Lancôme Influenster Box Review

I mentioned in my Friday Favorites last week that I was sent a few products for free from the social marketing website Influenster. I’m working on a post about Influenster and how it works, but the basic idea is they send out items or groups of items for free to users, in exchange for honest reviews and word of mouth marketing. Since this box is similar to the other beauty boxes I always write about, I wanted to write a dedicated post reviewing the stuff I got!

This is the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra VoxBox:


This is definitely the highest value VoxBox (Influenster’s term for the boxes they send out…don’t ask me what the name means haha) that I have received so far! Lancôme is a pretty high end makeup brand and for that reason I haven’t tried many products from them, because their products cost many dollars. I was sooo excited to get to try out and review some of their new stuff.


Inside the box were four items: a foundation, concealer, highlight, and a lip gloss. I’m a sucker for good packaging and I loved the boxes they came in…so shiny:

I like that the box included a variety of items to try – sometimes Influenster will do boxes like this, where it’s focused on one brand, and other times it’ll be a random assortment of items from different brands. I think I prefer when it’s a few things from the same company so you really can get a good idea of what the brand is like.


Like I said, I received these products free from Influenster, but I’m still going to put the actual value of these products if I had purchased them on my own. 3 out of the 4 products are full sized too, so I’ll be able to get a lot of use out of each one!

The first thing I pulled out looked like a shimmery pink pen haha but it is actually a highlighter!


This is the Click & Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid, which retails for $23. It comes in 4 shades; the one I was sent is called “Lumiéres Rosées” which is listed on the Sephora site as Pink Lights. I actually thought this was a lip product at first! But on further inspection, I determined it’s a highlighter. It’s a bit weird imo, the applicator is a soft and fuzzy doe-foot style:


and as you’d imagine from the title, you “click” the bottom to dispense the product:


It’s a really beautiful light pink color. I’m not always a fan of liquid/cream foundation products because I feel like they can mess up the makeup underneath and just look a bit blotchy. I applied this very lightly, just patting and blending with my fingers until it looked natural, and I really liked the effect (the swatches are all at the end together). It did rub off my makeup a bit when I used it on my nose, but on my cheeks it was very pretty. It’s a really nice subtle glow, which I prefer to highlighters that are like a super sparkly glitter bomb. I wore this to work and one of my coworkers actually noticed and asked me what I was wearing haha. Overall..I’d give it a 7.5/10.

Next up, something that’s ACTUALLY a lip product – this is Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer:


This is in the shade Mirrored Nude, a shimmery pink with flecks of gold. It comes in 12 other shades, which are $22 each. This is the only one that’s not full sized, but it’s still a decent size. It has a standard doe-foot applicator and it’s a really pretty color. Sephora seems to compare it to a liquid lipstick but the formula definitely was more like a gloss to me. It’s thick, a bit creamy, and slightly sticky.

This gloss is fine, it’s just not really my personal preference when it comes to lip products. I much prefer a matte lip that won’t get strands of my hair stuck in it haha. It’s still a very pretty shade and I think it would look really nice over other lip products as well – just not something that I see myself using a lot personally. I’d give it a 7/10.

Next up were the products I was more worried about, as they’re face products…I was so nervous they’d be too dark, as face products often are for me. Influenster sent out swatches of the product with the initial qualifying survey to try and ensure everyone got a close match to their skin tone, but I was still pretty worried I would get products that are too dark and completely unusable for me. First, the concealer:


This is the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer, normally $31. It comes in 16 shades – I received the shade 090 Ivoire N, which is the lightest. The N stands for a neutral undertone and I was a bit worried because I have cool undertones. It’s not an awful match – perhaps just a bit yellow for me.

The formula is pretty thin and I’d call it medium coverage. You can see in the swatch below that it looks so thin and almost watery, but it spreads out nicely without being too thick. It did a good job of covering up any redness and blemishes on my face. I did NOT like it as an undereye concealer though – it faded away pretty quickly and looked pretty rough the rest of the day. Here’s some photos of how it looked at the end of a 12 hour day: (I’m also wearing the foundation in these photos)

It doesn’t even look bad in those photos I guess haha but I’ll still stick to my NYX HD Concealer for under my eyes. I’d give this one a 6/10 overall.

Finally, the product I was most wary of – the foundation. I already have a hard enough time finding foundations light enough, so I was sure this one would be too dark. I was sent the Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick SPF 21.


It normally sells for $42. This one comes in quite the range of shades with 30 different ones to choose from, and I got the shade 110 Ivoire C. I found it interesting that they sent me products with two different undertones – the concealer was neutral, and the foundation cool. I was really excited to try a stick foundation because I mostly use liquid ones.

When I first opened this I was like 100% sure it was going to be too dark for me…and even when I swatched it, it looked too dark…but on my face, it actually looks pretty good! I asked Chris how the shade match was on my face and he said it looked pretty close if a little dark, but it’s not noticeable unless you’re looking. Pretty good for a free product that I didn’t try to shade match myself at all haha

I blended it with my Beauty Blender and I really love the coverage and finish. It’s very lightweight and feels like I’m not wearing anything at all. I’ve been wearing this to work for the past week or so and it lasts all day. I’m almost mad that I like this so much because I’ve been on the hunt for a new foundation but I really don’t wanna be spending $42 on it if I want to repurchase haha. My overall rating for the foundation is 8/10!

Anyway, here’s the swatches of everything:


You can see the foundation and concealer are like completely different colors here lol the foundation is definitely closer to my actual skin tone.


So the total value of this box adds up to $115 worth of product that was sent to me FOR FREE! Influenster sends out boxes like this all the time to random people like me…I didn’t get this because I’m a blogger or anything, like I am by no means that important to be getting stuff sent to me for free haha. Since I started using the site about 5 years ago, I’ve averaged a box every 3-4 months, and they’ve only gotten better in quality. Anybody can sign up for it – if you’d like to sign up using my referral link and give me some points you can click right here! Like I said before I’m going to write a full post about Influenster and similar websites, so stay tuned for that.


Overall I am really pleased with this VoxBox (that is such a stupid name lol) – I’ve gotten a lot of stuff from Influenster but this is by far the highest value and quality of products I’ve received. None of it is quite at “holy grail product” status for me just yet, but I LOVE the foundation, I really like the highlighter, the concealer is good, and the lip gloss is beautiful but just not my personal preference. To be COMPLETELY honest I highly doubt I would have bought any of these products on my own because I do not have money to burn hahaha but I am sure glad that I got them given to me for free 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did be sure to check out some of my other beauty box reviews from the past! Thanks for reading as always 🙂

❤ Kaela

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