How to Deep Clean a Beauty Blender

Like any makeup addict, I swear by and adore my Beauty Blender. Also like any makeup addict, I HATE cleaning my makeup brushes and the same goes for my makeup sponges. It’s especially important to wash out sponges regularly because they can grow bacteria so easily, but sometimes it seems like nothing can get them truly clean again. Today I have a super easy and relatively quick method to get your beauty blenders sparkling clean again!! I was taught this method by my friend Ana, who also turned me into a beauty blender fan to begin with, so she’s something of an expert on the subject.


Starting off with my dirty sponges…I have two Beauty Blenders, one pink and one nude, and also a Real Techniques blending sponge. I don’t normally wash them all at once, but for the purposes of this post we’re going to ¯\_()_/¯

For this activity you will need the following:


  • baking soda
  • dish soap
  • paper towels
  • a plastic cup
  • water…..

Before anything you should make sure you have completely bare hands – this is going to get messy.

keep these beauties safe!

I suggest setting out a folded paper towel next to the sink so you can place your beauty blenders there after cleaning.  Start off by just wetting the beauty blenders under running water to get them ready.


In the plastic cup, pour in a bit of baking soda – you can see below about how much I put. Don’t worry about measuring it out or anything, just eyeball it.


Next go ahead and throw a bit of dish soap in there. You don’t wanna put too much – just enough for a little layer on top of the baking soda. We’re going to make a paste out of the two to really clean out the sponges. Then add just the tiniest bit of water to it. Seriously just turn the water on and run the cup under it briefly, you do NOT need a lot. This is just to moisten it a bit so it’s easier to mix.

soap and water
I know these photos of the inside of a cup are really thrilling hahaha

Now for the messy part! Toss your beauty blender into the cup and start swooshing it around. If this grosses you out you can wear gloves but I just use my hands haha. For really dirty spots, you can put a drop or two of dish soap directly onto the beauty blender to make sure it gets really clean.


You want to really rub it all over the beauty blender. The baking soda isn’t going to lather so the bb might feel a little hard, but the soap will help it get a little sudsy. Smush it allllll into the blender!!!


You’ll be able to tell when it starts working because the water is going to turn the color of your foundation…it is gross looking hahaha but also very satisfying to see! Once your bb is sufficiently clean you can start rinsing. You will probably need to rinse for a LONG time as there is a lot of soap in the beauty blender…and it is a sponge after all.


Just rinse until you can squeeze it and the bubbles that come out are water instead of suds. Once you hit that point, you’re done!! Lay it out to dry on the paper towel.


One down, two to go!

Then you’ll just repeat the same process with any other blenders. You can use the same cup, just add a bit more baking soda or dish soap as needed to make more of the paste. Avoid adding much water because you don’t wanna water down the mixture at all.



All clean!


The Real Techniques one held on to a lot more soap for some reason so I had to rinse it a bit longer than the other two, but it all worked out in the end.




Once you’re done, all you have to do is leave them out to dry! I like to leave mine on a paper towel in the window to dry. I let mine dry for at least a day. Once they’re completely dried out they’re ready to use again 🙂


That’s how I clean my beauty blenders! I do a deep clean like this every week or so, and I rinse them out every few days just to keep them from looking too dingy. I may or may not have bought the nude one because you can’t see the stains as much as you can on the pink one hahaha

before after.png

I know this is a very niche subject but I hope the makeup lovers among my blog readers enjoyed this post! Do you have a method you like for cleaning beauty blenders? I’m curious about the solid cleanser they sell…maybe I’ll have to give it a try next time!!

Thanks for reading, as always! ❤ Kaela

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