A Tiny Update Post

having a magical time ❤

Hello! I realized today that I never mentioned that I was going on vacation on my blog so it looks like I wrote that Bachelorette post and then never came back haha. But I was just on vacation for the last week, if you follow me on instagram you probably have seen all the fun times we had from the photos I’ve posted! I had a great trip with my two very best friends, and we took lots of notes so I can write about it on here similar to my Seattle/Disneyland series!!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hey I’m still here! I meant to queue up some posts to go up while I was on vacation but clearly that didn’t happen haha. But I do have some fun new things to talk about, so look for some updates in the next week or so! I hope to have things back to normal soon and get back on track with my regular writing, but just wanted to do a quick update post before that 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely day and I hope you’ll come back to read more soon once I get back to my regularly scheduled posting!

❤ Kaela

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