Stila Glitter & Glow Shadows Review & Rundown

Time for something totally different today…! I haven’t done a makeup post in a LONG time so this will be fun! This post wasn’t originally in the cards but I was inspired to write it after the response I got to this photo I posted on my instagram story the other day:


And I got a LOT of questions and responses about it on instagram and twitter! These are my favorite Stila Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadows – it seemed like everyone was really interested in them so I decided to write a full review post 🙂


You may recognize these if you read my post about doing my wedding makeup:


I believe I also mentioned this product in one of my old favorites posts back when I used to do those (lol). I raved about them there but I’m gonna do it again here. Basically these are a liquid eyeshadow that dry down to leave a BEAUTIFUL glittery finish. I first discovered these as part of a set that was released for the holidays last year – my friend Sarah picked it up and we all ended up wearing it to the Lady Gaga concert in November.


We quickly fell in love with the formula – it’s super smooth and doesn’t leave fallout like normal loose glitter would, but it still manages to be ridiculously sparkly. I also haven’t had any trouble with creasing when applied on top of a primer. These are seriously gorgeous and add such a special touch to a makeup look.


I also ended up purchasing that set of 3 mentioned above (which is no longer available, RIP) but since then I’ve also branched out and gotten a few more colors. Every single one I’ve tried has been stunning! The way I usually apply them is doing a simple shadow look with complementing colors underneath, and then putting the glitter all over the eyelid. I like to use a brush to pick up the product from the wand so the applicator itself doesn’t get all muddy from my other eyeshadow, especially for the lighter colors.


Oh, and btw – this product is easily confused with the SHIMMER and Glow liquid shadows…which I haven’t tried, and I’m sure they are also beautiful…but I’m here for the ✨ GLITTER ✨

The only thing about these glitters is that I think the descriptions online are a little wonky – I’ll explain below. The pictures online also make it kind of hard to tell what they actually look like sometimes, so I suggest looking up swatches of any you’re interested in. It’s even better if you’re able to swatch them yourself in store. Speaking of swatches…here’s some of mine!

IMG_2301 copy

The ones I’ve tried so far are Diamond Dust, Smoky Storm, Kitten Karma, Enchantress, Perlina, and Ballet Baby.

I tried to do different angles so you could see the sparkle but it wasn’t really working so I made this gif instead.


So sparkly. Now let’s go through them individually…



Diamond Dust is a sparkly somewhat sheer silver glitter. I love this one because it’s so versatile. Since it’s somewhat sheer, it can be layered easily over different eyeshadow colors to create different looks, and it’s also super pretty on its own. I like to put it in my inner corner for a brightening effect!



Smoky Storm is an example of one where I think the description is a little off. It’s described as a pewter with silver sparkle, but it’s always looked more brown on me?? I like it just the same though! I usually wear this one over a neutral/brown eye.



Kitten Karma is my favorite shade!!! I wore this one on my wedding day ❤ I was also wearing this one while I wrote this post haha:


The description of this one is also puzzling – it’s described as champagne, silver, and copper, but on me it looks like a beautiful rose gold. In fact, I pretty much always wear this one over a pink-toned eye look and it’s lovely! However, my friend Ana (who has slightly darker and warmer toned skin than me) has said that she gets the same effect from a different color, Rose Gold Retro, as I do with this one. It really depends on your skin tone exactly what color these will show up as – but all of them are beautiful on everyone in my opinion!



Enchantress is one of my newest shades and I completely love it. It’s a really pretty coral peach with gold glitter and I think it’s a perfect summery color. Similar to Kitten Karma, there’s a slightly darker version of this one called Coral Crush, which I think would give a similar effect on people who are more warm toned or have darker skin than I do. Both of them are super pretty!



Perlina is also a new favorite. I bought this one when my Sephora was out of Diamond Dust, hoping for a similar effect – it’s definitely similar but this one is more white than silver like Diamond Dust. This one is also one of the duochrome shades! The photo doesn’t really even do it justice – in real life it’s all holographic with specks of purple, blue, green – it’s seriously STUNNING. In sunlight it looks like I have shiny sparkly iridescent rainbows on my eyes. It’s amazing.



Finally, Ballet Baby is also a new addition. I probably wear this one the least but I still love it! It’s a light pink that’s slightly more sheer than the others, with silver sparkle. This one is definitely more subtle than the other colors I have, which makes it great for work! I also think this would be a good one for people who are scared of glitter because it’s much more of an understated color…as understated as glitter can be, of course!

Also, look at what my hand looked like at the end of all this swatching…


It stays put during the day but they are kind of a mess to get off haha. Have plenty of makeup wipes handy!!


These shadows are sold at Sephora and Stila’s website for $24 each, but Stila regularly has sales (they recently had a 50% off sale during which I picked up 3 new colors). They also have a few shades exclusive to the Stila website. Honestly I’m completely obsessed with these and I love every shade that I’ve purchased. I’ve been trying to cut back on buying makeup in 2018 because I have so much that I don’t use, and these have been the only new makeup products I’ve bought this year! I wear them pretty much every day and love them so much 🙂 I seriously get so many compliments every time I wear these and everyone is always curious what product it is! I’ve preached the gospel of Stila to so many people at this point haha

And that’s all for that review! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you end up trying out any Stila shadows… I know I’ll be getting more eventually! Thank you for reading! 🙂



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