Little Life Update

Hi my wonderful readers and friends – I just wanted to pop in really quick to do a little update since it’s been a while since my last post and things have been crazy!!

As you have probably heard, Hurricane Irma is set to sweep through Florida in the next few days and we are in the process of making preparations for its arrival. Chris and I decided against evacuating as our home is pretty well equipped and we (hopefully) are expecting not to be hit as hard as south Florida. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may remember that last year we had a bit of a scare with Hurricane Matthew, which thankfully turned out to be mostly nothing for us, but this year we are expecting it to be worse. We are so lucky to have a personal meteorologist in our best friend Brandon, who has been giving us near constant updates on the storm and if/when we should worry. I actually feel very prepared, I think. We’ve spent the past few days stocking up on water, non perishable food, and other supplies. I also feel like as compared to last year, we’ve had a bit more warning this time, so we aren’t scrambling around at the last minute to get things ready. Disney has also officially announced that the parks will be closed Sunday and Monday when we are supposed to be hit with the worst of it, so we’ll be able to stay safely indoors without worrying about it. I’m very happy for that peace of mind as well. 

In other news…I also haven’t been able to write at all the past few days because my computer charger has decided to completely die on me 💔 obviously with the approaching hurricane, my blog is not my highest priority, but I do hope to get things back to normal around here soon. I still have a lot of things to write about and share so I hope you’ll stay tuned. I just wanted to let you know that as of now we are safe, we have a plan, and it’s hopefully all going to work out!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me or my family to check on us. I’ll update more about how things go once it’s all over and you can also follow me on twitter @kaelaceleste for more frequent updates! 

❤️, Kaela

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