, but not to the point of being too drippy, and it felt and looked really natural. The best part is that the shade 0.5 is pretty much as close of a match for my skin tone as I’ve been able to find, ever. It’s pretty great!!

Getting Free Stuff for my Birthday


I should probably write a blog post about this honestly because wow I really milked it on my birthday haha!! Some highlights are this year’s Sephora birthday item, a free Sprinkles cupcake, and a free Starbucks drink of course. Yay birthday gifts!!!!

That’s all I’ve got this week! I hope you had a fabulous week and I’ll see you next time 😀

❤ Kaela

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