Beach Club & Chill – Day 5

This is part of a series about our BFF vacation in May 2017. All the posts about our trip will be listed here! Make sure you read the other posts first 🙂

Told you I’d be sprinkling in some non-wedding posts here and there 😉 it’s been months since I last wrote about this trip but I’m going to pump out these posts and finally finish it!! If you need a refresher about what we’ve done so far on this cute bff trip, be sure to click up there to read the other days!


This day was pretty uneventful because we elected not to go to a park today – but we still had other fun plans! This post is going to be like half as long as our normal ones because there’s barely any photos but the day was still super fun haha

So we slept in a little bit today but we couldn’t stay too late because we had a special destination to get to – we were going to try on bridesmaid dresses!! Obviously since this trip happened our wedding has already come and gone haha…but this was the first time we were able to go bridesmaid dress shopping! Unfortunately all 4 of my bridesmaids did not live in Florida so there was never a time when we could all go shopping together, so getting two of them was as good as it was gonna get for right now.

So we woke up, elected not to do our makeup so we had more time, and headed out to our first destination which was breakfast at IHOP! However the “International” House of Pancakes is a bit of a misnomer because they don’t have them in Costa Rica where Ana lives, so we treated her to this American delicacy for breakfast.


We were a little late to our appointment and we made Ana call to tell them that we were running late lol. But eventually we got to our destination which was David’s Bridal!

My best friends are so beautiful 😍

Once we got to David’s Sarah and Ana tried on a bunch of dresses. The person assigned to help us was honestly pretty useless and didn’t help us at all lol but we found everything ourselves, and went through like half a dozen dresses before settling on a winner:


So obviously it’s not the right color – they just have you try on whatever color is available in your size to see if you like the style of the dress. I absolutely loved the little bit of sparkle on the waistline there because my dress was so sparkly!! Sarah and Ana both loved it and we were pretty sure it would look good on everyone, so we chose that as our tentative decision. That dress in plum ended up being the final choice for the dress they wore at the wedding!


A spoiler for some wedding posts to come still haha

After all of that we decided to head to Disney Springs for some quick shopping. We had fun in Sephora first, naturally – here’s our collective haul:


And then had lunch at one of our favs, Blaze!

After lunch we did some more shopping at World of Disney and Marketplace Co-Op – it started POURING so we had to take refuge in the shops for a while! Once we’d had our fill we headed back home to get ready for dinner. At home we did our makeup leisurely while we waited for Chris to get home and watched some Say Yes to the Dress (very topical). Here’s Chris NOT getting ready for dinner:


Once Chris got home and we were all ready, we headed out to our dinner destination…Ohana!!

Ohana has long been a fav for us but it was new for Sarah & Ana and we were so excited to take them!


We were even more excited when we got to our table which had a PERFECT fireworks view!!


It was so fun to be able to watch Happily Ever After again from a different perspective. And of course – the food was amazing to go along with it!!

Sarah and I got some fun glowing drinks, always a fav:


And Ana still had her bday button on, so they brought her a cupcake too!


After we were all stuffed from dinner, we did a loop on the monorail to do a little more shopping. Even though we had a lazy day we were all so full that we were pretty tired, and went home after that! There we just hung out for a little while more, watched some Disney short films on youtube for some reason lol and then went to sleep 🙂


But not without some Teddy cuddles first! ❤

That’s one of the shortest trip posts I’ve ever done I think haha – not every day is packed full of activities and pics but we had fun just the same!! Just two days left after this post and then we wouldn’t see each other again for a few months…but that’s another trip to talk about another time 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out my other trip posts if you’re interested, from when Chris and I went to Seattle & Disneyland for the first time! Thanks for reading ❤


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