Big Brother 19: Houseguest Review

Hello and welcome to another post of me reviewing contestants from reality tv shows! Last time I reviewed the guys for the new season of The Bachelorette (which I am now two episodes behind on, and my frontrunner was sent home for having a girlfriend back home, so clearly I’m not that invested). Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the newly released cast for everyone’s favorite summer reality show….


*announcer voice*


On Monday, the new houseguests for BB19 were revealed and they look surprisingly….very promising?? I’ve only been watching Big Brother live for a few seasons, but normally the cast tends to be very young and dramatic and full of “showmances”. But this season the average age is much older and the contestants seem to be, for the most part, pretty interesting!! Let’s jump right in – don’t worry, there aren’t nearly as many people as there were in that Bachelorette post haha


Starting alphabetically, we begin with Alex. She’s 28, from California, and is a “marketing rep for an eco-friendly company”. Very California of her. She likes normal things like Netflix, sleeping, and knitting, haha. Her cast photo is super cute. Something you’ll probably notice about me is that I usually root for women on shows like this, and especially the very feminine women who most people will underestimate just for being girly. Alex seems like she will be a lot of fun, if a little bit clueless and ditzy at times. But she’s adorable so I’m rooting for her.


Cameron, 24, is one of this season’s “nerds”. However, I feel that he is much more self-aware and less socially awkward than the typical nerd archetype we see on this show. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he played up his nerdiness in order to get cast. He’s a big fan of Big Brother (and Survivor too!!!!!) and he seems really smart and adorably excited. I worry that Cameron may be thinking too far ahead and will sabotage himself if he tries to plan things out too much. I think he’ll do well if he can chill out a little bit. I like him!!


Next is Christmas, 33 – and yes that is her real name! She’s a “fitness superstar” – I looked her up, she has 400,000 instagram followers and has written two books, so…I’d say she qualifies as a superstar. She does CrossFit, likes working out and cooking, and has a really cute dog named Fran. Honestly, I am LOVING Christmas!! She seems really smart, interesting, and well-spoken, and will obviously be a comp beast because she’s so fit. My only issue with her is that I think she may not want it as much as the other houseguests, that she could get bored if she gets far into the game. But I hope I’m wrong about that! I really like her and I hope she does well.


Next we have Cody from Texas…and I feel like he’s going to be this season’s Corey or Clay (seriously, how many generic boys with C-names from Texas do we need on this show??) His interview was a little boring to me and it seems like his “strategy” in the game is a bit idealistic – I am not convinced that Cody has ever watched this show haha. Also, he writes that he has never taken a selfie before which I find extremely off-putting. Next!


Dominique, 30, is from WOODBRIDGE VIRGINIA aka my hometown?!?!?!?!? Well, pretty much my hometown haha. I was so stoked to see someone from Nova on here!! Dominique works for the government as an engineer and I’m pretty much obsessed with her. I love a strong, smart woman on my reality tv!!! She’s obviously SUPER smart, beautiful, very bubbly and fun, and she loves makeup and skincare…what’s not to love? I hope she does well, I love her!!


Elena is a 26 year old radio personality from Fort Worth, TX. She describes herself as “funny, abrasive, and charming”. At first I wasn’t super into Elena, but once she started waxing poetic about loving her dog and instagram – I was sold. I think she’s funny and quick-witted, but I think she also might come off the wrong way to some people. I’m not sure how far she’ll make it in the house but I do like her.


Next we have Jason, 37, a rodeo clown and certainly a character. I thought I was going to hate him lol and while he isn’t my favorite, he’s definitely interesting and his video made me laugh. I was also very endeared by this response haha:


And he also said his motto was yolo, which I enjoy. I think he’ll be entertaining but won’t last more than a few weeks.


Jessica is next, a 26 year old concierge from LA. She says she admires Janelle from past seasons 6, 7, and 14 – I love Janelle so this is definitely a plus in my book! She also writes that the three things she’d take in the house are her dog, instagram, and a makeup artist…relatable. I like Jessica, I think she’s super cute (and looks like Ariana Grande, right?) but I fear she might be susceptible to getting into a showmance. But I could also see her getting into a showmance and then turning around and stabbing her partner in the back, which I would live for. Let’s hope for the latter rather than the former.


Next we have Jillian, 24, originally from Celebration, FL – right down the road from us! She’s a timeshare sales rep which she thinks will help her charm some of the other houseguests. I expected to really like her but honestly, I found her video kind of…boring? Nothing really stood out to me as being exciting or different about her. I also don’t like how she said she wants to work with the guys to win haha…give me a good girls alliance already!! I’m just lukewarm on Jillian – but she could change my mind!


Our next houseguest is Josh, 23, from Miami, who I absolutely LOVED!! His cast photo is not the most flattering haha but his video is what really impressed me. He just seems so excited to play and like such a fun person. I tend to love the really loud and excitable people in the house because they cause a lot of drama before they are inevitably evicted haha. I don’t know if he’ll make it very long but it seems like Josh came to PLAY and I am excited to watch him.


Next is Kevin, 55, a stay at home dad from Boston. Kevin is the season’s oldest houseguest and I think he will be interesting to watch. However, I feel bad saying this, but I feel like the older HGs always get sent home first or otherwise very early haha. While it’s true that the average age this season is higher than normal, I think it’s just usually very difficult for the older contestants to bond with the younger ones the way they need to to win. Regardless, Kevin seems like a nice man and I hope he stays around for a little while.


Mark, 26, is up next. He’s a personal trainer and you can tell – this guy is massive – and he’s clearly going to be a beast at comps. His personality seems to be pretty nice and relatively normal, and I think he has a shot at doing pretty well. The major downside of Mark is that he seems determined to get into a showmance (yawn) and I predict he definitely will – possibly with Jessica? The interviews kinda made it seem like they were being set up for it. We’ll see how that goes.


Next we have Matthew, 33. He’s from Arlington, VA (another Nova representative!!) and works as a renovation consultant. His bio makes him seem very boring (short, nondescript answers) but it didn’t do his personality justice – his video was much more entertaining. I think Matthew is…interesting, I guess? I don’t think he’s going to win but I don’t see him going out early either. I’ll say he makes the jury. I don’t know. All my predictions are always wrong anyway LOL


Megan is next, a 28 year old DOG WALKER (!!!!) from Arizona. First of all, I am very envious of her job. She has a pretty detailed strategy to win the game and I’m getting good vibes from her. She reminds me of Meg from BB17, but hopefully she will be better at comps. I thought she was really funny in her video and doesn’t take herself too seriously, which I like a lot in a houseguest and also people in general. I also enjoy and relate to how much she loves dogs. Basically, mention dogs in your bio and I’ll like you haha


Our youngest houseguest is next – Ramses, 21. He is the second “nerd” of the season and I am OBSESSED with him!! He’s so adorable and excited to play and it’s infectious. He also has some amazing answers in his bio, including that he loves to wear face masks and drink wine while watching BB (same), he loves his phone “because he’s a millennial” (SAME) and that he looks up to Dan Gheesling the most of any BB contestant (SAME!!!!!) For those not familiar with the show, Dan is pretty much the undisputed best player ever and I love that he got a mention here. Ramses is pure gold honestly. And he looks like Gus from Breaking Bad so that only gives him more points. I cannot wait to watch this kid play and I hope he doesn’t get evicted first lol!


Finally we have Raven, a 23 year old dance instructor from Arkansas. She describes herself as quirky, bubbly, and outgoing, and I can definitely see that from her video. She wins points from me for being super cute, a dancer, and, in her words, a “leader of an all-female ghost hunting group”. I want to hear more about this group haha.  However, Raven loses points for saying she wants to be most like Frankie Grande….yikes. But I still like her a lot! Something else interesting about Raven is that she has a disease called gasteroparesis, which she has a pacemaker for – it would be awesome to see her do well despite that!! A reddit user with the same disease wrote about it here, which I found to be an interesting read. Anyway, I think Raven will definitely be underestimated because she’s so tiny and feminine, but I hope she can kick butt and stick around.

That’s all for this season’s 16 houseguests! I’m really excited to see how things play out – it seems like we have a lot of smart people this season and I’m hopeful that it’s gonna be fun to watch. I’m also curious which CBS intern was allowed to select those horrible neon chevron backgrounds for all the cast photos haha

If you’ve never watched Big Brother, you should start!! It’s a perfect summer show. It’s on 3 days a week and you can also watch live feeds of the house 24 hours a day to spy on the houseguests. It’s silly and they wear dumb costumes and do stupid things but there’s a LOT of drama, usually a good amount of strategy, and it’s just really fun. I can’t wait to watch this season!! I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading as always 🙂

<3! Kaela

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