Beach Club & Chill – WDW May 2017

Welcome to the first post in my next vacation series: “Beach Club & Chill”! This will be all about my Walt Disney World vacation (slash staycation) with my best friends, Sarah & Ana. All the posts will be compiled here, just like I did with my Seattle & Disneyland vacation posts!! 🙂

Before I jump right into the post I figured I should give some background on a few things. First of all – the people! This trip is the third WDW vacation I’ve taken with my two best friends in the world, Sarah & Ana:


Sarah on the left, Ana in the middle, and me on the right!

We’ve been friends for seriously YEARS – they’ve known me since I was 16 – and we actually met…on the internet!! Way back in 2009 we met online in a Disney livejournal community (I know, livejournal of all places lol) and we just clicked. We stayed friends through the years despite living hundreds of miles away from each other. A few years later, we took our first vacation together (and met for the first time in real life) when I was on the Disney College Program in 2013:


Thankfully our photo quality has improved since then haha. Our second trip was in September of 2014, when they visited for the Food & Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party:



Side note: our costumes were legitimately iconic, I don’t think they can ever be topped so I’ve resolved to not even try in the future.

In 2015 Sarah came to Disney with her boyfriend Grant, and Ana came on a solo trip and again with her family in 2016. But this year we decided it was high time for us to all be together again and planned our third trip!!

These girls are some of my favorite people I’ve ever met and they mean everything to me. Having a long distance best friendship isn’t always the easiest thing and I miss them constantly, but it just makes the time we spend together in person even more special and we cherish every minute of it.


Oh, and of course by now I would hope you know my fiancé Chris…he’ll show up a few times in this trip report too.

Now that we’re all acquainted…allow me to explain the origin of our title. In the time leading up to this trip, we were struggling to think of a hashtag for our pics. Last time around it was #zipadeedisney which was pretty cute and we had fun tagging all our pics. But this time we needed something new and clever! Since we were spending a few nights at Beach Club this trip, and Sarah pointed out that this was going to be a much more “chill” trip than the past…I suggested “Beach Club & Chill”…and the name stuck haha. It’s perfect for our purposes and I think our hashtag looks pretty great!


There we are, Beach Club & Chillin.

That’s pretty much all the background you need to know!! Now that that’s all out of the way, we can dive right in to our first day! It was a short and uneventful day, so I can cover it briefly in this post haha

Day 0 – May 19, 2017

The day started out for me with a nice LATE start – I got to sleep in! It was my first day off after working 12 days straight, and I was ready for a vacation. Ana’s flight was coming in first at about 4, and Sarah wasn’t getting in until later around 11pm. I chilled around my house and prepared for their arrival before leaving to get Ana in the afternoon. After I had picked her up, we ran to Target to pick up a few things and got Chipotle for dinner. Before long it was time to go pick up Sarah as well!! This is the only photo I took from the first day haha while we were waiting for her by baggage claim:


In my defense, we all decided not to wear makeup on this day, so no photos were taken. Soon we found Sarah and were SO excited to be reunited again!! But we were also tired and had to rest up for our big day the next day, so we quickly went home and got them settled in.

And that’s all we did the first night! Don’t worry, there’s a LOT of fun and excitement coming up in the next posts, and I can’t wait to write it all down so we can remember every minute of it 🙂 We took notes the entire trip so we could remember all the fun so it’s sure to be nice and detailed haha

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you like posts like this about travel and/or Disney, be sure to check out my Seattle & Disneyland trip report and my other Disney posts. And be sure to check back over the next few weeks/months as I write about this one 🙂

thanks for reading!! ❤ Kaela

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