November 2017 Favorites

I cannot believe it is already DECEMBER 2017! Where did the year go? I also can’t believe how little I have been writing on here lately. I always say that I never want this blog to become a chore for me, and lately I just haven’t been motivated to write. I feel like it’s really annoying to point out how long it has been in every post lately…so from now on I am going to stop acknowledging when it’s been a while haha. Unless it’s been like, a LONG while haha

So anyway… with all that being said, here’s my favorite things for the month of November!


L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte 24HR Foundation

We’ll start off with a makeup item. This foundation was recommended to me by a friend and I am actually really impressed with it. The formula goes on really smoothly and dries down completely, so it doesn’t transfer at all when I touch my face during the day. It also stays matte ALL DAY – seriously, this looks amazing whether I wore it for one hour or 12. I wore it to the Lady Gaga concert and it looked perfect when we got home, even through all our dancing!! It’s become a new favorite of mine and a contender for wedding day foundation. And on top of all that it’s super inexpensive!!


Decorating for Christmas!!!!

I wrote a whole post about decorating our home but I may have to write a follow up because we have gotten a LOT more festive since then haha…seriously though. We can’t seem to stop. Shortly after that last post our apartment complex announced a balcony decorating contest so we had to step it up. We’ve added garland, a mini Christmas tree, a projector, and about 500 more lights outside. We also have purchased or changed around a lot of stuff indoors too. I’ll have to take more pics of everything to put in an updated post!! I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

this tiny plug controls our Christmas tree!!!

Smart Plugs

On a related note: you may remember these from the decorating post too and I am now completely obsessed with smart plugs. The first one we got just for our Christmas tree and now we have more of them for other places too! The exact ones I have are from Amazon – I have found we prefer these mini plugs to the full size one we have – and our Kasa app looks like this now:


As you can see we also have a smart bulb for our lamp which we love too! You can also see how they’re all set to come on at sunset automatically. This is SUPER handy for when we are at work and don’t wanna leave a light on all day for Teddy wasting electricity, but he also doesn’t have to sit in the dark this way. I am completely obsessed with our smart plugs and want them for everything!!!


Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

This is an item that I admittedly only used once this month, but I fell in love on first use so I had to include it. Stila makes these liquid eyeshadows that are SO sparkly and glittery and BEAUTIFUL. My friend Sarah got this little set of 3 in a Sephora holiday special so we got to try them out when we went to see Gaga. Unfortunately that exact set is sold out now, but the colors in it were Diamond Dust (silver with multicolor glitter), Kitten Karma (champagney/rose gold with gold glitter) and Smoky Storm (dark grey with silver glitter). I LOVED all 3 and they looked so amazing on! Here’s how my makeup looked that night – you can see how SPARKLY my eyes are!!


There’s also a set of 6 minis to try out some colors if you don’t wanna buy the full size but I really loved these and kind of want every color haha. I think they’re perfect for holiday makeup!!! also my lip color there is Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Royal Tea!


Holiday Candles

I wrote about candles last month too but welp Target came out with some new holiday scents so here we are again. From the same Signature Soy line as last month,  we picked up two new scents that we have actually already almost finished (!?): Hot Buttered Rum and Balsam Fir. They’re amazing to burn together and really make our cute little home feel like Christmas!!


Ebates for Holiday Shopping

As you could probably guess, I really love shopping. So obviously the holidays are some of my favorite times of the year because I get to buy gifts for everyone!! I’ve written about Ebates before, but they’ve really come in clutch this year for getting cash back when I’m gift shopping. On Black Friday they had some amazing deals going on – they had 6% cash back at Etsy that day so I used it as a perfect opportunity to buy my wedding band and some other wedding things! Obviously those aren’t Christmas gifts but it was as good of an excuse as any to buy them then haha. If you haven’t already signed up for Ebates you are seriously missing out on LITERALLY free money…click here to check it out!! (that’s a referral link btw so I will get points if you sign up haha)


gaga 1

Lady Gaga (just as a whole)

Obviously we went to see Gaga in DC with my friends last month and it was SO much fun!! She is seriously so amazing live and we all had the best night ever. It was so much fun being able to see her live after being fans together for years. Naturally, for the rest of the month we were kind of on a Gaga high and spent a lot of time re-listening to all of her stuff. I won’t go on forever here because it’s not like anyone reading this doesn’t know who Lady Gaga is haha but she’s just amazing and I love her so much!! I also really recommend her documentary on Netflix if you haven’t seen it already, we watched it the day before the show to get hyped and it made us love her even more 🙂

So basically last month was Gaga and Christmas haha. But anyway that’s all my favorites from November!! I’m sorry again that I’ve been so bad about writing on here, but like I said above I’m gonna stop talking about it all the time and just try to write more again haha. Hopefully this month and into the new year I get some more inspiration (and time, honestly) to write about things and get back on track! Thank you for reading despite my inconsistent post schedule haha

<3!! Kaela

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