Beach Club & Chill – Day 7

This is part of a series about our BFF vacation in May 2017. All the posts about our trip will be listed here! Make sure you read the other posts first 🙂 This one is our last day so it will be pretty photo-heavy!

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017

We’ve finally reached the last full day of our trip 💔 But we had a lot of fun things to do still so we didn’t let ourselves get sad! We woke up super tired from the day before…this pic of Teddy accurately represents how we felt:


Ana literally jumped out of bed at the mention of a Nutella waffle for breakfast – we were headed to Magic Kingdom for our last day!


Tram and monorail selfies always.

We enjoyed a leisurely entrance into MK – it was about midday, and we didn’t have anything to do until our lunch reservation, so we decided to take a lot of photos while we still looked cute and not sweaty haha


I love this pic because of how well it shows off my Mary Blair skirt!! One of my favorites 🙂






I love this one too ❤ we got so many good pics on this day!!


 We didn’t know this guy LOL the photographer was literally like hey random dude, come pose like you’re really strong! It was kind of funny haha




Once our photo session was finished we saw that Move It Shake It was coming down the street! We headed over to watch and have a brief dance session with our bae Judy Hopps.


Try Everything came on at the end and we had SO much fun dancing with Judy. Queen we love her.

Once we were done dancing it was time for our lunch reservation, which would be at Liberty Tree Tavern! Liberty Tree is a staple for our Disney trips, we’ve eaten there for dinner a lot but never for lunch so we were pretty excited. We got there a bit early so we sat down to do some coloring. I thought it was funny that they only had red and blue crayons haha


I also like this snap from Sarah’s instagram story that makes it look like she is about to sit down for a hearty meal of crayons:


We didn’t have to wait too long though before we got called to our table! One of my favorite parts about Liberty Tree Tavern is how they call your table – they ask what state you’re visiting from at check in, and then call it out like it’s one of the 13 colonies. They’re like HEAR YE HEAR YE let’s welcome the so and so family from the commonwealth of Virginia!! It’s really cute lol


This photo was taken by a random lady who said we looked nice and offered to take our pic haha

Once we all got to our table we quickly all ordered the same thing – the all you can eat platter with pomegranate lemonade to drink. It’s a favorite of our trio.


I’m salivating thinking about this food!!! I love Thanksgiving-style food and it’s all here…turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, mac and cheese! It’s all so good. And since Ana doesn’t live in America we always love to have classic American food with her when we can haha


I made one of my classic Mash Mountains:


And for dessert we had the AMAZING ooey gooey toffee cake – this is only on the lunch menu so we had never tried it before, but OMGGGGGG it’s mind blowing. Seriously bomb. I’ve been thinking about it since that day. Like it’s up there with the best Disney desserts I’ve ever had anywhere. We loved it so much.


We were all completely STUFFED afterwards! Once we got ourselves together and headed out of the restaurant we met up with Chris who was joining us for part of the day. Pretty much right after he arrived it was time for the Festival of Fantasy Parade to start!




It was fun and cute as always! I don’t normally watch the parade anymore so it was fun to get the full tourist experience, if you will haha

After that it was time for our first fastpass which was Space Mountain!


Took our ears off for safekeeping of course. We had been running around for a while now and it was pretty hot outside, so we headed to a naptime spot at Carousel of Progress. I have in my notes that Ana got a nice nap in haha. It was a nice break!

Once we got out we headed back over to Liberty Square to watch the Muppets show Great Moments in History which is SO cute and fun! We’re all Muppets stans so of course we loved it.


We even got the show I prefer, which is where Miss Piggy inserts herself into the show as Georgette Washington after being told that there’s no girls allowed. Feminist icon.


After the show it was just about time for our next fastpass which was for Mine Train!


Some great on-ride photos there haha

After that, we still had some time to kill before our last fastpass, which meant… time for another break/nap ride! We headed to Mickey’s Philharmagic and then the Tiki Room, both favs. Then we headed to our fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. After all that, we passed by another Move It Shake It:


It was fun but less so because they didn’t play Try Everything this time lol. After that Chris headed home to check on Teddy and we headed back towards the front of the park also – but we were going to meet Mickey!!



It was quickly getting later in the evening and we were getting hungry again! We decided to get some food before getting situated for fireworks. We headed up Main Street and took pics with every photopass photographer we saw on the way!




I love this one SO much – the photographer asked us each who our favorite princess is (Snow White, Ariel, and Mulan) and then came up with poses for us based on our answers! It was so cute and I love how the photo turned out.



We got dinner at our favorite classic spot, Casey’s Corner ❤


And settled in for the fireworks!!


The show was fantastic of course and made us cry again but it’s fine.


We stayed in our spot to watch the projection show Once Upon a Time as well, and with the people all around us we collectively decided to remain sitting for the show which was great. Afterwards the people next to us took a photo of us, which I ended up loving so much:


It’s such a perfect photo – tons of people behind us, we’re tired and sunburned from being in the park all day for the last week, but we were just SO happy to be together having such a fun time. I’m honestly tearing up looking at it 😭

Once we gathered ourselves and most of the people had cleared out, we still had a few things on the agenda! Something we had been saving til the end of the trip was the lanterns photopass pic that they set up in front of the Tangled bathrooms:


They let us take group photos as well as individual ones, which was nice. It was very efficient and the photographers were running a smooth ship. The line was to the end of the fence near the Haunted Mansion when we got there but we didn’t have to wait too long at all!


It was a great little photo op that we all loved. You can’t even tell that it’s in front of a bathroom 😉


While we were in Fantasyland we decided to hit a few more rides before the park closed in just a few minutes.


I had to pose with my Mary Blair skirt next to Small World! ❤


We took a spin on the Carousel because there was no line, and then ran to Peter Pan where we had a fastpass that we redeemed 7 minutes before the park closed haha


After that the park was officially closed but we still had time to take photos and shop! The photopass lines were long on Main Street so we decided to go do any last minute shopping in the Emporium first.


After that we pretty much followed the photopass photographers as they started packing up their stuff – we closed down the park with every photographer there, basically.


We got so! many! good photos!!!!


All of the photographers were beyond amazing and took so many good shots for us!



And these are just a small sampling of my favorites from the night – we have probably 3x more photos just from this evening from all the photographers who took pics for us!!


The key is just to be polite and patient! We asked all of the photographers nicely to take as many cute photos for us as they were willing to and we ended up with a lot of cute poses from everyone.


We found that most of the photographers did more photos for us than other families before us, probably because we were the last ones in line – but it could have also been because we were so sweet and nice 😇


We waited for everyone to clear out and headed to the last photographer on Main Street, who was this lovely girl named Gabriella. She had a full on photoshoot with us and was the one who took most of the pics above. She even at one point said “oh I can’t wait til I can get some photos from the ground” and actually laid on the street to take pics of us!!!! We were shook!!




We thanked her for all the beautiful photos and started the long walk out of the park.


We also saw the Kiss Goodnight aka the signal to get out of the park haha

We snapped one last selfie on the way out and it was time to head home!


And that’s the end of our full day at MK and the last day of our trip!! It was bittersweet – I don’t even like going to Magic Kingdom normally LOL but it was so much fun and it’s always so hard when we reach the last night, because it means we’ll have to say goodbye really soon. It doesn’t really get easier saying goodbye to my best friends every time, but luckily since this vacation we’ve actually had two more awesome trips together including my wedding, and we’ve got another big one planned this fall! I love them so much and we had such an amazing time this last day ❤


I hope you’ve enjoyed this series! This was our last day together and it was the perfect way to end an amazing trip together. On our last day we went to breakfast at Trail’s End together, but I don’t have any photos from that day so I’m going to wrap it up here. I love these girls so much and I can’t wait to see them again so soon ❤ I’ve had so much fun reliving these memories and looking at all our photos again! Thank you for reading!



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