May 2017 Favorites

Happy June! I was really excited to write about my favorites for this month. I also meant to put this post up yesterday but time got away from me and here we are haha. Since I decided to start writing this monthly instead of weekly, I’ve actually had time to really form a nice list of favorite things! I have a lot of fun stuff to share – hope you love all of it too 🙂


Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Okay so I was recommended this water bottle by a bunch of people and I thought our week in the parks was a great time to try out a new water bottle. This thing is AMAZING. I filled my bottle with cold water when we left the house and it was still cold 12 hours later. I even refilled it with a cup of ice water and the ice was still floating in it for several hours!!! Amazing. I got it in the 21 oz size in the color Raspberry and I’m so obsessed. I only wish it had a straw instead of a twist-on cap but I saw on Amazon that you can buy a straw cap for it so I might have to check that out!


Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette

I loved this palette so much that I wrote a whole post about it already. It’s so beautiful!! I’ve used it every day pretty much since I got it and it’s extremely versatile – I can use it for a very basic neutral work-appropriate face, or jazz it up a bit more for a day off. It’s definitely one of my new favorites.


RuPaul’s Drag Race

I’m not sure why I didn’t start watching Drag Race before right now because it’s honestly exactly the type of show I love to watch. It’s a competitive reality show about drag queens. What’s not to love?? I randomly started watching with season 5 (because that’s the first one that’s available for streaming on Amazon) and immediately became obsessed. I’ve since watched all of seasons 5-8, caught up on what’s currently airing of 9, all the Untucked’s in between and I’m watching season 4 now. Why am I so obsessed with it??? I don’t know. If you watch Drag Race please talk to me about it because I feel like nobody watches it and I need to discuss my favs lol

“Jenny” Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing in Mary Blair Pink Umbrellas Print

I bought this skirt as a gift to myself for my birthday – they were having a sitewide sale and I had been wanting a skirt from their Mary Blair line for ages, so I took the plunge. And I am SO happy with my purchase!! I wore it when Sarah & Ana were here on one of my Magic Kingdom days and got so many compliments. It’s so beautiful and lovely!! It also fits like a dream and is soooo comfortable. I’m so happy with it and I honestly wanna get another one haha



This one is going to be a bit weird but I used it and loved it this month so it’s going in the favorites!! Rover is an app used to find doggy caretakers in your area. Since my friends were here this month and Teddy sadly couldn’t stay in a Disney hotel with us, I had to find someone to take care of him for a few days. I used Rover to find an amazing sitter for him that lives right up the road from me! I was worried leaving him with someone else for the first time since I got him, but she was fabulous and sent me tons of photo updates of my pup. This link will let you sign up for Rover and get a $20 credit free for you AND me if you sign up… check it out for your puppy!!


Sephora Collection “Dry Clean” Instant Dry Brush Cleaner Spray

This little spray is so cool! I bought it at the recommendation of a friend and it’s honestly pretty life-changing?? All you have to do is spray a dirty brush and wipe it on a paper towel – and it’s clean. Just like that. Obviously it’s meant for quick cleans between uses rather than like DEEP cleaning with dish soap and all that, but it’s pretty amazing! I used it to clean all my eye brushes and it left them perfectly clean and soft, and my face brushes still were a bit dirty but looked pretty good for the most part. It’s definitely a game changer.


Target Women’s Medium Tote Bag

The title of this is so nondescript but this item is also pretty generic so it’s fine. I got this bag this month because I was looking for a new bag to carry to work. This is exactly what I was looking for and it’s super versatile to use for other things too! I also used it to carry Teddy’s items to his slumber party this month. The inside is roomy with a lot of pockets and I like that it’s slightly shiny too. It also comes in lots of different colors!!



I started using Poshmark a few months ago to try and sell some of my old clothing items that I no longer wear. I was really skeptical at first, like does anyone actually buy stuff off of these things? But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was super easy and I’ve made a lot of sales! Some of the stuff has been for significantly less than I paid for it, but I went into it with the mindset of getting rid of stuff rather than making money, so as long as it’s gone I’m happy. I’ve made almost $100 so far and they have tons of how-to guides so it’s super easy to use. You can browse my Poshmark here if you’re interested or you can join and we’ll both get $5 if you use my referral code “PGIQU” 😀

– – –

That’s all for my favorites for the month of May! I think I definitely prefer doing it this format rather than weekly so I can actually have time to curate some opinions better. I hope you enjoyed this post – be sure to check back for more like it in the next few weeks 🙂 see you next time!

❤ Kaela

PS: Today’s June 2, meaning it’s exactly 8 months until Chris and I get married!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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