Making Our GHOST Relations Halloween Costumes

It may only be September but it’s Halloween time already at Walt Disney World! Chris and I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this week and I was so excited to unveil our costumes this year…GHOST Relations cast members!


Also, btw, I’m writing most of this post ahead of time – I’m on vacation in California in real time right now but I wanted to post about this while I was gone so there was some content here haha so hello from the past!


Anyway – the idea for Ghost Relations first came to me last year:

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 18.41.41.png

Now, a year later, I’m still in GR and I still wanted to do this costume. Well, I didn’t learn how to sew but I do know how to buy things online. I thought about the pieces of my real GR costume and what I would need to pull off a spooky version:

  • shirt
  • skirt
  • vest
  • scarf
  • D pin and name tag
  • shoes
  • spooky makeup

I decided that I had or could buy all of those things and this costume was officially within reach. When I told Chris about it, he wanted to do it too!! We just needed to do a little shopping…

I knew the skirt, shirts, and Chris’s pants would be easy. I was most worried about the vest, my scarf/Chris’s tie, and our pins and name tags – so, basically everything else, I guess. The first major thing I needed to look for was our vests. Surprisingly, there is a real shortage of black and white plaid vests online anywhere! Most of the ones I could find were ~fashion~ vests or the plaid pattern was too big. Finally, I found this one on some random website through the Google Shopping search:


I had never heard of this brand, Krisar Clothing, and I was a bit sketched out about buying from some random place. I looked elsewhere to see if there was ANYTHING else suitable from Amazon or something, but this was truly the only one that really fit my vision. It was also only available in men’s sizes, so I was kind of winging it when it came to figuring out my size. The vest itself had a few positive reviews and was a great price so I decided to go for it. I ordered two of them and was SO happy with what arrived in our mailbox a few days later!


It’s seriously perfect!! It was exactly what I’d hoped for and the costume was already starting to come together! I ordered an extra small and it’s a bit wide in the back but it actually fit surprisingly well. The skirt I have is a simple black pencil skirt from Amazon – no need to get too fancy there.

For our D pins and name tags I also turned to the internet. I found an Etsy seller that makes plastic Disney D pins that seemed perfect! The shop also had this pin intended to look like the actual Guest Relations D pin but I didn’t think gold would look right for our purposes. I decided to order two of the regular D brooches in the glow in the dark color – and here’s how they turned out:

Again, these are absolutely PERFECT and just what I wanted!! They’re a bit bigger than a real Guest Relations pin which makes them perfect for a costume. These are extremely high quality and they look amazing in the dark! I’m seriously so pleased with this purchase. And I intend to buy from this shop again because she has some really cool Disneyland-style D pins that I think would make for cute accessories!

Next up was the name tags. For these, I wanted them to be oversized and obviously fake – I didn’t want us to wear anything that could be mistaken for an actual Disney costume or something. I decided the best way would be to make them. Remembering the craft foam I used for our Disney Cruise door magnets, I thought it would make a good choice for our name tags. I also decided to write “Ghost Relations” instead of our actual names, and I used some spooky looking stickers for that. I got all this stuff at Joann’s for pretty cheap.

I used my real name tag to trace a starter template, and then just cut it a bit bigger to get the shape I wanted. This turned out to be more difficult than I expected and I quickly ended up with many misshapen name tags.

Finally I had two that I was happy enough with, and I just put the stickers on to spell out Ghost Relations 🙂


I covered the whole thing with some clear packing tape to make sure the letters stayed on.

Finally, we attached some magnets to the back to be able to attach them to our vests! I’m so happy with how these turned out as well – they’re a little shoddy, but it’s a costume so who cares. And again, I probably could have made these more realistic by adding our real names or other details, but I wanted it to be extremely clear that this was a costume and we were not actually at work haha

Almost done now! At first I was going to try to find some cool fabric to use as a scarf and tie, but I realized that would require me to know how to make a tie…which I do not. We decided to go easy on ourselves and just use solid black. I bought this silky scarf on Amazon and Chris already had a black tie, so that was easy. The scarf was square shaped so I needed to do some surgery to make it work. I just cut it into a rectangle using my actual GR scarf as a template.

I did it in kind of a pants shape so it would be long enough to go around my neck. Then I very gently used a lighter to burn all the edges to keep them from fraying. And it was done!


Everything is coming together!! The costume itself was done at this point, I just had to focus on the makeup. I just wanted to do a generic “dead” look that was similar to what I actually wear every day, just spookier. I found a lot of ideas on youtube, specifically this video and this video. I kinda just messed around til it looked how I wanted. I am so happy with how it turned out!!!


This pic was taken in the sun so my skin looks not as pale as it did in real life haha. Like I said I was kind of just messing around so I played with a lot of different products but here’s a list of mostly everything I used:

On the night of the party I was soooo excited to get our costumes on! They turned out exactly how I’d hoped and they were such a hit!!


We got tons of compliments, especially from cast members! We also had a bunch of guests come up to us asking us questions because they thought we actually worked there hahaha I guess even with our fake name tags it wasn’t enough to make it obvious we weren’t at work.

ACS_0062 2.jpg

I am so happy with how our costumes turned out. I don’t think we can ever top this haha! I love them so much and have gotten so many nice comments about them from everyone (thank you!!) We had so much fun going to the party as Ghost Relations cast members 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post! If this inspires you to do a similar costume please share with me, I would love to see someone else’s take on this! Thank you for reading and happy Halloween! ❤


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