Target Beauty Box June 2017

Welcome to this month’s Target Beauty Box review! It feels like I just posted one right?? Well, since I did not go on a vacation this month (unfortunately for me haha) I was able to review this one much more quickly than May’s box! Let’s see what we have in store for June…


Target Beauty Box

  • Cost: $5-10 – this month’s was $7
  • Frequency: Monthly, but you have to order it each time. I get emails from My Subscription Addiction to remind me when each box goes on sale!
  • Type of products: Deluxe samples and sometimes full sized versions of beauty products
  • Reviews from my previous boxes here!


Target continues the “hello ____” theme with “Hello Sunshine” and a little blurb about how these products are perfect for summer. We’ll see about that…..

in box

Like last month, I did not look at spoilers for this box so it was a surprise when I opened the box again! Having enough self control to not spoil myself is a fun skill to have I guess haha


We have seven items this month…here’s what’s inside:

john frieda

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray
$1.80 value

This is a hair texturizing spray designed to make your hair “piecey” and tousled. I find that sprays like this always just make my hair crunchy rather than carefully-undone. It smells delicious though!! Like a piña colada. The scent alone gave me summer vibes. It just kinda made my hair look a little messy imo but at least it made it smell good.


Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Treatment
$0.63 value

It’s always fun for me when a product shows up in a beauty box that I’ve already used and know I like and I love this hair conditioner!! I actually found this because The Bachelor contestant Caila (solidarity there since my name is also a weirdly-spelled variation of “Kayla”) talked about it in an interview once when talking about her hair. You just use it once a week and leave it on for 3 minutes in the shower before rinsing, and it makes your hair super soft and silky. I’m really glad to have a travel size version now!!


NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer in Medium
$5.99 value

This one I am definitely not as excited about…but I’ll get to that! This is a concealer from NYX, a brand I own TONS of items from and really love. It’s a thicker concealer that would be good for spot concealing blemishes. The info card from the box also says it’s waterproof!

The reason I’m not thrilled about this item is because it’s too dark for me to use at all. It’s always really frustrating to me when skin tone-specific items are included in beauty boxes because it’s something that 3/4 of buyers probably can’t even use. I’m lucky in that it’s only a few shades dark and I might be able to make it work, but anyone with significantly lighter or darker skin than me wouldn’t be able to use this at all. Idk. It just seems kind of silly to me to put in an item like this when there are SO many one-size-fits-all items they could’ve included. So this one’s kind of a miss for me, even though I love NYX!


Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Island Coral
$1.99 value

Next up we have a lovely nail polish that’s a nice (and very summery) light color. I’ve used this brand before and it’s pretty nice, and I think this fits the theme of the box well. The formula isn’t thin or runny at all and is actually quite opaque, which is good – nothing I hate more in a nail polish than a super watery formula!! I like that they’re starting to include nail items because it opens up a lot more possibilities for future boxes. Unfortunately for me this color is definitely not Disney Look so I won’t be able to wear it to work, but I can use it on off days or for my toes ^_^


Schick Hydro Silk Women’s Razor
$5.99 value

I love getting boring but necessary items in boxes haha…see: deodorant, toothpaste, and razors! This is nothing special or exciting but I’ll definitely be able to use it at least. One less thing I have to buy later!


Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen
$2.25 value

This is a lovely little sunscreen that I’ve been using under my makeup and it’s quite nice! It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t pill up or make my face feel dry, like some sunscreens do. Especially now that it’s summer (and I live in Florida) I am a religiously-dedicated sunscreen wearer, especially on my face and hands, and I love getting small travel-size ones like this to make it even easier. And maybe it’s just me, but I actually love the smell of sunscreen. Idk. It makes me feel nostalgic or something haha


Masque Bar Soothing Sheet Mask
$3.49 value

Yesssssss a sheet mask ^_^ I may have a slight sheet mask problem as evidenced by this photo I tweeted the other day but it’s fine. This one promises to soften, calm, and nourish. I honestly don’t know if sheet masks have different enough properties to be able to tell them apart much but I’m sure I will enjoy this one haha

In the box is of course also an info card with descriptions of each of the items and a coupon for Target beauty products!


This box has an overall value of $22.14, which is lower than last month’s but still a little more than 3x the amount paid for it…definitely a good deal in my opinion! I really liked this box. I thought it was a good assortment of products and definitely fit the “summer” theme really well. I like and will use everything except maybe the concealer? And I’ll attempt to use the wave spray but we’ll see how that goes haha


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you like the Target beauty box you can see more of my past reviews here, and keep an eye out for next month when July’s box goes live! Thanks for reading as always 🙂

<3! Kaela

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