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Hello and welcome back to my blog ❤ Today I have another post in my “all about ____” semi-series about various websites I use to save money and get free stuff. Previously I’ve covered Influenster, BzzAgent, Pinecone Research, and Ebates, and today I bring you another one! This series has expanded from test-and-review companies to include websites I use to save money or otherwise just find useful. Today’s subject falls into the latter category. Today we’re talking about Hautelook!

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Hautelook is a very simple concept – they’re a website run by Nordstrom that offers discounted shopping events for clothing, makeup, home decor and more. These are run through “events” that are basically flash sales that begin and end at a specific time. You have to sign up to use the site, but it’s totally free!!

The products are sometimes things that are from the previous season or discontinued, but frequently they’re things that are still in stores for purchase (at a much higher price!). The discounts are often for 25-50% off or more…check out this flash sale happening at the time of writing this post:


An example of a flash sale on Betsey Johnson coats – you can see how ridiculously discounted these items are!!!! You can also see there at the top that at the time of this screenshot this sale had 1 day and 14 hours remaining. However, since it’s a flash sale you can also see that some of the items at the bottom are marked sold out. The sales usually only last a few days so the items can move fast. Once you have an item in your cart you have 15 minutes to check out or it goes back into the inventory and someone else could snatch it up!!

Obviously being a makeup addict, I frequently am drawn to the beauty section. Some of the brands I have seen do flash sales include Tarte, MAC, Smashbox, Josie Maran, The Balm, Urban Decay, NYX…aka some big name brands!

some of the beauty brands available at the time of this post

Hautelook also has flash sales on other items though, like home items as well as clothing for men, women, and kids. Some of the clothing/accessories brands I’ve seen have included Betsey Johnson, Dolce Vita, Juicy Couture, Steve Madden, Jansport, Aldo, Clarks, and a bunch more – there’s actually a Dooney & Bourke event going on right now as I’m typing!! There’s also a lot of good kitchen, bedroom, and home decor items. Right now they have sales on Vitamix as well as KitchenAid, both of which are quite pricey brands normally. I haven’t purchased many non-makeup items through them, but I intend to in the future – their home section is particularly tempting.

The ONE major downside about Hautelook is the shipping. Shipping is usually not free except in specific sales or with coupons, and it usually takes a while. My orders average 2-3 weeks, which is fine if you’re not in a rush to receive the items, but it can be pretty annoying waiting for it to arrive. Honestly by the time it arrives I usually have forgotten about ordering it so it’s like a fun surprise that shows up haha

I’ve been using Hautelook for a few years and have found some amazing deals through the site!! In my opinion their product selection has only gotten better over the years too. Some of the things I’ve purchased from them in the past include:

Amazing!! I also had my eye on that NutriChef steamer up there but decided to resist haha

And that’s all my thoughts on Hautelook! It’s pretty straightforward which is why this post is so brief, but it’s a great place that I’ve used to get some amazing deals. The links I’ve used throughout have been referral links so I will get a credit if you use my link to sign up, but of course you can sign up normally on the main website as well 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading as usual!

❤ Kaela

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