Beach Club & Chill – Day 2

This is part of a series about our BFF vacation in May 2017. All the posts about our trip will be listed here! Make sure you read the other posts first 🙂

Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 21 was a very special day for our trip, because it was Ana’s birthday! Sarah and I had previously celebrated our birthdays at WDW on our first trip together, but this was Ana’s first time celebrating her actual birthday there. To celebrate, we had some big plans, including checking into our hotel – the Beach Club!!

Since I live in Florida and have a place where Ana and Sarah can stay, we don’t usually stay the whole time in a Disney resort. It allows us to save some money for other fun things that way! However, we do like to turn it into a fun little staycation for part of the trip, and this time we decided to stay in our first Deluxe resort together at the Beach Club. We were drawn in by the beautiful room pictures online and of course that STUNNING pool.


We planned to spend the first part of our day at the pool, so we woke up, got into our swimsuits and drove over to the Beach Club to check in. Check in was quick and easy. Our room wasn’t ready yet so they set us up for a room ready notification text. We left our bags with bell services and headed out to the pool!


Every part of the hotel was stunning, we were so excited to stay there! But of course the most impressive part is Stormalong Bay, the pool shared by Yacht & Beach Club.


It’s so beautiful and even more amazing in person! We really loved the water slide, sandy bottom and the lazy river – we floated around more than a few times! Sarah also borrowed a pool noodle from a kid at one point and it was much more enjoyable than the pool floaties provided hahaha. At one point we also made a sandcastle but none of us had our phones so we couldn’t get a pic before some kid destroyed it! It will live on only in our memories sadly lol


After a while we got a little hungry, so we decided to get some lunch from the pool bar. We were pleasantly surprised when a cast member came over and offered to take our order for us – we weren’t used to this kind of poolside service haha. But we placed our order and a little bit later, we had our lunch!!


I got chicken nuggets (can’t go wrong with Disney nugs), Ana had a seafood roll and Sarah had a chicken wrap. All of them were amazing, as were our drinks! I had a piña colava (like a piña colada but with raspberry) and Sarah and Ana both had strawberry margaritas.

We were also visited by a friend:


Everything tasted great and we were very satisfied!


At this point we had been pool partying for a few hours, and it was time for me to go run a little errand – Teddy obviously couldn’t stay with us at the Beach Club since dogs aren’t allowed, so I had to go drop him off at his dog sitter’s house! I found an amazing sitter for him through Rover and I’ve since used her another time as well – I’m super happy with her and I think Teddy had a good time too haha. Sarah and Ana stayed at the pool for a little longer, while I went home to drop off Teddy.


Apparently while I was gone, a lifeguard mistook Sarah and Ana for college program cast members, and Ana tried to sweet talk the bartender into giving her more tequila and it did not work hahaha

When I got back, we stopped by the front desk to check on our room, and it was ready! Sarah did the honors of opening it up for the first time:


We were so in love as soon as we opened the door!!

The front desk cast member had told us that we would have a large balcony, and they were NOT kidding…it was huge!!

The best part was that we could see Spaceship Earth from our room – and when we walked outside, we could hear British Revolution playing in the UK in the distance!!


This was great because we planned on walking to Epcot from our room the next day, and we were super close to the International Gateway entrance to the park.

Overall we were super happy with our room – however, we found an extra little guest inside…


There was a little lizard by the sink! We all saw it and honestly started laughing lol Sarah trapped it under a cup and we went down to the front desk. I was very clear to the cast member that we were NOT mad and totally understood that this happens – we have a balcony and had been leaving the door open after all!! Since I used to work at the front desk I know that people probably aren’t as understanding when things like this happen, so I tried to be as nice as possible. The cast member was very nice and said they would send someone up soon to get our friend!! I was also very clear that we did not want them to kill the lizard, maybe just find him a new room lol

By now we just needed our bags, so we headed out to luggage to pick them up. A nice bellman walked them up to the room with us and by the time we got up there, our lizard friend was gone! We also had to laugh because we left the lizard under a cup in the room with a little note that said “lizard” and an arrow pointing to it lol…probably unnecessary, but when we got back both the cup and the note were gone so I’m sure they had a laugh out of that lol

Anyway – by this time it was about time for us to get ready for dinner! We watched some Stacey while we got ready:


And on our way out we snapped a mirror pic on the walk to the bus:


For dinner we were headed to The Boathouse at Disney Springs!!


There we met up with our other friend Sarah as well! She’s the one who took me and Chris’s engagement photos and also one of our oldest friends, and we were so happy to have her join us for dinner.

I had been to The Boathouse before but it was a new one for Sarah and Ana. Some of the things we ordered were…

Shrimp and andouille mac and cheese, my favorite thing on the menu:


Lobster cocktail:


NY steak and fries:


Spring vegetables and cavatappi pasta:


And some Moscow Mules in these cute cups:


Dinner was amazing and we all really enjoyed it! After dinner we headed over to our third park of the trip – Hollywood Studios:


Sarah, Ana, me, Sarah – it’s a Sarah sandwich! Also, we had told Sarah we were glad she got the memo to wear something floral so we all looked super cute together haha

We had a Tower of Terror fastpass but had missed it, rip! But it’s okay – we had another one later in the week. We mainly went over just to catch Fantasmic, since we wouldn’t be able to watch it later on in the trip and it’s one of our favorite nighttime shows. It was amazing as always!


After the show, Sarah dropped us off back at the Beach Club. There I realized that I had forgot to pack pajamas! We decided to head down to the gift shops at Beach Club and Boardwalk to find me some jammies. We also weren’t really tired enough to go to bed yet, so we wanted to walk around a bit more. First we stopped at the Beach Club shop and they didn’t really have anything suitable for pajamas…we continued out to the Boardwalk to find something better.

Before we did our shopping we headed over to Ample Hills to get some ice cream!! I have grown to absolutely love Ample Hills since it came to the Boardwalk, and was excited to take my friends there for their first time.


Sarah and I got cups because we are sensible with our ice cream and Ana got a cone because she is reckless! I have a note from Sarah on our trip report spreadsheet that “Ana sampled all the flavors then gets the original flavors she was thinking about anyway” hahaha


I got my two favorites – Ooey Gooey Toffee cake and Baked/Unbaked!


We all took some glamour shots with our ice cream haha

Next we finally went to the place we were originally setting out to – the Boardwalk gift shop to get me some jammies. When we walked in the kitchen side of the store was right about to close and the cast members there gave us some free cupcakes! I guess they had to get rid of them anyway so they decided just to give them to us. It was a cute magical moment!! I also looked for some jammies or at least like a sleep shirt of some kind…but I was pleasantly surprised by this adorable pajama set:


After that we also stopped at the Boardwalk Pizza window to get some pizza to take back to the room. Chris was getting off of work and was going to meet us at the room, and we were all still hungry (despite just having eaten lol) so we wanted a late night snack.


Cupcakes and pizza…what more could you ask for?

FINALLY once we were all finished eating and changed into comfy clothes, we collected Chris and went out to the quiet pool to relax for a little bit. It was so quiet and peaceful we just sat there for a little while taking it all in.


After that it was finally time for us to go to bed! We snuggled up in our Beach Club beds and fell right to sleep!

Today was more of a chill day than anything but it was a great birthday celebration for Ana! We all had such a good time despite only going to a park for less than an hour and not going on any rides – just goes to show that you can have a great time at WDW without spending all your time in the parks 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this next part of our best friends party vacation!! The rest of the posts should come soon, this one took a long time for me to get to for some reason but I hope to write the next ones more quickly haha. If you like trip report-style posts like this you may also enjoy reading about our Seattle/Disneyland trip here 🙂 Thanks for reading as always!

❤ Kaela

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