Wedding Update: 2 Weeks Left!!

The wedding is all I think about now so here’s another update post!!!! We are TWO WEEKS away from the big day!!!

I have felt very repetitive writing about the wedding and only the wedding lately but I have been told that people like these posts so I’ll continue! At this point the big things are mostly done – it’s just getting all the small stuff together, making decisions, and figuring out where everyone and everything is supposed to be. Here’s what’s new since last time:

Flowers & Centerpieces

This is definitely our #1 focus right now. Last post I wrote about how my amazingly wonderful mother is creating the bouquets from sola wood flowers, and they are looking SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!


This was a “rough placement” of the flowers she’s dyed already to see how I liked it and I can’t stop looking at this photo. They’re SO beautiful and perfect and I can’t wait to see it in real life!! She also made some mock up boutonnieres to show me, and I love those as well:


I just cannot believe those flowers are made of WOOD!!

Since I apparently have to be extra in every way regarding these flowers, we are actually using a combination of wood, silk, and real flowers. The wooden flowers will be used for our bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, while the silk flowers will be for almost all of the decor like in the entryway and on the ceremony seats. Then the centerpieces will be a combination of real and silk flowers. Speaking of the centerpieces…this is our somewhat inspiration image:


Except it’s very LOOSELY our inspiration photo. We’re going to have lanterns, but ours are white and look more like this:


And we’re going to have little flameless LED candles inside. Then we’ll have flowers around it, and little twinkly lights in those flowers…it’s all going to come together, ok. I see it in my head and hopefully it turns out nice in real life haha

I’ve been facetiming my mom pretty much daily lately to discuss everything and her and my dad are always hard at work dyeing flowers, making stems and all kinds of other things haha. I am so grateful for all their hard work and I know they are going to look amazing!!!


Everything!!!! is!!! booked!!!! At the beginning of this month we booked our Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour that we’ll be doing in Disneyland, something we are both SO excited about. We only have about a day and a half in Disneyland so we had to make it worth it! We also were able to book our luau at Aulani and our helicopter tour (!!!) on Kauai which means we are ready to go!!


We also have finished just about all of our honeymoon shopping, which is so exciting too. Chris and I both got some beautiful new suitcases to use on our trip – here’s my stunning new pink one!

This bag is by Away Travel and I love it SO much. Once we get back from the honeymoon and settle down I will probably write a blog post about it honestly haha. We both got the “Bigger Carry On“, mine in blush and Chris’s in asphalt. We’re ONLY taking a carry on for our entire 12 day honeymoon – with all of the different flights we’re taking we did not wanna have to worry about checking a bag OR paying for checked bags! Because of this, it was important that we were able to fit all our clothes and important things plus have room for souvenirs. Last week we took a few hours to figure out ALL of our outfits and everything we’ll need, and we actually practice-packed our bag just to make sure everything would fit. And it did!! Even I, a chronic overpacker, was able to fit everything with almost half of the suitcase to spare. It might be a tight squeeze at the end of the trip but I’m okay with stuffing it as full as possible for the flight back home haha

Somewhat related to this category – we got our magicbands for our WDW hotel stay the night of the wedding!


We’re staying at a Disney resort that night after the wedding is over so we can take the magical express to the airport in the morning! Our magicbands even say Mr. and Mrs. and they’re in our wedding colors ❤ I don’t remember if I mentioned this in any other posts yet but here it is haha

Everything Else

  • Yesterday we had our final venue visit before the week of the wedding and it went so well!! We were able to go over every single detail and discuss all the things we had questions about still. Our venue coordinators are SO AMAZING and I think they’re going to do such a good job with everything. This last meeting really helped us envision everything and eased any worries we had about the venue!!
  • On Wednesday we had what we called our “grooming day” – Teddy got groomed, Chris got his haircut, I got my brows done and I also got my eyelash extensions!!! My sister got some for the wedding too and offered to pay for mine as a gift, and I was so grateful because I’ve been so curious about them for ages but never could afford it haha. Here’s how they look:
  • They’re SO LONG AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’m not allowed to wear eye makeup for a few days but I think they look so stunning even with just my face makeup on. I cannot wait to see how they look when I have the rest of my wedding face done!
  • I also had my final dress fitting yesterday!!! Not posting pics of that for obvious reasons lol but it looks so perfect 😭 I’m going back to pick it up a few days before the wedding with my family and I can’t wait! I am so excited to finally show off my beautiful dress to everyone!!!
  • We also have finally pretty much finished buying everything we need! I am so excited for the wedding but I am even more excited to not spend every paycheck on wedding things once it’s over lol. I got my gift for Chris (it’s amazing, I can’t wait to tell you guys what it is), we finished ordering and making most of our signs, our table cards are printed – everything is coming together!!

Finishing Up

Our to-do list is getting shorter and shorter every day!! Basically the only things we have left to do is organizing everyone, checking in with people and making sure everybody knows where they have to be and what they have to do. It’s all the last minute things now and I’m starting to feel like this is actually going to happen????? But I really don’t think I’ll believe it and it will finally hit me until the day of when it’s happening haha

That’s all for right now! I don’t know how many more of these posts I can possibly do at this point but who knows – maybe this time next week I’ll be writing another one haha…I like the idea that I’ll be able to look back on this after it’s all over and have a pretty good record of how things were going! Hope you enjoy them too 🙂

Thank you for reading!! ❤



  1. It’s so exciting that your big day is only 2 weeks away! I hope you have the time of your life.💖 —


  2. Hiiii Kaela!
    So legit right after we talked about eyelash extensions I went on a social media purge and deleted everything. I realize shortly after that I wouldn’t be able to chat with you anymore 😢 but I’ve been thinking about you and hope everything is going SWELL. Warmest and best wishes for the wedding, if I can’t chat with you before then.
    -Jakiee 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi my friend! Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I’m so glad you got in touch, I was worried something had happened! thank you for your nice wishes always, and hope things are well ❤ thinking of you!


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