Wedding Inspiration – Disney Wedding

It’s been a while since I wrote a wedding update post but trust me when I say that a lot of planning has happened since then!! We’re under 100 days now (!!??!!?!) and it’s getting to the point where I’m still excited but becoming equally stressed haha. I don’t have as many photos or bigger updates since the last post (it’s mostly smaller purchases now) so I figured today I’d do a different type of wedding post. Over a year ago now soon after we got engaged I wrote about some wedding inspiration and ideas we were throwing around at the time. Today I wanted to write another wedding inspo post, but this time with a theme – Disney wedding things!

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no trouble finding material for this post, clearly

Despite the fact that we chose not to do a Disney wedding, it’s obviously a big part of our lives and we wanted it to have some part in the big day. After all, it’s still how we met and what brought us together, so it deserves some recognition! Pretty much since the planning started, I’ve been keeping an eye out for subtle Disney things we could tie into our wedding. Whether you’re having your own fairytale wedding at home or in Walt Disney World, here are some of my favorite Disney wedding finds…all from Etsy because who has time to look anywhere else…

Starting off with one of my favorite categories of wedding things – stationery! I absolutely love these FastPass save the date cards and invitations by JollyCelebrations on Etsy:


The same seller also makes these SUPER cute wedding programs that look like park guide maps!!



I’m not sure if this wedding band was meant to be inspired by Rapunzel’s tiara…but it’s definitely giving me vibes! And it’s absolutely gorgeous at that:


We aren’t allowed to have confetti at our venue, but I wish we were so we could use this cute Mickey confetti all over the tables:


And I bet this sparkly Mickey and ring confetti would be fun for a bachelorette party…


A popular trend I’ve found lately has been the idea of an alternative guest book. Rather than having an actual book, couples will have a print, canvas or other alternative surface for people to sign that they can then put on the wall or otherwise decorate with. There are ton of cute Disney themed ones (obviously!) – I thought this Mickey balloon one was SO cute:


Even if Star Wars isn’t what most people think of when they think “Disney wedding”…I absolutely loved these matching spoons (these have been in my Etsy favs since before we got engaged haha):


In my browsing I also stumbled upon the popular trend of custom hangers for dress photos.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out that there’s a huge market for Disney versions of these as well haha. I found this shop GetHungUp that seems like they can make a custom hanger out of anything/ I thought that the Cinderella carriage hanger below was cute, but then I saw the princess ones on the right – I’m obsessed!! I think they’d make such cute bridesmaid gifts!

Finally, something I really REALLY want to get before the wedding is a beautiful pair of bridal Minnie ears. I’m extremely picky and haven’t yet found the perfect pair, but here are a few really cute ones I’ve been eyeing in the meantime:

What I really want and am unable to find so far is the perfect sparkly, almost iridescent white bow (kinda like in the third pair) with a beautiful sparkly veil attached like in the second pair. I can’t decide if I want the actual ears to be black like in the pair on the left or the whole thing to be white….I think maybe I want it all white….but I just don’t know! If you know of a shop that makes something like that please let me know cuz I desperately want it haha

And that’s some of my favorite Etsy finds to add a little bit of Disney to your wedding!! Like I said, we’ve done a lot of planning but we still have a long way to go, and I’m really excited to see everything coming together. I’ll have to do a planning update post soon to tell you all how it’s going but hopefully it’s gonna be the best day ever! (Rapunzel pun only slightly intended)

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’ve found any cute Disney-inspired subtle wedding ideas let me know in the comments. Can’t believe we’re so close to the big day now…only 97 days left! Thanks for reading as always ❤

xo, Kaela

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