DIY Disney Cruise Door Magnets

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re going on a Disney cruise!!


We’ve been busy planning away and getting ourselves excited for an amazing time. One of the things my family and I didn’t do last time because we booked on such short notice was decorate our stateroom door. While we were on the ship we saw tons of fun magnets and signs on people’s doors and it was super cute!


This time we had more time to plan and prepare and I stumbled upon those door decorations again, and this time I wanted to do some for our group. There’s a LOT of cute things for sale on Etsy (of course), but we kind of wanted something more simple…and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So I decided to make something myself! This isn’t anything spectacular so don’t get excited or anything lol there’s tons of DIYs and instructions for stuff like this out there so it wasn’t hard to get some inspiration. I got my idea and I was headed to the craft store!


I came out with a few sheets of craft foam, some sparkly letter stickers, and some strong magnets. A lot of people online said you could use cardstock, but I went with foam sheets instead.


Once I was back home with everything I went online and found some Mickey head templates to cut out. The one I used is from Disney Family but you can seriously just google “Mickey head template” and find like 5000 of them. I put two on the page just in case I screwed up cutting out the first one. I printed them out in the size I wanted on regular paper and then traced them onto the foam.

Like I said…nothing groundbreaking here lol


And then I had a Mickey head! And before long, 4 Mickey heads!


They were looking pretty cute! For Sarah’s and mine, I wanted to put a sparkly bow on top as well, so in my googling I also looked for a template to cut that out. I searched for “Minnie Mouse bow template” and again, there was no shortage of results.


For the bows I had purchased some STUNNING sparkly pink craft foam. It’s honestly beautiful:


Same process – cut out the bow and traced it onto the foam. I traced it on to the back side so it was easier to see and cut out.


And soon I had a cute little sparkly bow!!


I used superglue to attach the bows to 2 of the Mickeys. I ended up getting superglue all over my hands in this process which I would not recommend. I originally was going to use hot glue but I didn’t know how the foam would do with the heat, like if it would warp or anything – and also I forgot to buy glue sticks. So superglue worked.


A perfect fit! I laid them aside to dry for a few minutes and started working on putting the letter stickers on the boys’ Mickeys. Something I should have done before buying these stickers was check to make sure I could spell all the names with the letters provided…I had to do some surgery to make everyone’s name. I’m also glad that no one had a name longer than 5 letters because I do not know how I would have made them fit lol


Finally I attached the magnets to the back and they were all done!


I think they turned out super cute and I am so excited to put them on our stateroom door!! And it was super easy too, I did all of it in maybe 15 minutes? And I got everything at the craft store for about $10. I’m super pleased with how they turned out 🙂


We are SO excited for the cruise and getting more hyped every day! There’s lots of preparing still to do – only 15 days til we sail away 🙂 Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed my simple little arts and crafts time 😉 til next time!!


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