Beach Club & Chill – Day 4

This is part of a series about our BFF vacation in May 2017. All the posts about our trip will be listed here! Make sure you read the other posts first 🙂

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Welcome to part 4 of our fabulous adventure! When we left off, we had finished a fun but rainy day eating snacks in our hotel room at the Beach Club. We were also packing up because unfortunately Tuesday was our check out day 😦 Even more unfortunately, Tuesday was the second day I had to work on our trip! But it would all work out – you’ll see!

We figured out the best way to do it was to have Sarah and Ana drop me off at work and then check out of the hotel, and then they could go enjoy the park until I got off work. They dropped me off and I began asking my coordinators about the possibility of me getting out early haha (spoiler for later: the chances were good!)

While I was working Ana & Sarah enjoyed a chill day – I don’t have many photos from this part so I won’t bore you haha but they did Soarin, Frozen, Gran Fiesta Tour, and had a lot of snacks! They also turned in our maps from the egg hunt and got our prizes. I picked a Lady egg this year, she’s so cute.


Clearly someone knew where the photo was this time haha

Shortly after all this I found out I got to go home early from work!! They quickly came and picked me up from the front of the park and we headed back home with all our stuff from the Beach Club. It was great because now we would have time to get ready, pick Teddy up from his puppy sitter, and leisurely stroll to our next destination which was…


Hollywood Studios!!

We lucked out because it had been pouring when we left my house, but the weather was beautiful when we arrived! We took the opportunity to get a bunch of cute photopass pics.


studios smilin

After our photoshoot we headed straight to Backlot Express cuz we were HUNGRY!!! We had a specific entree in mind…


and that was Darth Vader chicken and waffles! Who knew the dark side could be so delicious. Ana got her own order of chicken and waffs and Sarah and I got a burger and also chicken and waffles to split and share together. It was a lot of different flavors at once, but we weren’t mad about it. Even the chicken with syrup was good. Everything was super tasty!

After that it was time for a few of our favs – Rock n Roller Coaster first, which was amazing as always:


Then it was my favorite, Tower of Terror! Sarah was a bit scared haha but we all loved it as per usual!


After that we had a bit of time before our Star Tours FP, so we window shopped a little bit. Our Star Tours ended up getting the worst possible sequence which was pod racing and then Jar Jar at the end…it was truly tragic lmao. But we made up for it after that at a very fun character meet & greet:

bb8 laughin

We absolutely LOVED meeting BB8!!! There was a super cute little girl in line behind us who we made friends with and she kept telling us how excited she was and how BB8 was her favorite haha. We said he’s our favorite too.

BB8 was a great meet & greet because it did not involve the part that I completely hate about most character meet & greets, which is when I have to awkwardly talk to the character haha. I know some people love meeting characters and I did too once – when I was on my CP I wanted to meet every character I could find. But nowadays I just feel more awkward than excited about it than anything so the fact that I did not have to talk to BB8 was a blessing lol

The photopass photographer caught this unflattering photo of me and Ana admiring:

bb8 us

Meanwhile Sarah got an amazingly cute pic with our favorite droid!!

bb8 sarah

The whole thing was super cute. 10/10 would meet again.


After that it was already time to get ready for fireworks which was crazy! We quickly found a great spot to watch and then went to pick up a pre-fireworks snack of some raspberry lemonade slushies and churros.


The nice lady at the snack stand gave us each 2 Mickey straws which we loved! Unfortunately after the trip mine suffered the untimely demise of being put through the dishwasher. There’s a lesson for you – don’t put your Mickey straws in the dishwasher!!! They’re just very thin plastic and will get all jacked up!!!

Anyway, the fireworks were so amazing – we loved them! We all love Star Wars which I’m sure you’ve gathered by this point, so we all really loved this show. It was an emotional time with many tears. We were focusing on enjoying the show rather than taking pics, so here’s a few bad photos for you to enjoy lol




This fireworks show is seriously so good, it’s got so many great moments! I love how they utilize so many different effects – it has lasers, projections, lights on the trees! It’s all so amazing. I even forgive them for including so much footage of the prequels.

After that it was time to head back home! We were super tired so we got ready for bed and watched some of The Bachelorette which was on at the time haha. Then we headed to bed to catch some z’s before another fun day! This pic of Teddy represents us all very well:


And that was our Tuesday! We’re past the halfway point of this trip now and I’m having so much fun reliving it all over again – makes me want some Darth Vader chicken & waffs right now! This is also a very timely post because me, Sarah and Ana have our next trip together NEXT WEEK when we are going to see Lady Gaga together!! We are so excited! I’m sure you’ll see posts about that on here and my instagram as it all happens 🙂

Like I said at the top of the post be sure to check out the other posts from this trip if you haven’t already! And if you enjoy trip report-style posts like this be sure to check out our last trip, when Chris and I went to Seattle and Disneyland, here 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

❤ Kaela!

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