What’s in My Work Bag

I think the contents of a woman’s purse are very telling. It shows what she values and what her necessities are. For this reason, I always find the “what’s in my bag” videos and tags SO interesting. It’s a different, kinda personal look into someone’s life. This will be the first in a series of “what’s in my bag” posts – after this I plan to do my makeup bag as well as what I take to the theme parks 🙂 and that will probably be the end of the series until I think of any other bags lol

I decided to do my work bag first because this will have the most stuff in it! This is the bag I carry to work these days. It’s the Disney Dooney & Bourke Tote in the Runway Princess pattern:


I also still have my Just Engaged button on there…because really, what’s the threshold for “just” engaged? A week? A month? Until the wedding?

A note about Disney Dooneys: I love them!!!! I have six currently and will probably write a post about them sometime. I bought this Runway Princess tote in December of 2015. It originally went on sale right around my birthday in 2015 and I fell in LOVE but told myself to wait, because cast members get an extra holiday discount starting in October of every year. If I could just hold out until then I could get it for 40% off!

Buuuuut right around September, the pattern sold out everywhere and I was so sad!! I thought it was gone for good. Luckily for me, it showed back up on the Disney Store website soon enough and I quickly snatched it up. I actually got two, one for me and one for my mom! I had to wait a few months to buy it but DANG IT I got my princess bag!!


Anyway, I love this bag. It’s beautiful but sturdy, and a year after I got it it still looks like new. And it’s huge!! I also love that it has a pink lining – such a fun and cute detail. My ONLY issue with it is actually that since it’s so big I always end up putting too much stuff in it and my arm hurts lol. But it’s big enough to hold everything I need to take to work so I’ve stuck with it!


Enough about the bag itself. On to the contents!


It looks like so much when it’s all laid out like this! I numbered it all for easier describing ^_^

  1. Umbrella – it rains a LOT in Florida. And nothing sucks more than getting soaked just because it happened to be pouring in the 30 seconds it takes me to walk inside to work. I have the Plemo Folding Travel Umbrella which I got for $15 on Amazon. I actually first bought it in the Sunny Sky pattern and liked it so much that I bought another! I keep one in my bag and one in my car.
  2. Wallet – Obviously. I’m actually obsessed with my wallet though. It’s from Agaci and it was only $17!!!!! I love it because it looks fancy and expensive and has enough card slots to hold all my credit cards. I’ll put a picture of the inside down below. It’s so roomy!
  3. Lipsticks – I always have a few lip colors in my bag. I like to keep at least one work-appropriate in there in case I need to reapply. The 4 here are The Balm in Committed, NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken, Kat Von D in Lovesick, from the mini set that I reviewed here, and then KVD in Double Dare. They’re all nice work-approved colors that stay on for a long time. Here’s all of them swatched!
  4. Portable iPhone charger – This is a LIFE SAVING ITEM!! I’ve been using portable chargers for a few years now to save my phone’s battery life. Mine is this one! It has two ports and it charges super quickly. I take this everywhere with me, not just to work.
  5. iPad – I have the iPad Mini 4 in gold and it’s a dream!! I use it at work on my breaks to watch Big Brother or some other equally trashy show. The case is this one from Amazon in Rose Gold.
  6. Birth Control – I take it every night at 10:30 pm, and sometimes I’m still at work at 10:30 pm. Self-explanatory!
  7. Hand Sanitizer – Also self explanatory. This is from Bath & Body Works and the scent is Orchard Frost.
  8. Water Bottle – Okay so it may seem silly to rave about a water bottle but I am obsessed with mine. It’s the Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle, and I got it at Target. It meets all my requirements – doesn’t leak, one-handed push button to open, sturdy, no plastic sippy top (I’ve had too many of them get moldy), has a carrying strap, and comes in cute colors!
  9. Blotting Papers – I keep these NYX blotting sheets mostly for my runner shifts, where I’m outside a lot. I don’t have oily skin so I don’t use them all that often, but they’re nice to have on hand for when I get a bit shiny.
  10. Mirror – This generic plain old Sephora mirror is one of my best beauty purchases. I got it YEARS ago for like $5 and it’s still going strong. The only way I’d ever replace it is if I somehow managed to get my hands on the old Sephora Disney Collection Ariel compact (hint hint).
  11. Blotterazzi – This is a thin sponge made by Beauty Blender that basically serves the same purpose as the blotting papers. I got it in one of my Sephora Play boxes and just threw it in my bag. It’s washable too!
  12. ID and lanyard – Pretty straightforward! My Disney ID/main entrance pass and my Ariel lanyard. I want to get some new lanyards and switch it out but I just can’t bring myself to part with my Ariel one.
  13. “iPod” – This is actually my old iPhone. The speaker on it stopped working so I got a new phone back in May, and they let me keep it so now I just use it as an ipod!
  14. Sunglasses – and backup sunglasses. The top ones are some generic Target ones, and the bottom are from ModCloth. They were both under $20 – I go through sunglasses so quickly I don’t see a point in spending more than that!
  15. Hairbrush – Again, it seems weird to rave about a hairbrush, but the Wet Brush is an exception. This brush is AMAZING at getting through wet and tangled hair. I thought it was a gimmick, but it seriously works. I have a regular size one, this tiny one (called the Squirt) and the Shine Brush with boar bristles. I’ll never buy a different brush after these.
  16. Pouch – my puppy pouch! I got this ridiculous pouch on Etsy and it perfectly showcases my dog obsession. I use it to hold little things like my headphones, nametags, tattoo makeup, and other small things that could get lost. I’ll post a pic of the inside below.
  17. Bandaids – I have more of these in the pouch too, just in case!
  18. Deodorant – I normally actually use men’s deodorant, but this one came in one of my Influenster boxes a while ago. It’s the perfect size to keep in my bag.
  19. Pens – Pictured: 1 Walt Disney World pen, 1 Disneyland pen, and 1 Sharpie. Not pictured: the 6 other WDW pens I fished out of my bag in addition to these.
  20. Lip Balm – this is the strawberry EOS lip balm. I don’t know how people finish these – I’ve had it for over a year and haven’t even made a dent in it.
  21. Hair Tie – I don’t know why I labelled this. Honestly I think this just happened to be sitting on my bed and ended up in the photo. It’s in my bag now anyway.
  22. Name Tag – This is my spare nametag in case I forget my puppy pouch at home. It says Jordan. Clearly my name is not Jordan. This is only used in emergencies/when I want to pretend to be somebody else haha
  23. Tape – This is just some waterproof medical tape. I use this to cover my wrist tattoo when I’m runner, because makeup sweats off too easily.
  24. Glasses/contacts – I keep one pair of my glasses in my bag and also some extra contacts. It’s nice to have them on hand if I have a long shift or am working late and my eyes get tired. My glasses are from Zenni Optical and I love them!

WOW I didn’t even realize how much stuff I have in there until I typed it all out just now! A few more pics to finish up –

Inside my wallet:


Look at all those card slots!!

Annnd inside the puppy pouch:


My actual name tags, some buttons from the 45th anniversary, headphones, Dermablend powder…good stuff.

This post seems so excessive now that I’m finished haha! I promise the future ones will not be this lengthy! But it just goes to show how much I carry around in that giant purse. Hope you enjoyed reading about what’s in my work bag!

xo, kaela


  1. Please do a post on your Disney Dooney collection and how you use each bag!!! I’m in love with my dooney and want to get more but I’m worried that they’ll just sit and not be used!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I definitely will! I actually just bought a new one yesterday so I have even more motivation to write about them now haha 🙂 thanks for your comment!


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