Friday Favorites #11 – 3/31

Welcome to this week’s Friday Favorites ❤ It’s been a busy week because I’ve been at Disney University training for Guest Relations, but I still have a few favorites!

Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57


I’m in the process of buying all new makeup brushes, which is a bit of an undertaking. I basically bought a cheap set of a bunch of different ones, so I can figure out which ones I like, and now I’m slowly going through and buying nice high end versions of the ones I use a lot. I recently got this Sephora concealer brush and it is a dream. I was previously using my beauty blender to blend my concealer but I find this moves around the product much less, and my concealer hasn’t been creasing as much around my eyes since I started using it. Shoutout to the Sephora employee who turned me on to this because I love it haha

Wearing Real People Clothes & Getting Out of Work Early

Like I said, I’ve been training every day this week in classes at Disney University! These classes are all offered in the morning, so I’ve been in starting at 8:30 every day. I HATE waking up early…but I love being home so early in the afternoon haha. I’ve had so much time to myself and to hang out with Teddy and write for my blog, it’s amazing! And that combined with the fact that I’ve been wearing business casual all week and having nutritional smoothies every day…I’m practically a real adult!!!

The Office


Okay so with my newfound free time after work, I started watching The Office on Netflix again and I LITERALLY FORGOT how funny this show is. Like….idk it’s been a while since I watched the whole series all the way through and it’s just so good. The old episodes are so funny, and everybody is so young!! They just don’t make em like this anymore!!!

My New Apple Watch


I finally completed my Apple obsession with an Apple Watch!! Okay so I’d been wanting an Apple Watch for a while now, but could never take the plunge. My mom found an amazing deal at Target on the one I wanted..and now I am the proud owner of a beautiful rose gold Apple Watch! And now that I have it I kind of hate myself because I have way too many Apple devices lol I’m typing this on my Macbook and watching tv on my ipad while my watch and iphone are charging….literally why am I so annoying hahahaha

Here’s this week’s cute Teddy photo:


That’s all I have for you this week! I think I may start doing these every other week instead of every week, just for the sake of having more items in each post and being less repetitive haha. But we will see. I hope you had a great week and will have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading 🙂

<3, Kaela


  1. We saw you entering the cafeteria at Disney University on our way out of Company D the other day! Too many people to say hello ! Lol


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