Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2017

This is going to be the first of many beauty box posts in the next week or so, because they all arrived within 2 days of each other this month…so get ready! I decided to start with the Walmart Beauty Box, because (spoiler alert)….it’s the most disappointing one haha but let me not get ahead of myself – here’s the Walmart Beauty Box for spring:


Walmart Beauty Box

  • Cost: $5 – the box’s premise is that you pay the $5 for shipping, and the “samples” are free
  • Frequency: Quarterly subscription
  • Type of products: Deluxe samples mostly, sometimes foil samples. Mostly body and shower products, but occasionally skincare and makeup too
  • Reviews from my previous boxes here 🙂

box inside

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Walmart box pretty much since I first subscribed haha. My main issue is that they usually include a lot of shower & bath products over anything else, and very few makeup items – which, for me, is the main reason I subscribe to boxes like this. I have a spreadsheet where I track all the things I get from boxes (I know, don’t make fun of me haha) and you can see that nearly half of the products from Walmart boxes are shower items:


Like I said…that’s fine, but how many shampoos does one person really need? And it’s kind of disappointing to get so many different bath and shower products every month when I really want makeup!!

I also track other things on my spreadsheet like average number of items per box and the average value of boxes…I know it’s really nerdy and extra, but I find this kind of thing really interesting so if you do too, let me know and maybe I’ll show you my spreadsheet haha

Anyway…moving on to the items!

box open

Inside we see a few different products and samples.


Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub
$1.44 value

I was very hestitant about this one because any kind of scrub usually is really harsh on my skin. This one even touts baking soda as an ingredient which is worrisome – don’t buy into all those “pinterest hacks” that recommend putting stuff like lemon juice and baking soda and vinegar on your face, it’s awful for your skin!!! Physically scrubbing your face with chemicals is not going to get rid of acne, it’s just going to irritate the skin more. All that being said, I tried this scrub out so I didn’t just write it off without testing…and it was actually not bad. It wasn’t nearly as harsh as I was expecting! I don’t know if I’ll be running to buy this again or even use up the whole tube, but it was much better than I expected.

john freida

John Freida Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner
$0.97 value

I feel like it’s weird to send out a conditioner and not a shampoo, but ah well haha. This one didn’t really do much for my hair but my hair is also not really “dry and unmanageable”. I didn’t dislike it, but I’m not rushing to buy it again either. It’s neither here nor there for me.


Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer
$2.30 value

I AM SO ANNOYED THAT I HAVE THIS!!! I received LITERALLY the exact same thing in my Target box last month and I’ve talked MANY times about how much I hate wet skin moisturizers and I keep getting them!!! To me there is just not anything fun about applying lotion to skin that is still wet. It feels weird and slimy and I don’t like it. The part of this product where it’s supposed to give you a gradual tan also sucks, it just made my legs look streaky and dirty haha. I don’t know why everybody keeps sending out variations of the same products but alas, here we are


Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultra Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
$1.18 value

I recognize this Schwarzkopf brand from Project Runway but don’t know anything else about it. This shampoo and conditioner are fine, but I feel pretty much the same as I did about the John Freida – my hair isn’t dry or stressed so it didn’t do anything special. I’m probably a bad judge of hair products because I’m not super partial to any particular brands, I kinda just use whatever is sent to me. Which is also why I haven’t actually purchased shampoo in like 2 years lol

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Luminous Hydration Facial Oil
$0.30 value

This just seems so silly to me lol…it’s literally just pure coconut oil I guess. I have a jar of this stuff on my vanity right now. I didn’t really feel like this did much for me as far as “luminizing”. It does smell good though, so I guess that’s a plus?

The box also came with two truly “sample” sized items, a foundation and a moisturizer:


Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation – foil sample/coupon
$0.25 value
Palmer’s Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer – foil sample
$0.90 value

The coconut oil moisturizer was fine, nothing special, and the foundation was too dark for me so I wasn’t able to use it. That photo actually illustrates one of my main gripes about the Walmart box – it aggravates me to receive such a small amount of product and have them call it a sample. I’ve gotten foundation samples in store from Sephora that have 3x the amount of product as that Rimmel packet, AND they were in my shade. Sending out a mass produced sample in a beauty box just seems kind of pointless because I’d bet that the vast majority of people who get this box won’t even be able to use the shade. I just don’t really get the purpose of including such useless items haha like I get it…it’s a “sample” box…but it’s just kind of annoying to me haha

The other thing that annoys me about the Walmart box is how many repeat items I get, not only from other boxes but within Walmart’s own boxes from the last few months as well. It just looks super lazy to me…you really couldn’t find ANY other items to use? I understand that the Walmart box is part of a brandshare program so they recycle brands a lot, but it’s so irritating to get the exact same products multiple times.


Value & Verdict

So, the final value of this box is a whopping $7.34. Which is….honestly like, nothing haha I know I only paid $5 for this but…really? I’ve been turned off to the Walmart box for a little while now but I think I might actually go ahead and cancel it. It’s kind of turned into one of those things where I’m not getting anything out of it, but I justify it to myself that it’s “only” $5 so I can’t be bothered to cancel it. But honestly, there is nothing in this box that I love and can’t live without, and it feels like I could be spending that $5 elsewhere on products I actually like! Sorry Walmart box </3

It feels weird to be writing such a negative post about a beauty box haha but…it had to be done in this case! If you like receiving lots of different shower or body products this might be a good box for you, but it’s just not a good fit for me!

Regardless, I hope you liked this post! If you want to see some boxes that I actually liked, check out some of my other beauty box reviews. And thank you for reading! 🙂

❤ Kaela

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