Our Honeymoon – Day 2 – From CA to HI

This is post #2 in my series all about our honeymoon! If you haven’t already, make sure you read day 1 first 🙂 All posts will be listed here!

Day 2 – Sunday, February 4

After such a fun-filled (but tiring!) first day at Disneyland, we were ready for more excitement on our second day. We woke up bright and early and left our beautiful villa to drop our luggage off at the front desk. Then it was back over to Disneyland! And we had something super fun to do today – we were taking the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour!!


Since we had the 9:30am tour, we had some time before to grab some breakfast. And I knew just where I wanted to go… my favorite place, New Orleans Square of course!


We grabbed some of my favorite Mickey beignets from the Mint Julep and then headed back to the front of the park.


On the way we popped into the Emporium to check on the merch situation – I found this super cute sweatshirt that I wanted but I didn’t think I would have room in my suitcase so I didn’t get it 😟


There wasn’t too much time for shopping though, so we headed to the guided tours location to check in.


Since I already wrote a full review post on this tour, I won’t go into all the details here – but rest assured we absolutely loved it! If you haven’t already, you can read that post here.

After the tour we really wanted to spend some more time at Disneyland, but we had to head out pretty much right away! We had so much fun but unfortunately our second day was also our final day in Disneyland for this trip, because we were headed to Hawaii to start another adventure! For this reason we tried to make this short stop-over in California as special as possible…and I think we did a pretty good job! In just a day and a half we went on a few new attractions and some old favorites, stayed at a beautiful new hotel, ate at Club 33 (!!!) and took an amazing tour. We were sad to leave after such a short time there, but we’ll be back soon enough 😉 And I think at the time we were honestly flying through everything so fast that I don’t think we even realized that we were leaving yet haha

So anyway. After the tour, we thanked our tour guide profusely again and we were on our way. I also had to take a picture next to the Disneyland GR sign since I work at WDW GR 😎


We had to head out because we were getting short on time so we started the walk back to our hotel. We walked through DCA because I wanted to look for a sweatshirt that I had seen earlier, but they didn’t have it anywhere 😭 Don’t worry, I bought it on the Shop Disney Parks app later on haha

Repping WDW with my Spaceship Earth sneaks while we waited for our bus!

We headed back to our hotel and picked up our bags and said bye to the beautiful Grand Californian. Hopefully we get another chance to stay there in the future!


Then it was time to wait for their Magical Express to the airport. Their Magical Express isn’t like Walt Disney World’s, btw – you have to pay for it. We had purchased tickets in advance though so it wasn’t an issue! We sat there waiting for our pickup which was sad, but honestly not that sad because we were on our way to somewhere else just as exciting!!

on our way out we waved to our original fave, the Disneyland Hotel. We stayed there on our first trip!

The ride to the airport was quick and easy with our prepurchased tickets. I ate my Matterhorn macaroon as a last little souvenir from Disneyland!


Chris and I were just chatting about all our favorite moments from the last few days and what we were most excited for in Hawaii. We were still just so happy to be together and feeling pretty amazing!!

We got to LAX and actually breezed through security which somehow had no line??? It was a honeymoon miracle. Our gate was also LITERALLY right next to a Starbucks which was highly convenient. While we waited I facetimed my parents to chat a little bit and tell them about our adventures so far. Before long we were boarding our next flight!!!


We were SO excited to go to Hawaii because it was a completely new place for both of us. The flight there was fun but long!


It was a HUGE plane, and it was really cool to fly over the sunset.

Those are horrible photos but you get it. They also had a delicious cheese plate:


I enjoyed my chocolates from Club 33 on the flight as well. A really cool thing about this flight was that Delta has in-flight messaging for everybody so I could still text my friends while we were in the air! Technology is amazing. They also had a really cool flight tracker on the screens where we could see our flight path!


Right in the middle of the ocean. It was Chris’s first time flying over the ocean and he was a bit freaked out haha but it was fine. There were also a lot of annoying people on this flight because…we were flying DURING the Super Bowl. I could not possibly care about sports any less than I do, but apparently it was really important to some people that they be able to watch the Super Bowl in flight. Unfortunately for those people, our satellite service that was livestreaming the game cut off one we started flying further out over the ocean. People kept complaining to our flight attendants about it and I’m like…do you realize what you are complaining about right now?? That your FREE service to watch live tv in a plane over the middle of the OCEAN isn’t working? Cry me a river seriously haha it was so annoying. I took a nap and when I woke up they told us the Eagles won so like, that’s that I guess. I literally do not care so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway! We were able to easily nap because it was a pretty long flight and they gave us some nice pillows and blankies. Towards the end of the flight they brought around a little paper for us to fill out where we had to declare if we were bringing anything weird into Hawaii, and why we were visiting. I found it funny that the very first option was “Honeymoon”:


Oh yeah, and they had these weird purple lights on in the plane. It was wild.


After we filled out our forms Chris and I looked at the in-flight movie selections and we saw they had Thor Ragnarok! So we plugged in our headphones and pressed play at the same time so we could watch together. It was cute.


I know this is all so thrilling but it’s coming to an end here because soon we landed in Hawaii!!! The first island we were visiting was Kauai, where we landed in Lihue! Thanks to the time difference it was around 8:30 when we landed, and we got off the plane and headed to pick up our rental car. We were amazed that the airport was OPEN AIR like there were just birds flying all around in it!! It was pretty dark so we couldn’t fully appreciate the beauty of Kauai just yet – but we would.

We quickly got our rental car and were on our way to our hotel. We were staying at a SUPER cute local place just a few minutes from the airport. Of course, the entire island is pretty small so it didn’t feel like anything was super far away! We couldn’t really see anything because there were no street lights and it was super dark because mostly everything was closed! At like 9:30pm! But we made found our way to our hotel pretty quickly. Our home for the next two nights was the Garden Island Inn. We checked in and got our key and she showed us to our room, #17!





The entire place was quaint, charming, and adorable – I seriously fell in love the second I went in.



Just look at this beautiful shower!! And this beautiful bedspread!!!



They also even left some snacks for us – so cute!


There was tons of beautiful artwork on the walls too, and the hotel staff later told us that the doors were all hand painted as well. It was amazing!


We didn’t have much time to get comfy though because were HUNGRY and the only place we could find open was a Pizza Hut that was about to close! So we quickly placed an online order and buzzed over to pick it up.


Only the best for our honeymoon.


We enjoyed our pizza and then once we sat down realized how tired we were! It was only about 10pm, but all the time changes in the past few days were really starting to get to us, especially after a long day of travel. So we finished up our late night snack and quickly fell asleep, ready for our next day of adventures in the morning!!

That’s all for this post!! Of course it wasn’t as long as day 1 because it was mostly a travel day, but I hope you still got some enjoyment out of it 🙂 Thanks for reading as always and if you’re interested in some more reading material you can always check out my trip report from our first trip to Disneyland, or any of my many wedding posts ❤ see you in the next one!



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