Review: The Makeup Eraser

Hi friends! Today I bring you a review of a somewhat strange product that I grabbed on a whim when I was at Sephora a few weeks ago:


This is the Makeup Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth. I had been curious about this for a while. It’s one of those products that they put in the aisle while you’re queued up to check out to try and lure you in to throwing one more thing in your basket. Clearly that strategy worked for them in this case.

makeup eraser

The Makeup Eraser is a soft towel used to remove makeup with warm water. The idea is that you just wet it and wipe your face to remove “all types of makeup, including stage, sports, and theatrical”. The package also claims that each cloth will last up to 1000 washes, so it’s definitely more environmentally friendly than a makeup wipe or even makeup remover on a cotton pad. I threw away the packaging (oop) so I’m including some pics from the Sephora website for illustration purposes. It comes in three different colors as well as a red heart-shaped one…how adorable.

Honestly this concept (and this review) are not all that interesting but I was just so intrigued by this product that I had to write about it after using it haha. I’ve used it about a dozen times since purchasing, and I’m not mad at the results. Here’s what it looked like pre-use – squeaky clean and new:


And how it looks wet:


This is literally a picture of a wet towel. Only the MOST riveting content for my blog!!!

For comparison purposes and photos, the first time I used it to take makeup off from half my face and then used my trusty coconut oil for the other half. I love coconut oil because NOTHING gets all my makeup off like it, but it can get kind of messy sometimes and it’s not exactly travel-friendly. When I travel, I usually just take some disposable wipes with me, but I never feel like they fully remove my face. And of course, they’re not very eco-friendly.

Anyway, here’s the Makeup Eraser after taking off makeup from one half of my face. It’s gross, I’m sorry:

first use

Lookin pretty nasty. My face looked pretty good, though. This may seem obvious but the left side is my face cleaned with the Makeup Eraser, and the right is still full makeup:


I felt like Mulan with my half made up face there haha. The Makeup Eraser did a MUCH better job than I was expecting, honestly…I kinda had a creeping feeling that this was completely hogwash and I was conned into buying a $20 towel but that was not the case!! You can see in the second photo that it did a pretty decent job, even on my brows!

Once I removed the rest with coconut oil I took a comparison photo:


It looks pretty identical!!! The only thing you can’t really see in the photo is that the coconut oil did a better job of getting my eyeliner off, and worked better on my lower lash line. But for the most part the Makeup Eraser did just as well as the coconut oil! I was so pleased!!

A few days later for full comparison purposes I used some of my regular old makeup wipes to remove my makeup, to see how Makeup Eraser fared in comparison. The ones I used are the Burt’s Bees White Tea Extract Wipes:


To be 100% honest with you I don’t really like makeup wipes – they just don’t remove makeup very well without scrubbing. These wipes in particular have trouble with my brows and eyeliner/mascara most of the time. Here’s how my face looked after taking off one half with these:


You can see they really missed the mark on my lower lash line there haha! and you can also see in the first photo that my eyebrow on the left side is basically untouched.

So by this point I was well-enough convinced that the Makeup Eraser works, and better than normal makeup wipes even! But I still had one aspect to test – washing it. The tag and packaging had instructions for washing, which was pretty simple. You basically just wash it with normal clothes and dry on a delicate cycle. I put it in the bag I use for my “delicate” items and washed it like normal. This is how it turned out:

post wash

Looks fine to me! You can see some places where my makeup stained it a little but for the most part it’s good as new, and super soft still as well.

So in conclusion – I’m not going to rush out and buy more Makeup Eraser towels to replace all my current makeup-removing needs, but it honestly did a much better job than I was expecting. I still like my coconut oil better for a complete cleanse, but on days when I’m super tired or want something quicker and easier, the Makeup Eraser is really handy. I’ve found myself using it a lot, especially on days when I get home after a long shift and just want to collapse in my bed. It won’t be replacing my coconut oil completely, but I really enjoyed it and definitely would recommend it!

Perhaps I would get the black one next time though – and I can’t see why anyone would ever buy the white one, I can only imagine how disgusting it would get haha

That’s all for this review post! I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this different kind of product. Let me know if you like/dislike this review-type of post…I think I might start doing them more often for different things. Thanks for reading!!

❤ Kaela

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