What’s in My Travel Toiletry Bag

Today I come to you with another of my “what’s in my bag” -style posts! Previously I’ve covered what’s in my work bag and what’s in my parks bag. In this one I’m sharing what I have in my toiletries bag for traveling. This post is mostly inspired by the fact that Chris and I are heading to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit family and I had to pack this bag anyway, but also partially because my new toiletry bag is the cutest thing EVER:


It looks like the Disney Magical Express!!!!!!!! How cute is this!!!!! I saw this at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs a few weeks ago and immediately wanted it. I waited though, because my personal rule for spontaneous purchases is if I see something in the store 3 times and I still want it, I’m allowed to get it. Well, this week I saw it for the third time so I took myself up on my own offer hahah

The bag is so cute and detailed. It even has the silhouette of the characters waving on the back just like a real DME bus! It opens at the top with a double zipper and velcro.


I haven’t seen this bag on sale yet online which is a real shame because it’s SO cute. I found it in the TAG section of the Co-Op.

But now…on to the important stuff – what’s inside!


It looks super jumbled in here but it actually all fit very nicely, with room to spare!


It looks like a real mess here too haha… I’ll start with my liquids bag:

liquids bag

Of course the TSA standards are no liquids over 3oz, and they all must be in a one-quart sized ziploc bag. For my liquids bag, I use this cute travel bag I got from Sephora. I got it for free when I purchased 3 travel size items, but it’s regularly only $5.

Inside my bag…

liquid spill

I have all my necessities! However, I don’t put my makeup into this bag. I pack my makeup separately all together in a travel makeup case, which I will also be doing a post for!


Inside I have mostly skin care, but also some lotion and a few hair items too. I mostly use travel sized items I already own (beauty boxes come in handy for this!!) because I hate having to transfer things into separate travel containers – I just feel like you lose some product that way.

laid out

And then I have my non-liquid items! I’m always so paranoid I’m going to forget something, but I think I have it all here…

  • WetBrush Shine Brush – this is a brand new one and I’m so excited, it’s so fresh and shiny haha
  • my toothbrush with a Steripod on top to keep it hygienic
  • some Neutrogena makeup remover wipes
  • my glasses from Zenni Optical (which I have a review post coming for in the next few days!)
  • my contacts – I wear daily ones, so I just bring enough for each day + one extra pair
  • Target cotton rounds
  • a little deodorant
  • a razor, which I always keep in a plastic bag in case it’s still wet when I have to pack
  • some hair things – hair ties, tiny elastics and bobby pins
  • and again, some H2O brand soap from a Disney resort haha inside a tiny soap dish from Target!

And that’s everything I packed in there!! I absolutely ADORE this new bag and I’m so happy with my purchase. Here’s a bonus pic of Teddy not wanting us to leave:


What do you think of my super cute DME toiletry bag? Did I forget anything?? Hopefully not because by the time this post goes up we will already be in Pittsburgh lol

I hope you enjoyed this post ❤ thanks for reading as always!!

🙂 Kaela

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