My Wedding Planner

Today’s post is inspired by the fact that Chris and I officially booked our wedding venue today!!! The Chraela wedding will be February 2, 2018! 🙂 In this post I’ll be talking all about my Erin Condren Wedding Planner.

After we got engaged, I was super excited to jump into wedding planning. I am a planner in every sense of the word. I use a binder-style planner with inserts to keep my life together, and I’m sure at some point on this blog I will have some posts dedicated to my spreadsheet obsession. I’m a very hands-on, plan-it-yourself type of person, and I knew I would need something special for our wedding planning.


I stumbled upon the Erin Condren wedding planner before we were ever engaged. I’d researched other planners to make sure I wasn’t jumping the gun, but I kept coming back to this one. I just love how pretty it is while also being extremely thorough – if I’m anything when I’m planning, it’s thorough 😉

Before we start, I must share with you my only hesitation in getting the EC wedding planner – the price. These planners START at $55. You can also get other add-ons like a pretty rose gold coil, a metallic cover, adding more months to the calendar, or other extras like stickers. It can all add up very quickly. I chose to get one because I know I’ll use it, and it will make a fun keepsake to look back on after everything is said and done.

With that out of the way….here’s my thoughts on my new wedding planner!


First we have my stunning custom cover! I picked this one because our wedding colors are purple, grey, and white, and I thought the lacy pattern was so pretty and bridal. I was thinking of putting our date on it, but at the time I bought it we hadn’t officially booked our venue yet so I didn’t wanna jinx us haha. Instead, I put our wedding hashtag 🙂


The inside is also super cute!


First there’s a spread of all the months leading up to the wedding. A cool thing about this planner is that you can customize the start date for it and the month pages are blank so you can fill in the days yourself. You can also choose for it to be 12 or 24 months – I was actually really annoyed that they don’t offer an 18-month option. Since we’re not getting married til February 2018 I definitely needed more than a year, but I wouldn’t use the full 2 years…18 months would have been perfect! I ultimately decided to spring for the 24-month one so that I could start using it immediately.

After the month spreads, there’s a section called the “I Do List”:


In this section there’s a bunch of pages of lists and templates to keep everything organized. Obviously not a lot is finalized for our wedding yet so I don’t have anything written in here, but it’s very thorough:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have a wedding spreadsheet that has all of this info in it as well, but it will be nice to have a hard copy of it.

After all the checklists there’s a ton of empty lined and unlined pages for writing notes. I will probably use this section the most because I consider making lists to be at least a top 5 hobby of mine.

Finally, the planner also came with a bunch of stickers and a zippy pouch to put in any loose items.

So it’s pretty great. My only complaint about this aside from price was the shipping. I know it takes a long time to get something personalized and shipped out, but I felt like it took a long time. I placed my order on the 8th, it shipped on the 17th, and was delivered on the 22nd. I guess I’m just spoiled by Amazon Prime getting my stuff to me like 2 minutes after I’ve ordered. Shipping is also kinda expensive (imo)…it’s free once you hit $100, but the cheapest option otherwise is $7.95.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of my planner. I took it with me to the booking today and it was super handy to be able to jot down everything in one place!

If you’d like to get an EC planner too (or a notebook, or stickers, or anything else…) I humbly ask that you use my referral link to sign up – you’ll get $10 off your purchase and I’ll get $10 off a future one too 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading about my wedding planner!! I’m so excited to start filling it out now that we’ve booked and can start planning other things 🙂 the Chraela wedding will be here before we know it!

xo, Kaela

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