My Disney Dooney & Bourke Collection

I mentioned back on the What’s in My Work Bag post my love for Disney Dooney & Bourke bags. I’ve grown quite a little collection over the past few years and I’m sure it will only grow in the future. I’m up to seven (!!!) at this point and I love them all – here’s the rundown on all my Disney Dooneys 🙂

PS…check out our Christmas doggy sheets there in the background!!!
My very first Disney Dooney & Bourke bag is from way back in January of 2014. This is the Disney Sketch Nylon Crossbody:


I actually wanted to buy this on my college program but never got around to it. In January of 2014 I had just moved to Florida and gotten full time at Disney…what better excuse do I need to treat myself? Plus, I’ve mentioned in the past how cast members get a 40% holiday merchandise discount. You’ll notice throughout this post that I almost exclusively buy my bags during the months of October to February and that is no coincidence hahahaha

Anyway, the sketch pattern is one of the most popular ones, I’d say. I don’t think this exact bag is available anymore, but there’s MANY other styles. I just think the pattern is so cute and full of really classic Disney things:

It features a small pocket on the front with a snap closure. The front pocket is the perfect size to slip my phone into 🙂 The strap is light tan leather with a blue accent and a lovely matching light blue lining. One of my favorite parts is the zipper which is RAINBOW!!!!!

This bag is nicely sized for carrying just a few things. I usually don’t take my full wallet in this bag, just my ID and whatever other cards I need. Due to the size I mostly use this one for quick park days or short trips out where I only need to take the essentials!

– – –

My second bag is the Haunted Mansion Crossbody. I made this lovely purchase in October of 2014:


This pattern was originally released in just one style and everyone went CRAZY!!!!!! for it. It was sold out for months. I read about people buying a park ticket just to be able to enter Magic Kingdom and buy this bag. Craziness.


I waited patiently for a restock so I could get it with our holiday discount, and eventually the crossbody fell into my lap. This is the original first run of this pattern, so it doesn’t have the reinforced corners like the newer version does, but I’m not bothered.


It features a black leather strap, purple (!!) lining, a front zip pocket and a hangtag that I think is so classy. For me this bag is a good sized park bag – it holds everything I need without being too big or bulky. I especially love to carry this bag in the winter to match the dark clothes everyone wears. And the darkness in my heart because I hate cold weather.

– – –

My next bag is the Disneyana Walt Disney World Satchel, which I purchased in February 2015:


I absolutely LOVE this pattern! It features classic WDW icons like Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, Tower of Terror, and obviously Cinderella Castle. There’s also a Disneyland version of this pattern I guess, but at the time of purchasing it I had never been to Disneyland so obviously I got this one. I imagine it is very cute as well though.


I also especially love it because it features PLUTO instead of Goofy!!!!!!!! I have a lot of feelings about Pluto’s standard of living (namely how he has to live in a dog house and walk on all fours while Goofy gets to wear clothes and sit at the table) so it’s nice to see some representation for my preferred Disney dog:


This one has both small carrying handles as well as a detachable strap you can use to make it a crossbody, which I love. This sounds stupid but sometimes my arm gets tired from holding the two small straps lol, so it’s nice to be able to convert it into a crossbody easily. It also has the same light tan colored straps and rainbow zipper as the Nylon Sketch, and a lovely red interior:


To me this is a good sized bag for “going out”. It’s a bit big to take to the parks for extended periods of time, but I think it’s cute for a date, to take to work, or maybe even an evening or short afternoon in the park. The size makes it very versatile imo. I used this as my carryon bag on our trip to Seattle/Disneyland and it was the perfect size.

– – –

Next up is the Runway Princess Shopper Tote, purchased in December 2015:


Of course this is the one featured in my work bag post. I’d say this is the one I’ve used most often since purchasing. It has black leather straps with purple trim, and a stunning, beautiful pink lining:


As I mentioned in the What’s in My Work Bag post, I had to wait a few months to buy this bag so I could get it 40% off. It was totally worth the wait, imo!! I love everything about this bag – it’s princesses and purple and pink. It’s just so me. I obviously love this as my work bag because it’s big enough to hold everything I need (and then some). I also think it would make a great bag for traveling!

– – –

I really shouldn’t have purchased another bag so soon but I did anyway! This is the Star Wars Shopper Tote, also purchased in December 2015:


Like I said…I SHOULDN’T have purchased another bag so soon after the Princess one, but alas, here we are. I bought this right after The Force Awakens came out and I was on a big Star Wars high, and I saw this at Watto’s Grotto with my parents and both my mom and I were in awe. We ended up both getting this bag lol.


I love that the pattern features all my friends, BB8 and Rey and C3PO and R2. There’s a bit much Kylo Ren for my taste, but it’s such a cute bag anyway. The strap is a beautiful dark tan leather with blue trim, and the inside is a surprise lime green!!


This bag is another one I carried to work for a long time due to the amazingly huge size (it’s the same size as Runway Princess). Again, this obviously makes a great work bag because I can fit EVERYTHING inside, and I loved carrying this around the time the movie came out because everyone was so excited seeing it. It’s still one of my favorites and I’m definitely going to take it with to see Rogue One in December!

– – –

Next up is the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Satchel, purchased on our Disneyland trip in April 2016:


I KNEW when we went to Disneyland, I was going to get one of the Diamond Celebration Dooneys. I mean, how could I not…?? I saved up so much for that trip, and this was my big birthday gift to myself. The vintagey pattern is just so fitting for the 60th Celebration. I love the placement I got, too – the castle there at the top between the handles is so perfect!


It’s got the same light tan leather handles with light blue accents as the Sketch and Disneyana patterns. The inside is a nice royal blue. It also has the same removable crossbody strap as the Disneyana.


I’m obsessed with this bag. It’s my favorite purchase from our Disneyland trip! I love it so much that I honestly considered buying the same pattern again in the tote size…haha. Every time I use it I’m reminded of how much fun we had in Disneyland (and how much we want to go back…) so this one is particularly special to me.

– – –

And finally, my most recent (for now!) bag: the brand new Holiday Crossbody, which I bought just a few weeks ago on the day it was released:


You probably already know that I am a huge Christmas fan. When I first saw a photo of this bag I literally gasped out loud. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I knew immediately that I had to have it. People tried to talk me out of it by saying I can only carry it for one month out of the year….wrong, I live in Walt Disney World and if there’s anywhere I can get away with carrying a Christmas bag all year, it’s here. I could not resist this. Nothing was going to stop me.


ugh it’s just all so cute. Mickey and Minnie sledding, the holiday colored castle, the random bunny!! I love it all!


It features 2 front pockets that are separated by a snap in the middle (again, perfect size to slip my phone into), an off-white leather strap with red trim, and….the lining….is PLAID AND FEELS LIKE A CHRISTMAS FLANNEL!!!

Once I saw that lining it was game over. Any amount of resistance was gone. I’ve been carrying it every day since I got it, the size is just big enough for me to take to work (though I had to take out some of the nonessential items haha) and it was such a hit at the Christmas party too! This was such a great present to myself and I’m so glad I got it.

– – –

And that’s all my Disney Dooneys (for now!) These bags are definitely a splurge but I absolutely do not regret any of them. They are such good quality and I always get tons of compliments when I use them. I know some people who own Disney Dooneys see them as collectors items and keep them on display, but I spent good money on these bags and love using them! My mom has also formed an addiction to them haha she has 3 now (and is getting another one for Christmas, shh don’t tell) (jk she already knows) and she gets tons of people asking her about them as well.

As for the future, I’m sure my collection will continue to grow. I feel like new patterns are coming out much more frequently these days, and there are so many beautiful ones… I absolutely L O V E the Walt Disney World Toile pattern featured in this blog post, and that post also features a Disney Cats pattern which makes me hopeful that a Disney Dogs one will come too!!! I also really love both the pattern and shape of this Retro Mickey satchel. Who knows what bag will join my collection next?

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Disney Dooney collection! Let me know which bags you like the most or which ones you have in your own collection 🙂

til next time,
Kaela ❤

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