I’m a Mrs!!!!

So…you may have noticed it’s been a little while, but that’s because I was off taking care of some very important business….Chris and I are officially MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!


We don’t have the professional pics back yet so some guest photos will have to do for now. But that’s right – our wedding is officially DONE, we survived, and it was worth all the hard work! Every aspect of our day was pretty much perfect and it was the best day ever!!


Immediately after our wedding Chris and I embarked on the most AMAZING honeymoon visiting Disneyland and Hawaii! We had the time of our lives and it was incredible in every way!


We did so many cool things, ate a TON of great food, and just had the best time ever. We just got back home yesterday!

Photo 0235.jpg

I’m still sorting through photos from the trip, going through all of our notes, collecting photos from guests and waiting for our professional edited photos to get back to us – but I just wanted to check in with a little update since it’s been so long! If you follow me elsewhere you probably have already seen how much fun we’ve been having, but there is SO much more to tell and I am so excited to write it all down to share with you. You can check out my instagram for some sneak peeks! The past few weeks have been insane, ridiculous, fast paced and at times stressful – but it’s been so much fun! I cannot wait to tell you everything – I hope you’ll enjoy following along with all of it 🙂

Photo 0132

❤ from me and my new HUSBAND!!



  1. This is so beautiful! My fiancé and I are going to Hawaii on our honeymoon next year! This post just made me so much more excited!😁😍 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/11/get-to-know-me-better/

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