California Trip Packing & Prep!

I’m in the last few days leading up to my next vacation, and this will probably be the last post I get to put up before I’m off to California!! I have at least one post queued up that will post when I’m gone, but this will be the last one before I actually leave. And I actually have something exciting for this post…a video!

I decided that since I got this fancy new vlogging camera, I should probably practice a little bit and get used to it before busting it out for the first time on our trip! I didn’t know if I was going to end up even posting this but I decided to just do it. This is also the official debut of my youtube channel! Hooray!

I wanted to write an accompanying blog post with links to everything I talk about and basically rephrasing the things I say in the video too I guess…haha. Still figuring out the best way to do everything I guess! I don’t have a fancy intro or anything like that yet, just me talking to myself 🙂

But anyway. I basically just wanted to get used to talking into a camera and I figured a good way to practice would be to tell you about my trip! This post will basically cover the same things as the video with a few more links and details. Like I said in the video, we’re going on an amazing trip to California for 10 days! I’m going with my two best friends, Sarah and Ana – you may remember them from previous trips or my wedding photos!


We’ll be in California for 10 days, starting in San Francisco, road tripping down to LA, and finally ending with 5 days at Disneyland!! Neither of the girls have been to California before and I am so excited, especially to go to Disneyland with them for the first time.

I also wanted to show you what all I’m taking with me:


It feels like I’m taking a lot but I’m really not? I have one checked bag and two carry-ons – my purse and backpack.


My purse obviously I’m still using so it’s not all packed up yet, but it will have my laptop inside, and of course my wallet and other necessities. My purse is Kate Spade and my laptop case is from Amazon!

Moving on to my backpack:


My backpack is this beautiful Leia bag by State! Sarah and Ana gave it to me for Christmas last year, making it even more perfect for this occasion ❤ Inside I have my electronics case, makeup bag, headphones, makeup brushes, camera case and a few other things.


I’ve written about what’s in my travel makeup bag (mine’s from Sephora) before here – that’s probably due for an update though, almost everything inside is different now haha


My makeup brush holder and camera case are both also from Amazon.

Inside my electronics case (from Amazon too… I have a problem):


I just got this little case and I seriously LOVE it. It holds everything I need and is small enough to shove in my carry-on. And it’s pink!


So then on to the big one – my STUNNING lavender luggage from Away!


You may remember my review of my cute pink carry-on from Away that I took on our honeymoon. I LOVE that bag, so much so that I bought a checked bag from them too! I couldn’t resist this limited edition lavender color – so pretty. This size is the Medium.


Opening it up – we have the little compression pocket on the right side. I like to put my ears in there so they lay flat and don’t get damaged.


Flipping it up, on the right side I have all my clothes:


I use packing cubes for mostly everything that will fit. Along the right side are some bigger skirts that took up too much space to be shoved in a cube. Smallest cube has my swimsuit and coverup:


Medium sized cube has all my tops:


And the biggest one has bottoms:


In total, I was able to fit in 9 tops, 6 skirts, 2 leggings, 1 jeans, 2 shorts, 1 dress, and swimwear in this side of the bag!

On the other side is basically everything else:


Here I have the white bag with all my undergarments in it, my toiletry bag, textbook, small backpack and shoes.


This is my gigantic toiletry bag. I originally intended to carry this on but it doesn’t fit in my backpack! Checking it is easier anyway and it fits inside the checked bag just fine. Inside is literally EVERYTHING I need:


It has the big main compartment with lots of sections to put things, as well as side pockets and a clear one on top. I was able to fit everything I needed and could probably shove a few more things in.


Just to list it all out – inside is my toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush, bobby pins, clips, hair ties, dry shampoo, heat protectant, cotton pads, toner, 2 moisturizers, cleanser, micellar water, 2 sunscreens, lotion, eye cream, nail file, a loofah, makeup wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, and contacts. It seriously fits EVERYTHING!! Of course – most of these things are still travel sized items. Even though I am checking it and could bring full-size toiletries if I needed to, I like to use travel sized ones just so I can fit everything in better.

Anyway – the only other things in there are my textbook (which I have to take because my teacher is not letting us work ahead :|), small backpack, and shoes! Inside my backpack is also my straightener because it wouldn’t fit anywhere else.


And that’s…pretty much everything!

I mostly wanted to write this to go into more detail about all the things I’m taking with and to have a reason to post my “practice” vlog 🙂 And honestly, it was fun and not that much work so I hope you enjoyed it too haha. I am SO excited for this trip and I can’t wait to document it all!! Like I said, I’m going to try to post a few things while I’m gone so it’s not super quiet here but obviously it will pick back up again once I return too. Thank you for reading/watching (!) as always!



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