Review: The Beauty Spatula

Continuing my trend of doing review posts for individual items, today I have a review of another recent addition to my collection. In this post I’ll be reviewing the Beauty Spatula:


The full name is the “Every Drop Beauty Spatula”, named as such because it’s designed to help you get every drop out of your makeup! The idea is that you can use it to scoop out  makeup product at the end of the bottle that’s difficult to get out. I’ve been meaning to buy this or something like it for a while and I finally took the plunge and got it for a whopping $5.64 on Amazon.

The item itself is a long, thin plastic rod with a tiny triangular pink spatula on the end:

whole thing

The spatula is flexible and very thin, and designed to get into any container and scoop out the unreachable product.


It’s about 8 inches long – which I feel like is more than long enough for almost any product container!

8 inches

The packaging has some useful information about how to use it (which…is self explanatory lol) as well as cleaning instructions.


I find it humorous that they said not to put it in the dishwasher because people like me would definitely try to put it in the dishwasher. I once put a Mickey straw in there and it came out looking like a piece of modern art all twisted around itself. Never again.

I knew exactly what I product I wanted to use to test out the Beauty Spatula… I’ve just about finished my Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, which is very sad because I LOVE it. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to test out the spatula and get a few more uses of the product.

The foundation comes in a pump container, which I prefer to many other types of foundation packaging, but it’s still pretty impossible to get every bit of product out. I also thought this one would be particularly challenging because of the way it’s got a double layered container – it has the clear part with the words printed on it and then the inner jar that actually has the foundation in it.


Look at the dark abyss inside this jar. No way I was gonna be able to even see in there to get the product out without this spatula lol


I carefully unscrewed and removed the cap and placed it off to the side. I had a feeling this was going to be a messy task, so I prepared by laying down some tissues on my workstation.


Here goes nothin! In goes the spatula…


Out comes foundation! It went pretty smoothly, as expected – I would say the scoop gave me about the amount that comes out normally in one pump of foundation. I normally use about 3 pumps, so I went ahead and just scooped this on to my face.


But then…as I was there happily applying my foundation…tragedy struck….

The Naked Skin foundation is a very thin consistency and I would even say it’s a bit runny. As I lifted the spatula to my face to apply it… some of the product DRIPPED off…INTO my EYESHADOW PALETTE!!!!

tragedy struck

RIP!!!!! It was honestly so dramatic and stupid, I felt like I saw it happening in slow motion LOL I gasped out loud, and then quickly grabbed a tissue to clean it up. I wiped off all the drips and only lost a little bit of shadow in the process. It was truly, truly tragic lol

scene of hte crime

My work station looked like a crime scene lol. I carefully cleaned up a bit and finished applying my foundation. I used three “scoops” with the spatula, and applied it more quickly and carefully than before to prevent more drippage.

Overall it was pretty quick and painless to use the spatula to scoop out product – I think it was just this particular foundation that caused trouble for me due to its consistency. It definitely wasn’t the fault of the spatula or anything haha

After I had finished my makeup, the Beauty Spatula looked a little worse for wear, but it was nothing a quick wash couldn’t fix. I washed and rinsed according to the directions on the packaging, using room temperature soapy water:


And it came out good as new!


My final verdict on the Beauty Spatula is that it’s a pretty handy little tool. I think I’ll get a lot of great use out of it, especially for foundations, to get more product out of things I would have thrown away otherwise. And when you spend as much money as I do on makeup, getting your money’s worth is important haha

That’s all for my review of the Beauty Spatula!! You can buy it here on Amazon. Would you or have you tried a product like this? Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed 🙂

❤ Kaela

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