Copper Creek Villas Staycation

Last month Chris and I had a little staycation at one of our favorite Disney resorts – the Wilderness Lodge!! The lodge just recently unveiled their new DVC section, the Copper Creek Villas. Disney recently offered a really nice discounted rate for cast members to stay there, so we decided to take advantage of it for a fun few days off! We stayed there for 2 nights and had a blast. I meant to write about it sooner in fact but time got the best of me as we can see haha


So this was essentially a “just for fun” vacation – we both had been working a lot and were desperately in need of a break, and with the offer of a discounted villa at hand decided to go for it. We also had just found out that I was transferring back to Epcot Guest Relations (full post on that soon!), so I guess it was a bit of a celebration for that too!! We checked in on Wednesday and were staying for 2 nights – our normal days off are Wednesday and Thursday, so it was over our “weekend”!

We were lucky that our room was ready when we arrived around noon – Chris had a work meeting to go to so I had the place to myself for a bit and could check everything out! I figured the easiest way to show you everything would be a video, but I also took some photos too 🙂 first, here’s a little diagram I shoddily drew in photoshop of the villa haha


Also, this post is going to be 75% room tour and 25% random pics of other stuff we did, so consider this a mini-trip report haha

I’ll start off with all my room photos. Our room number was 6106, on the 6th floor of the main building:


Right as you walk in you can see how spacious the villa is. This was definitely not the Pop Century rooms I was used to haha. Directly inside the front door was another door, leading to…


the washer and dryer! Of course these rooms are DVC Villas, aka people will likely be staying there for a longer amount of time than normal, so they include amenities like laundry and large kitchens.

Turning to the right I found the closet, with a safe inside as well as a vacuum and some laundry supplies (it was weird seeing these in a hotel room haha):

Also to the right was the first part of the kitchen – a full sized fridge:


Also check out that beautiful entryway floor!!


And our snacks inside the fridge. Makes it look so empty haha

Continuing on into the kitchen area –


This part of the villa was so nice! It has an oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, and a really nice sink. The appliances were better than the ones we have at home honestly….lol. Also in the kitchen was a huge assortment of dishes and cookware. I even saw glass baking pans like you would bake a cake in! Like I said before, this is obviously meant for people who stay there for long periods of time.

From there, you go into the living/dining room area:


To the left is the dining table with a bench seat and some chairs. One thing I noticed in particular about the villa was all the hidden storage compartments there were, like this drawer under the bench:


I loved the little details!

Also in this room was a couch:


We believed this to be a pull-out couch that converts into another bed, but we did not test it ourselves. Also, that little footstool/table thing actually opens up to reveal another storage compartment, filled with extra pillows!

Then we also had a dresser with some drawers and a massive tv:


On the chest of drawers was a recreation guide:


They have campfire s’mores every night, so cute!

Also on the dresser was something I thought was such a cute detail – a book about trains:

Complete with a little note that says if you steal it you’ll be charged $50 haha

Then there’s a cute little sitting area with a rustic looking mirror:


And right next to that is the door that goes out to the balcony!


We’ll go out there in a moment. For now, that’s all of the right side of the villa – heading back over to the left we’ll find the bedroom and bathroom.


The bathroom is first, just to the left. It was massive! First, there were two sinks:


Complete with the cute little toiletries that I love to collect:


Further in the bathroom to the right is the toilet:


And next to that the shower:


The shower was great!! However the one thing I disliked about the villa was that this half of the bathroom with the toilet and shower had an automatic fan that turned on whenever there was motion in that half of the room. It was a little weird to just walk through to get to the other room and have the fan automatically turn on haha

Then a sliding door separated another lone sink:


And yet another sliding door led to one of my FAVORITE parts of the villa – this beautiful bathtub!


It sat next to a stunning geode-looking wall:


I just love this room, it looks so stunning!

That’s all for the bathroom – from there we go into the last part of the villa, the bedroom!


I loved the headboard and the bed runner! Perfectly rustic imo.

bed again

The bed also sat next to that same geode wall from the bathroom. It was only partially opaque, so the light from the bathroom shone through when it was on. We ended up leaving the farther bathroom light on as a nightlight because we’re lame lol


The bedroom also featured a lot of storage areas, with this really pretty dresser and wardrobe. The wardrobe was cool because it was lined with lights on the inside and they turned on when the door opened – you can see in the video below! Also I keep forgetting as I’m writing this that I made a video of all this so I’m probably going to be repeating myself a lot lol


All lit up!

From the bedroom we also had another door out to the balcony!!


The balcony was awesome and quite large – not quite as big as our one from the Beach Club stay a few months ago, but still great! We really enjoyed just chillin out there during our stay.

We had a pretty nice view of the pool and some other areas:


We also noticed directly below our window was this fenced off grassy area – not sure what it’s for but I believe they maybe do weddings there?


And that’s all my pics from our room – here’s the video I did! I did a quick tour on my instagram story and then a longer video too:

And that’s our room!

Soon Chris was back home from his meeting and we had some plans for the evening…we were heading to our favorite place for dinner and some fastpasses. By our favorite place, of course I mean Epcot!

For dinner we were headed to a restaurant that was new to me, surprisingly – Rose & Crown in the UK! I have very few Epcot restaurants at which I have not yet dined, and this was one of them so we decided to go for it. We had a really lovely server there who I later tweeted about with a cast compliment!

Chris had the fish & chips:


And I had the shepherd’s pie:


And oh my WORD this shepherd’s pie was amazing!!!! Incredible, seriously. I was truly in love with it. Thinking about it right now I want to go back and get another one straight away. It was so good hahaha. It was also really filling – here’s what my plate looked like when I was finished:


Amazing, truly. My first experience at Rose & Crown was two thumbs up, and I can’t wait to go back sometime soon! From there, we headed out around the rest of the World Showcase, making stops here and there in the different countries. I’m sure if you’ve known me or been reading my blog for a while you’re aware of how much I am totally in love with Epcot, and just walking through the park makes me so happy 🙂

We made a stop in France so Chris could say hi to some old coworkers and we could do my favorite attraction in Epcot:


After all, it has more dogs than any other WDW attraction!!

Somewhere along the way we also stopped in Germany for a snack (I know, I had just stuffed myself with that shepherd’s pie but here we are getting dessert haha):


A caramel and chocolate covered s’more from Karamel Küche! UGH this was so good. I love caramel and I love s’mores so this was the perfect combination ❤

While we were at Epcot we also got to ride the new Mission Space! We did the updated green side and it was a lot of fun. I don’t think I had ever done the green side before and I found it quite nice, especially after eating so much haha. I normally get the tiniest bit queasy on orange side so it was a pleasant change from that. Oh, and I LOVED seeing astronaut Gina Torres ❤ yas girls in space!

After some walking around we decided to make our way back to the hotel to hang out some more. We snapped a few photos on the way out:


Including some of this GORGEOUS sunset over Spaceship Earth…!


I love Epcot so much ❤ ❤ ❤

We got back to the hotel and went swimming for a while, listened to the fireworks and then decided to get a late night snack. We headed over to the newly renovated Geyser Point Bar & Grill! They had a nice selection of bar food, quick service offerings, and drinks. We decided to head toward the grill part rather than the bar part and got a few burgers to go, and trooped back to the room.


I had the bison cheeseburger (served with bacon, Tillamook cheddar, garlic aïoli and marionberry barbecue sauce) and seriously, this photo does it no justice!! It was SO GOOD. I kind of have a love affair with Disney specialty burgers and sandwiches and I was such a fan of this one. The berry-y barbecue sauce mixed so well with the garlicky sauce and it just meshed together perfectly. The waffle fries were so good too! I definitely think we will head back there in the future for a casual dinner. (PS, cast members: we get a discount here!)

After all that we were pooped, and headed to bed!

The next day we woke up bright and early (by that I mean like 10 am) for a delicious breakfast buffet at The Wave!


There’s the goods. The Wave is located at the Contemporary, which is just a hop skip and a jump away from the Wilderness Lodge. Their breakfast is actually awesome – they have a buffet option as well as regular entrees, and also bottomless mimosas!!


I went for the mimosa option.


We had a delightful breakfast!! Afterward we headed back to the hotel for a little nap. When we woke up it was POURING outside:

Not sure if you can even see it properly here but it was a downpour! We didn’t have any plans for parks that day so we decided to stay at the resort, but we were getting hungry so we went to look for some grub. We ended up at Territory Lounge downstairs!

But not before Chris creeped up behind me while I was out on the balcony taking photos:


They have a selection of small plate foods and a full bar, and they share a kitchen with the amazing Artist Point so you just know the food is going to be great. We had two awesome selections – the Poutine with House-cut Fries, Veal Jus and Cheese Curds, and the Oregon Chardonnay Fondue with Pretzel Bread and Grapes.

I had to laugh because their menu is literally like “snacks” and “other things” lol

Both of our choices were AMAZING!!! I love LOVE poutine and I’m always excited to find some in Disney, and we are suckers for a good fondue as well. This one was so good – it paired so well with the bread and grapes, I was literally scraping the bottom of the container trying to eat it all lol

We headed back upstairs and some friends came over to play games and hang out (aka do our fantasy football draft lol). After they left we decided to pop back downstairs for a quick dessert before bed:

mick bar

Nothing like a good Mickey bar to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

And that’s pretty much it – the next day we checked out and headed home! It was such a fun little staycation and it was so nice to unwind for a few days. We thoroughly enjoyed the new villas and I hope we get to stay there again someday (maybe for more than 2 nights!!)

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Be sure to check out some of my other Disney posts if you liked it 🙂 Thanks for reading as always!

❤ Kaela

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