DIY Bridesmaid Emergency Kits

If you’ve done any wedding planning or research, I’m sure one of the things you’ve come across has been some kind of list or “emergency kit” of items the bridesmaids & bride should have on the wedding day. I know I saw them all over Pinterest in my planning. There’s a lot of cute ones you can buy – this one has been a popular choice to pop up in my searches a lot:

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 23.02.47.png

Or, if you’re like me and remember that you wanted to make bags for your bridesmaids like a week before the wedding……you can make your own! I didn’t have time to order little bags for my girls, but I DID have time to go to Target. I also thought it would be a little more personal and fun to do them myself anyway! Here’s how I made my own bridesmaid emergency kits (for not a lot of money!)


So this really isn’t anything difficult or weird – First I basically just put together a list of items I realistically thought my girls would need (after looking at many other people’s lists). Here’s what I came up with:

  • lip balm
  • mints
  • Advil
  • band aids
  • granola bar
  • blotting sheets
  • hair ties
  • deodorant
  • nail file
  • safety pins
  • laundry sheets
  • a little “cheat sheet” with a timeline and important contacts – my mom, the best man, the photographer and the venue coordinator

There were a few other things on my “maybe” list, but I did this on a day when we had a lot of other things to do so I basically had one shot to get all of it at Target so we worked with our options haha. I found most of this stuff at Target in the little travel toiletries section and I also had some of it already, like the hair ties and safety pins. There’s an Ulta literally across the street from my Target so we went there to get the last few things and the makeup bags to put it all in. Here’s everything laid out:


The girl who rang me up at Ulta was super sweet and when she found out what I was using the bags for, she offered to throw in some perfume samples! It was a great little touch and another small item I was excited to add. The best part about that Ulta trip though was that I only paid $3 for everything because I had a bunch of Ulta rewards points saved up to use! Yay for using my resources!! I really love the bags that I got and they came in 4 different colors, which was perfect for my 4 bridesmaids.

I also put in the necklaces that I got for them to wear at the wedding:


I wanted them to wear something simple that was similar to my necklace and these were perfect! They were so beautiful in person. I got them in a set of 4 from this Etsy shop!

Once I had everything all I had to do was fit it into the bags!


It was such an easy thing to put together and I think the girls really liked them too! I gave them these after the rehearsal the night before the wedding, so they were all prepared for the big day 🙂


I know this post wasn’t really anything insanely informative but I just wanted to show what I did for these! It was really easy and honestly kind of a fun little project to have the week before the wedding that wasn’t going to stress me out haha. Hope you enjoyed this post (and maybe found it helpful?) – check out some of my other wedding posts here!!



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